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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service 1985 Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Review of Plant Taxa for Listing as Endangered or Threatened Species Federal Register, vol. 50, no. 188 39526-39584

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Abronia bigelovii Heimerl -- accepted -- Galisteo sand verbena
  Abronia orbiculata Standl. -- not accepted
  Abutilon commutatum K. Schum. -- not accepted -- terciopelo
  Acacia emoryana Benth. -- not accepted -- Emory acacia
  Acer grandidentatum var. sinuosum (Rehder) Little -- accepted -- canyon maple
  Achyranthes splendens var. splendens Mart. ex Moq. -- accepted -- Maui chaff flower
  Agastache cusickii (Greenm.) A. Heller -- accepted -- nettleleaf horsemint, Cusick's giant hyssop
  Agastache parvifolia Eastw. -- accepted -- small-leaved agastache, smallleaf giant hyssop
  Aletes filifolius Mathias, Constance & W.L. Theob. -- accepted -- Trans-Pecos Indian parsley
  Allionia cristata (Standl.) Standl. -- not accepted
  Allium pleianthum S. Watson -- not accepted -- manyflower onion
  Allium robinsonii L.F. Hend. -- accepted -- Robinson's onion
  Allium scilloides Douglas ex S. Watson -- accepted -- fragile onion
  Allium tolmiei var. persimile Ownbey -- accepted -- sevendevils onion
  Allium yosemitense Eastw. -- accepted -- Yosemite onion
  Allowissadula holosericea (Scheele) D.M. Bates -- accepted -- Chisos Mountain false Indianmallow
  Alnus maritima (Marshall) Muhl. ex Nutt. -- accepted -- seaside alder
  Alphitonia ponderosa Hillebr. -- accepted -- Hawai'i kauilatree, kauila
  Amorpha brachycarpa E.J. Palmer -- not accepted
  Amsonia palmeri A. Gray -- accepted -- Palmer's bluestar
  Amsonia repens Shinners -- accepted -- creeping bluestar
  Anemone edwardsiana var. edwardsiana Tharp -- accepted -- Edwards thimbleweed, Edwards Plateau thimbleweed
  Anemone minima DC. -- not accepted
  Anemone oregana var. felix (M. Peck) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- Felix anemone, bog anemone
  Angelica callii Mathias & Constance -- accepted -- Call's angelica
  Angelica wheeleri S. Watson -- accepted -- Utah angelica
  Anoda abutiloides A. Gray -- accepted -- Indian anoda
  Antirrhinum subcordatum A. Gray -- not accepted -- dimorphic snapdragon
  Apacheria chiricahuensis C.T. Mason -- accepted -- Apache bush, apachebush
  Aquilegia barnebyi Munz -- accepted -- oil shale columbine
  Aquilegia caerulea var. daileyae Eastw. -- not accepted -- Dailey's columbine
  Aquilegia chaplinei Standl. ex Payson -- accepted -- Chaplin's golden columbine
  Aquilegia chrysantha var. rydbergii Munz -- not accepted -- Rydberg's golden columbine
  Aquilegia desertorum (M.E. Jones) Cockerell ex A. Heller -- accepted -- desert columbine
  Aquilegia jonesii Parry -- accepted -- Jones' columbine
  Aquilegia saximontana Rydb. -- accepted -- Rocky Mountain blue columbine
  Arabis aculeolata Greene -- accepted -- Waldo rockcress
  Arabis blepharophylla Hook. & Arn. -- accepted -- rose rockcress, coast rockcress
  Arabis crandallii B.L. Rob. -- not accepted -- Crandall's rockcress
  Arabis demissa var. languida Rollins -- not accepted -- nodding rockcress
  Arabis demissa var. russeola Rollins -- not accepted
  Arabis dispar M.E. Jones -- not accepted -- pinyon rockcress
  Arabis fructicosa A. Nelson -- not accepted -- fruit rockcress
  Arabis gracilipes Greene -- not accepted -- Flagstaff rockcress
  Arabis gunnisoniana Rollins -- not accepted -- Gunnison's rockcress
