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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1994. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Determination of Endangered or Threatened Status for 24 Plants From the Island of Kauai, HI. Federal Register, vol. 59, no. 38. 9304-9329.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Brighamia insignis A. Gray -- accepted -- `olulu, cabbage on a stick
  Cyanea asarifolia H. St. John -- accepted -- gingerleaf cyanea, haha
  Cyrtandra limahuliensis H. St. John -- not accepted -- ha`iwale, Limahuli cyrtandra
  Delissea rhytidosperma H. Mann -- accepted -- Kauai delissea
  Diellia pallida W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- pale island spleenwort
  Hedyotis cookiana (Cham. & Schltdl.) Steud. -- not accepted -- `awiwi
  Hibiscus clayi O. Deg. & I. Deg. -- accepted -- Clay's hibiscus, red Kauai rosemallow
  Lipochaeta fauriei Levl. -- not accepted -- nehe, Olokele Canyon nehe
  Lipochaeta micrantha (Nutt.) A. Gray -- not accepted -- Kauai nehe, nehe
  Lipochaeta waimeaensis H. St. John -- not accepted -- nehe, Waimea Canyon nehe
  Lysimachia filifolia C.N. Forbes & Lydgate -- accepted -- Wailua River yellow loosestrife
  Melicope haupuensis (H. St. John) T.G. Hartley & B.C. Stone -- accepted -- alani, Haupa Mountain melicope
  Melicope knudsenii (Hillebr.) T.G. Hartley & B.C. Stone -- accepted -- alani, Olokele Valley melicope
  Melicope pallida (Hillebr.) T.G. Hartley & B.C. Stone -- accepted -- alani, pale melicope
  Melicope quadrangularis (H. St. John & E.P. Hume) T.G. Hartley & B.C. Stone -- accepted -- alani, fourangle melicope
  Munroidendron racemosum (C.N. Forbes) Sherff -- not accepted -- false `ohe
  Nothocestrum peltatum Skottsb. -- accepted -- `aiea, Oahu aiea
  Peucedanum sandwicense Hillebr. -- accepted -- makou
  Phyllostegia waimeae Wawra -- accepted -- Kauai phyllostegia
  Pteralyxia kauaiensis Caum -- accepted -- Kauai pteralyxia, Kaulu, makou
  Schiedea spergulina var. leiopoda Sherff -- not accepted -- canyon schiedea
  Schiedea spergulina var. spergulina A. Gray -- not accepted -- canyon schiedea
  Solanum sandwicense Hook. & Arn. -- accepted -- `aiakeakua, Hawai'i horsenettle, popolo

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