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Publication: Sars, Georg Ossian. 1993. On the freshwater crustaceans occurring in the vicinity of Christiania. xxxiii + 197.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Bosmina longirostris (O. F. Müller, 1776) -- valid
  Ceriodaphnia megalops Sars, 1862 -- invalid
  Ceriodaphnia quadrangula (O. F. Müller, 1785) -- valid
  Eubosmina coregoni (Baird, 1857) -- valid
  Lathonura rectirostris (O. F. Müller, 1776) -- valid
  Latona setifera (O. F. Müller, 1776) -- valid
  Monospilus G. O. Sars, 1861 -- valid
  Monospilus dispar G. O. Sars, 1861 -- valid
  Pleuroxus laevis G. O. Sars, 1861 -- invalid
  Podon leuckartii (G. O. Sars, 1862) -- valid

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