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Publication: Bonett, R. M., and P. T. Chippindale. 2004. Speciation, phylogeography and evolution of life history and morphology in plethodontid salamanders of the Eurycea multiplicata complex. Molecular Ecology, vol. 13, issue 5. 1189-1203.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Eurycea multiplicata griseogaster Moore and Hughes, 1941 -- invalid -- Graybelly Salamander
  Eurycea multiplicata multiplicata (Cope, 1869) -- invalid -- Many-ribbed Salamander
  Typhlotriton Stejneger, 1892 -- invalid -- Grotto Salamanders
  Typhlotriton spelaeus Stejneger, 1892 -- invalid -- Grotto Salamander

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