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Publication: Qian, Hong, and Karel Klinka. 1998. Plants of British Columbia: Scientific and Common Names of Vascular Plants, Bryophytes, and Lichens. 534 + xiv.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Calypogeia Raddi -- accepted
  Calypogeia azurea Stotler & Crotz -- accepted
  Calypogeia integristipula Steph. -- accepted
  Calypogeia muelleriana (Schiffn.) Müll. Frib. -- accepted
  Calypogeia neesiana (C. Massal. & Carestia) Müll. Frib. -- accepted
  Calypogeia sphagnicola (Arnell & J. Perss.) Warnst. & Loeske -- accepted
  Calypogeia suecica (Arnell & J. Perss.) Müll. Frib. -- accepted
  Calypogeiaceae -- accepted
  Calypogeja cyanophora R.M. Schust. -- not accepted
  Calypogeja paludosa Warnst. -- not accepted
  Eremonotus hellerianus (Nees ex Lindenb.) R.M. Schust. -- not accepted
  Pellia fabbroniana Raddi -- not accepted

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