  Arabis modesta Rollins -- accepted -- Rogue Canyon rockcress, modest rockcress
  Arabis oregana Rollins -- accepted -- Oregon rockcress
  Arabis oxylobula Greene -- not accepted -- Glenwood Springs rockcress
  Arabis petiolaris (A. Gray) A. Gray -- not accepted -- Brazos rockcress
  Arabis pygmaea Rollins -- not accepted -- Tulare County rockcress
  Arabis shockleyi Munz -- not accepted -- Shockley's rockcress
  Arceuthobium apachense Hawksw. & Wiens -- not accepted
  Arenaria howellii S. Watson -- not accepted -- Howell's sandwort
  Arenaria stenomeres Eastw. -- not accepted -- Meadow Valley sandwort
  Asclepias ruthiae Maguire -- accepted -- Ruth's milkweed, Ruth milkweed
  Asplenium X ebenoides R.R. Scott -- accepted -- Scott's spleenwort
  Asplenium X kentuckiense T.N. McCoy -- accepted -- Kentucky spleenwort
  Astragalus accumbens E. Sheld. -- accepted -- Zuni milkvetch
  Astragalus ackermannii Barneby -- not accepted
  Astragalus altus Wooton & Standl. -- accepted -- tall milkvetch
  Astragalus alvordensis M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Alvord milkvetch
  Astragalus amnis-amissi Barneby -- accepted -- Custer milkvetch, Lost River milkvetch
  Astragalus barnebyi S.L. Welsh & N.D. Atwood -- accepted -- Barneby milk-vetch, Barneby's milkvetch
  Astragalus beathii Ced. Porter -- accepted -- Beath's milkvetch, Beath milk-vetch
  Astragalus callithrix Barneby -- accepted -- Calloway milk-vetch, Callaway's milkvetch
  Astragalus calycosus var. monophyllidius (Rydb.) Barneby -- accepted -- Torrey's milkvetch, one-leaf milkvetch
  Astragalus castetteri Barneby -- accepted -- Castetter's milkvetch, Castetter milk-vetch
  Astragalus ceramicus var. apus Barneby -- accepted -- painted milkvetch
  Astragalus chloodes Barneby -- accepted -- grass milk-vetch
  Astragalus cimae var. cimae M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Cima rattleweed, cima milkvetch
  Astragalus cimae var. sufflatus Barneby -- accepted -- cima milkvetch
  Astragalus consobrinus (Barneby) S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- Bicknell's milkvetch
  Astragalus convallarius var. finitimus Barneby -- accepted -- lesser rushy milkvetch, timber milkvetch
  Astragalus cottamii S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- Cottam's milkvetch, Cottam milk-vetch
  Astragalus detritalis M.E. Jones -- accepted -- debris milk-vetch
  Astragalus duchesnensis M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Duchesne milk-vetch
  Astragalus ensiformis M.E. Jones -- accepted -- pagumpa milkvetch
  Astragalus henrimontanensis S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- Dana's milkvetch
  Astragalus hoodianus Howell -- accepted -- Hood River milkvetch
  Astragalus johannis-howellii Barneby -- accepted -- Long Valley milkvetch
  Astragalus lancearius A. Gray -- accepted -- bishop's milkvetch
  Astragalus lentiginosus var. latus (M.E. Jones) M.E. Jones -- accepted -- freckled milkvetch, Schell Creek milkvetch, speckledpod milkvetch
  Astragalus lentiginosus var. maricopae Barneby -- accepted -- Maricopa milkvetch
  Astragalus loanus Barneby -- accepted -- Glenwood milkvetch
  Astragalus lutosus M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Dragon milkvetch
  Astragalus malacoides Barneby -- accepted -- Kaiparowits milkvetch, Kaiparowits milk-vetch
  Astragalus minthorniae var. gracilior (Barneby) Barneby -- not accepted
  Astragalus montii S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- Monti's milkvetch, heliotrope milk-vetch
