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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1978. Determination of Five Plants as Endangered Species. Federal Register, vol. 43, no. 189. 44810-44812.

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 Kingdom Plantae
  Arabis macdonaldiana Eastw. -- not accepted -- McDonald's rockcress
  Cordylanthus maritimus ssp. maritimus Nutt. ex Benth. -- not accepted -- salt marsh bird's beak, salt marsh bird's-beak
  Cyrtandra giffardii Rock -- accepted -- forest cyrtandra, ha`iwale
  Orcuttia mucronata Crampton -- not accepted -- Crampton's orcutt grass
  Phacelia argillacea N.D. Atwood -- accepted -- clay phacelia
  Pogogyne abramsii J.T. Howell -- accepted -- San Diego mesamint, San Diego pogogyne
  Tuctoria mucronata (Crampton) Reeder -- accepted -- prickley spiralgrass, prickly spiralgrass, solano grass

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