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Publication: Clausen, Claus. 1965. New interstitial species of the family Thaumastodermatidae (Gastrotricha Macrodasyoidea). Sarsia, vol. 21. 23-36.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Platydasys mastigurus Clausen, 1965 -- valid
  Platydasys ocellatus Clausen, 1965 -- valid
  Platydasys phacellatus Clausen, 1965 -- valid
  Thaumastoderma cantacuzeni Levi, 1958 -- valid
  Thaumastoderma ramuliferum Clausen, 1965 -- valid
  Thaumastoderma swedmarki Levi, 1950 -- valid

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