  Astragalus monumentalis Barneby -- accepted -- Monument Valley milkvetch
  Astragalus naturitensis Payson -- accepted -- Naturita milkvetch, Naturita milk-vetch
  Astragalus nidularius Barneby -- accepted -- birdnest milkvetch
  Astragalus nyensis Barneby -- accepted -- Nye milkvetch
  Astragalus oocalycis M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Arboles milkvetch
  Astragalus panamintensis E. Sheld. -- accepted -- Panamint milkvetch
  Astragalus pardalinus (Rydb.) Barneby -- accepted -- panther milkvetch
  Astragalus pauperculus Greene -- accepted -- depauperate milkvetch
  Astragalus porrectus S. Watson -- accepted -- Lahontan milkvetch
  Astragalus pseudiodanthus Barneby -- accepted -- Tonopah milkvetch
  Astragalus pterocarpus S. Watson -- accepted -- winged milkvetch, wing milkvetch
  Astragalus puniceus var. gertrudis (Greene) Barneby -- accepted -- Trinidad milkvetch
  Astragalus purshii var. ophiogenes (Barneby) Barneby -- accepted -- Snake River milkvetch
  Astragalus rafaelensis M.E. Jones -- accepted -- San Rafael milkvetch
  Astragalus saurinus Barneby -- accepted -- dinosaur milk-vetch
  Astragalus serenoi var. sordescens Barneby -- accepted -- naked milkvetch
  Astragalus siliceus Barneby -- accepted -- Flint Mountain milkvetch
  Astragalus striatiflorus M.E. Jones -- accepted -- escarpment milk-vetch
  Astragalus subvestitus (Jeps.) Barneby -- accepted -- Kern County milkvetch
  Astragalus toquimanus Barneby -- accepted -- Toquima milkvetch
  Astragalus troglodytus S. Watson -- accepted -- creeping milkvetch, cliff-dweller's milkvetch
  Astragalus tweedyi Canby -- accepted -- Tweedy's milkvetch
  Astragalus wittmannii Barneby -- accepted -- Wittmann's milkvetch
  Astragalus woodruffii M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Woodruff's milkvetch
  Atriplex griffithsii Standl. -- not accepted -- Griffiths' saltbush
  Atriplex klebergorum M.C. Johnst. -- accepted -- Kleberg's saltbush
  Atriplex welshii C.A. Hanson -- not accepted -- Welsh's saltbush, Welsh saltbush
  Baptisia megacarpa Chapm. ex Torr. & A. Gray -- accepted -- Apalachicola wild indigo
  Baptisia riparia Larisey -- not accepted
  Berberis harrisoniana Kearney & Peebles -- accepted -- red barberry, Harrison's barberry
  Berberis higginsiae Munz -- accepted -- Higgin's barberry
  Berberis swaseyi Buckley ex M.J. Young -- accepted -- Texas barberry
  Bobea sandwicensis (A. Gray) Hillebr. -- accepted -- 'ahakea, Hawai'i dogweed
  Braya humilis var. leiocarpa (Trautv.) Fernald -- not accepted
  Brazoria pulcherrima Lundell -- not accepted -- Centerville brazos-mint
  Caesalpinia drummondii (Torr. & A. Gray) Fisher -- not accepted -- dwarf nicker
  Caesalpinia monensis Britton -- accepted -- negro mato, black nicker
  Calliandra biflora Tharp -- accepted -- twoflower stickpea, two-flowered stick-pea
  Camissonia gouldii P.H. Raven -- not accepted -- Diamond Valley suncup
  Camissonia nevadensis (Kellogg) P.H. Raven -- not accepted -- Nevada suncup
  Camissonia parryi (S. Watson) P.H. Raven -- not accepted -- red-clay suncup, Parry's suncup, redclay suncup
  Camissonia specuicola ssp. specuicola (P.H. Raven) P.H. Raven -- not accepted -- Kaibab suncup
  Campanula piperi Howell -- accepted -- Olympic bellflower, Olympic harebell
  Campanula reverchonii A. Gray -- accepted -- basin bellflower
  Campanula rotundifolia var. sacajaweana (M. Peck) ined. -- not accepted
  Campanula shetleri Heckard -- accepted -- Castle Crags bellflower, Castle campanula
  Cardamine constancei Detling -- accepted -- Constance's bittercress
