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Publication: Jefferson, Thomas A., and Koen Van Waerebeek. 2002. The taxonomic status of the nominal dolphin species Delphinus tropicalis van Bree, 1971. Marine Mammal Science, vol. 18, no. 4. 787-818.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Delphinus bairdii Dall, 1873 -- invalid
  Delphinus capensis Gray, 1828 -- invalid -- Long-beaked Common Dolphin, long-beaked saddle-backed dolphin, long-beaked saddleback dolphin
  Delphinus capensis capensis Gray, 1828 -- invalid -- long-beaked common dolphin
  Delphinus capensis tropicalis van Bree, 1971 -- invalid -- Indo-Pacific common dolphin
  Delphinus dussumieri Blanford, 1888 -- invalid
  Delphinus longirostris G. Cuvier, 1929 -- invalid
  Delphinus major Gray, 1866 -- invalid
  Delphinus tropicalis van Bree, 1971 -- invalid -- Arabian common dolphin, Arabian saddle-backed dolphin, Arabian saddleback dolphin, Malabar common dolphin, Malabar saddleback dolphin

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