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Publication: Caballero, S., F. Trujillo, J. A. Vianna, H. Barrios-Garrido, M. G. Montiel, et al. 2007. Taxonomic status of the genus Sotalia: species level ranking for "tucuxi" (Sotalia fluviatilis) and "costero" (Sotalia guianensis) dolphins. Marine Mammal Science, vol. 23, no. 2. 358-386.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Delphinus fluviatilis Gervais and Deville, 1853 -- invalid
  Delphinus guianensis P.-J. van Bénéden, 1864 -- invalid
  Sotalia Gray, 1866 -- valid
  Sotalia brasiliensis P.-J. van Bénéden, 1875 -- invalid
  Sotalia fluviatilis (Gervais and Deville, 1853) -- valid -- Gray Dolphin, gray river dolphin, Tucuxi
  Sotalia fluviatilis fluviatilis (Gervais and Deville, 1853) -- invalid
  Sotalia fluviatilis guianensis (P.-J. van Bénéden, 1864) -- invalid
  Sotalia guianensis (P.-J. van Bénéden, 1864) -- valid -- costero, Guiana dolphin
  Sotalia pallida (Gervais, 1855) -- invalid
  Sotalia tucuxi (Gray, 1856) -- invalid

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