  Cardamine penduliflora O.E. Schulz -- accepted -- Willamette Valley bittercress
  Cardamine rupicola (O.E. Schulz) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- cliff bittercress
  Carex arapahoensis Clokey -- accepted -- Arapaho sedge
  Carex austrocaroliniana L.H. Bailey -- accepted -- tarheel sedge
  Carex elachycarpa Fernald -- not accepted -- Aroostook sedge
  Carex interrupta Boeckeler -- accepted -- greenfruit sedge
  Carex jacobi-peteri Hultén -- not accepted -- Anderson sedge
  Carex josselynii (Fernald) Mack. ex Pease -- not accepted -- Josselyn's sedge
  Carex microptera var. crassinervia F.J. Herm. -- not accepted
  Carex misera Buckley -- accepted -- wretched sedge
  Carex obispoensis Stacey -- accepted -- San Luis Obispo sedge, San Luis sedge
  Carex onusta Mack. -- not accepted -- storm sedge
  Carex parryana ssp. idahoa (L.H. Bailey) D.F. Murray -- not accepted
  Carex purpurifera Mack. -- accepted -- purple sedge
  Carex scirpoidea var. curatorum (Stacey) Cronquist -- not accepted
  Carex socialis Mohlenbr. & Schwegman -- accepted -- low woodland sedge
  Carex tompkinsii J.T. Howell -- accepted -- Thompkins' sedge
  Carex whitneyi Olney -- accepted -- Whitney's sedge, Whitney sedge
  Cassia exunguis Urb. -- not accepted -- tamarindillo
  Castilleja brevilobata Piper -- not accepted -- short-lobed red paintbrush
  Castilleja chrysantha Greenm. -- accepted -- yellow Wallowa Indian paintbrush
  Castilleja culbertsonii Greene -- not accepted -- Culbertson Indian paintbrush
  Castilleja elata Piper -- not accepted
  Castilleja glandulifera Pennell -- accepted -- gland Indian paintbrush
  Castilleja lassenensis Eastw. -- not accepted -- Lemmon's Indian paintbrush
  Castilleja linoides A. Gray -- not accepted
  Castilleja ludoviciana Pennell -- not accepted -- Jeff Davis Parish Indian paintbrush
  Castilleja martinii ssp. ewanii (Eastw.) Munz -- not accepted -- Ewan's Indian paintbrush
  Castilleja oresbia Greenm. -- accepted -- pale Wallowa Indian paintbrush
  Castilleja ownbeyana Pennell -- not accepted -- common Wallowa paintbrush
  Castilleja parviflora var. olympica (G.N. Jones) Ownbey -- accepted -- Olympic Indian paintbrush
  Castilleja scabrida Eastw. -- accepted -- rough paintbrush, rough Indian paintbrush
  Ceanothus arboreus Greene -- accepted -- feltleaf ceanothus
  Centrosema arenicola (Small) F.J. Herm. -- accepted -- pineland butterfly pea
  Cerastium aleuticum Hultén -- accepted -- Aleutian chickweed
  Cerastium clawsonii Correll -- not accepted -- Mouse-ear chickweed
  Chelone obliqua var. speciosa Pennell & Wherry -- accepted -- red turtlehead
  Choisya arizonica Standl. -- not accepted
  Chorizanthe blakleyi Hardham -- accepted -- Blakley's spineflower
  Chorizanthe insignis Curran -- not accepted -- Indian Valley chorizanthe
  Chorizanthe spinosa S. Watson -- accepted -- Mojave spineflower
  Cicuta bolanderi S. Watson -- not accepted -- Bolander water-hemlock
  Cimicifuga laciniata S. Watson -- not accepted -- Mt. Hood bugbane
  Cladrastis kentukea (Dum. Cours.) Rudd -- accepted -- Kentucky yellowwood, yellowwood
  Clarkia amoena ssp. whitneyi (A. Gray) F.H. Lewis & M.E. Lewis -- accepted -- Whitney's clarkia
  Clarkia amoena var. pacifica (M. Peck) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Clarkia australis E. Small -- accepted -- Small's southern clarkia
  Clarkia biloba ssp. australis F.H. Lewis & M.E. Lewis -- accepted -- Mariposa clarkia
  Claytonia lanceolata var. chrysantha (Greene) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted -- lanceleaf springbeauty
