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Publication: Okutani, T., M. Tagawa, and H. Horikawa. 1987. Cephalopods from continental shelf and slope around Japan.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Chiroteuthis picteti Joubin, 1894 -- valid
  Chiroteuthis picteti picteti Joubin, 1894 -- valid
  Gonatopsis borealis Sasaki, 1923 -- valid
  Gonatus madokai Kubodera and Okutani, 1977 -- valid
  Gonatus onyx Young, 1972 -- valid -- clawed armhook squid
  Opisthoteuthis depressa Ijima and Ikeda, 1895 -- valid
  Sepiadarium kochi Steenstrup, 1881 -- valid

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