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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1994. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Determination of Endangered or Threatened Status for 21 Plants From the Island of Hawaii, State of Hawaii. Federal Register, vol. 59, no. 43. 10305-10325.

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 Kingdom Plantae
  Clermontia lindseyana Rock -- accepted -- `oha wai, hillside clermontia
  Clermontia peleana Rock -- accepted -- `oha wai, pele clermontia
  Clermontia pyrularia Hillebr. -- accepted -- `oha wai, Hamakua clermontia
  Colubrina oppositifolia Brongn. ex H. Mann -- accepted -- kauila
  Cyanea copelandii ssp. copelandii Rock -- accepted -- haha, treetrunk cyanea
  Cyanea hamatiflora ssp. carlsonii (Rock) Lammers -- accepted -- Carlson's cyanea, haha
  Cyanea shipmanii Rock -- accepted -- haha, Shipman's cyanea
  Cyanea stictophylla Rock -- accepted -- haha, Kaiholena cyanea
  Cyrtandra tintinnabula Rock -- accepted -- ha`iwale, Laupahoehoe cyrtandra
  Ischaemum byrone (Trin.) Hitchc. -- accepted -- Hilo ischaemum, Hilo murainagrass
  Isodendrion pyrifolium A. Gray -- accepted -- Kula wahine noho, wahine noho kula
  Mariscus fauriei (Kük.) T. Koyama -- not accepted
  Nothocestrum breviflorum A. Gray -- accepted -- `aiea, smallflower aiea
  Ochrosia kilaueaensis H. St. John -- accepted -- Hawai'i yellowwood, holei
  Plantago hawaiensis (A. Gray) Pilg. -- accepted -- Hawai'i plantain, kuahiwi laukahi, Laukahi kuahiwi
  Portulaca sclerocarpa A. Gray -- accepted -- 'ihi makole, po'e
  Pritchardia affinis Becc. -- not accepted -- Hawai'i pritchardia, lo'ulu, Loulu
  Silene hawaiiensis Sherff -- accepted -- Hawai'i catchfly
  Tetramolopium arenarium (A. Gray) Hillebr. -- accepted -- Maui tetramolopium
  Zanthoxylum hawaiiense Hillebr. -- accepted -- a`e, Hawai'i pricklyash

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