  Claytonia megarhiza var. bellidiflora (Rydb.) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Claytonia megarhiza var. nivalis (English) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted -- alpine springbeauty
  Clematis addisonii Britton -- accepted -- Addison's virgin's bower, Addison's leather flower
  Clematis albicoma Wherry -- accepted -- white-haired leatherflower, whitehair leather flower
  Clematis gattingeri Small -- not accepted
  Clematis micrantha Small -- not accepted -- old man's beard
  Clematis occidentalis var. dissecta (C.L. Hitchc.) J.S. Pringle -- accepted -- western blue virginsbower
  Cleomella montrosae Payson -- not accepted
  Clermontia hawaiiensis var. hawaiiensis (Hillebr.) Rock -- not accepted
  Collomia larsenii (A. Gray) Payson -- accepted -- talus collomia
  Colubrina californica I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- California colubrina, Las Animas nakedwood
  Corydalis caseana ssp. brachycarpa (Rydb.) G.B. Ownbey -- accepted -- Sierra fumewort
  Corydalis caseana ssp. caseana A. Gray -- accepted -- Sierra fumewort
  Corydalis caseana ssp. hastata (Rydb.) G.B. Ownbey -- accepted -- Sierra fumewort
  Coryphantha dasyacantha var. varicolor (Tiegel) L.D. Benson -- not accepted
  Coryphantha scheeri var. uncinata L.D. Benson -- not accepted -- Scheer's beehive cactus
  Coryphantha vivipara var. buoflama P.C. Fisch. -- not accepted
  Coryphantha vivipara var. rosea (Clokey) L.D. Benson -- not accepted
  Coursetia axillaris J.M. Coult. & Rose -- accepted -- Texas babybonnets
  Crataegus stenosepala Sarg. -- accepted -- duke hawthorn
  Crataegus sutherlandensis Sarg. -- not accepted -- Sutherland hawthorn
  Crossosoma californicum Nutt. -- accepted -- California rockflower
  Crossosoma parviflorum B.L. Rob. & Fernald -- not accepted -- smallflower rockflower
  Cryptantha atwoodii Higgins -- accepted -- Atwood's catseye, Atwood's cryptantha
  Cryptantha breviflora (Osterh.) Payson -- accepted -- Uinta basin cryptantha
  Cryptantha crymophila I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- subalpine cryptantha
  Cryptantha elata (Eastw.) Payson -- accepted -- cliffdweller's cryptantha, Cliffdweller's candlestick catseye
  Cryptantha grahamii I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- fragrant cryptantha, Graham catseye
  Cryptantha hypsophila I.M. Johnst. -- not accepted
  Cryptantha interrupta (Greene) Payson -- accepted -- Elko cryptantha
  Cryptantha johnstonii Higgins -- accepted -- Johnston's cryptantha, Johnston catseye
  Cryptantha jonesiana (Payson) Payson -- accepted -- Jones catseye, San Rafael cryptantha
  Cryptantha mensana (M.E. Jones) Payson -- accepted -- southwestern cryptantha
  Cryptantha paradoxa (A. Nelson) Payson -- accepted -- handsome catseye, handsome cryptantha
  Cryptantha sobolifera Payson -- accepted -- Waterton Lakes cryptantha
  Cryptantha stricta (Osterh.) Payson -- accepted -- Yampa River cryptantha
  Cryptantha thompsonii I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- Thompson's cryptantha
  Cryptantha tumulosa (Payson) Payson -- accepted -- Mojave cryptantha, New York Mountain cryptantha
  Cryptantha weberi I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- Weber's catseye, Weber's cryptantha
  Cucurbita texana Scheele -- not accepted -- Texas gourd
  Cuscuta howelliana P. Rubtzov -- accepted -- Bogg's Lake dodder
  Cymophyllus fraseri (Andrews) Mack. -- not accepted
  Cymopterus basalticus M.E. Jones -- accepted -- basalt springparsley
  Cymopterus corrugatus M.E. Jones -- accepted -- corrugate-wing springparsley, wrinklewing springparsley
  Cymopterus coulteri (M.E. Jones) Mathias -- accepted -- twoleaf springparsley, Coulter biscuitroot
  Cymopterus duchesnensis M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Duchesne biscuitroot, Uinta Basin springparsley
  Cymopterus ibapensis M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Ibapah springparsley
  Cymopterus newberryi (S. Watson) M.E. Jones -- accepted -- sweet-root spring parsley, sweetroot springparsley
  Cymopterus rosei (M.E. Jones ex J.M. Coult. & Rose) M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Rose's springparsley
  Cyperus granitophilus McVaugh -- accepted -- granite flatsedge
  Cypripedium arietinum R. Br. -- accepted -- ram's-head lady's-slipper, cypripède tête-de-bélier, ram's head lady's slipper
  Cypripedium californicum A. Gray -- accepted -- California lady's slipper
  Cypripedium candidum Muhl. ex Willd. -- accepted -- small white lady's slipper, white lady's slipper
  Cypripedium fasciculatum Kellogg ex S. Watson -- accepted -- clustered lady's slipper, clustered ladyslipper
  Cypripedium montanum Douglas ex Lindl. -- accepted -- mountain lady's slipper, mountain ladyslipper
  Dalea gattingeri (A. Heller) Barneby -- accepted -- purpletassels
  Dalea scariosa S. Watson -- accepted -- Albuquerque prairie clover, Albuquerque prairieclover
  Darlingtonia californica Torr. -- accepted -- calf's head, cobra plant, cobra lily, California pitcherplant
  Dasynotus daubenmirei I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- Rocky Mountain whitethroat
  Delphinium alabamicum Kral -- accepted -- Alabama larkspur
  Delphinium multiplex (Ewan) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- Kittitas larkspur
  Delphinium newtonianum Dw. Moore -- accepted -- Newton's larkspur
  Delphinium nuttallianum var. lineapetalum (Ewan) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted -- Nuttal's larkspur
  Delphinium parishii ssp. purpureum F.H. Lewis & Epling -- not accepted
  Delphinium treleasei Bush ex K.C. Davis -- accepted -- glade larkspur
  Delphinium xantholeucum Piper -- accepted -- yellow white larkspur, northwestern larkspur
  Dentaria incisa Small -- not accepted
  Dicentra formosa ssp. oregana (Eastw.) Munz -- accepted -- Oregon bleeding heart, Pacific bleedingheart
  Dicentra nevadensis Eastw. -- accepted -- Sierra bleeding heart, Nevada bleedingheart
  Dicentra ochroleuca Engelm. -- accepted -- yellow bleedingheart, yellow bleeding hearts
  Dicerandra odoratissima R.M. Harper -- accepted -- rose balm
  Dichelostemma lacuna-vernalis L.W. Lenz -- not accepted
  Dichondra donnelliana Tharp & M.C. Johnst. -- not accepted -- California ponysfoot, California dichondra
  Dichondra occidentalis House -- accepted -- western ponysfoot
  Dodecatheon poeticum L.F. Hend. -- not accepted -- poet's shootingstar
  Douglasia laevigata var. laevigata A. Gray -- not accepted -- cliff dwarf-primrose
  Douglasia nivalis var. nivalis Lindl. -- not accepted -- snow dwarf-primrose
  Downingia humilis (Greene) Greene -- not accepted
  Draba apiculata var. daviesiae C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Draba argyraea Rydb. -- not accepted
  Draba asprella var. asprella Greene -- accepted -- rough whitlowgrass, rough draba
  Draba asprella var. kaibabensis C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted -- Kaibab draba, Kaibab whitlowgrass
  Draba asprella var. stelligera O.E. Schulz -- accepted -- rough whitlowgrass, rough draba
  Draba asprella var. zionensis (C.L. Hitchc.) S.L. Welsh & Reveal -- not accepted -- Zion draba, Zion whitlowgrass
  Draba asterophora var. asterophora Payson -- not accepted -- Lake Tahoe draba, Tahoe draba
  Draba cruciata var. cruciata Payson -- not accepted -- Mineral King whitlowgrass, Mineral King draba
  Draba cruciata var. integrifolia C.L. Hitchc. & Sharsm. -- not accepted
  Draba douglasii var. crockeri (Lemmon) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Draba douglasii var. douglasii A. Gray -- not accepted
  Draba exunguiculata (O.E. Schulz) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- clawless draba, Garys Peak draba
  Draba lemmonii var. incrassata Rollins -- not accepted
  Draba maguirei var. maguirei C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted -- Maguire's draba
  Draba mogollonica Greene -- accepted -- Mogollon Mountain whitlowgrass, Mogollon Mountain draba
  Draba ruaxes Payson & H. St. John -- accepted -- Rainier draba
  Draba sphaerocarpa J.F. Macbr. & Payson -- accepted -- globefruit draba
  Draba sphaeroides var. cusickii (B.L. Rob. ex O.E. Schulz) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Draba stenoloba var. ramosa C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted -- Alaska draba
  Draba subalpina Goodman & C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- subalpine draba
  Dudleya saxosa ssp. collomiae (Rose) Moran -- accepted
  Dyschoriste crenulata Kobuski -- accepted -- wavyleaf snakeherb
  Echinocereus ledingii Peebles -- accepted
  Echinocereus russanthus D. Weniger -- accepted -- Órgano-pequeño chiso, brownspine hedgehog cactus, rusty hedgehog cactus
  Echinocereus viridiflorus var. correllii L.D. Benson -- not accepted -- Correll's hedgehog cactus
  Eleocharis austrotexana M.C. Johnst. -- not accepted -- Rio Grande spikerush
  Elliottia racemosa Muhl. ex Elliott -- accepted -- Georgia-plume, southern plume, Georgia plume
  Elytraria caroliniensis var. caroliniensis (J.F. Gmel.) Pers. -- accepted -- Carolina scalystem
  Encyclia krugii (Bello) Britton & P. Wilson -- not accepted
  Epidendrum brittonianum A.D. Hawkes -- not accepted
  Epilobium nivium Brandegee -- accepted -- Snow Mountain willowherb
  Epilobium siskiyouense (Munz) Hoch & P.H. Raven -- accepted -- Siskiyou rock-fringe, Siskiyou willowherb
  Eriogonum allenii S. Watson -- accepted -- shale barren buckwheat, shalebarren buckwheat
  Eriogonum beatleyae Reveal -- not accepted -- Beatley's buckwheat, Beatley wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum caninum (Greene) Munz -- not accepted -- Tiburon wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum clavellatum Small -- accepted -- Comb Wash buckwheat
  Eriogonum concinnum Reveal -- accepted -- mourning buckwheat, Darin's buckwheat
  Eriogonum congdonii (S. Stokes) Reveal -- accepted -- Congdon's buckwheat
  Eriogonum contiguum (Reveal) Reveal -- accepted -- Reveal's buckwheat, Ash Meadows buckwheat
  Eriogonum correllii Reveal -- accepted -- Correll's buckwheat
  Eriogonum corymbosum var. davidsei Reveal -- not accepted -- Davidse's buckwheat
  Eriogonum corymbosum var. matthewsae Reveal -- not accepted -- Matthew's wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum corymbosum var. revealianum (S.L. Welsh) Reveal -- accepted -- crispleaf buckwheat
  Eriogonum darrovii Kearney -- accepted -- Darrow's buckwheat, Darrow's wild buckwheat, carrot buckwheat
  Eriogonum densum Greene -- not accepted
  Eriogonum deserticola S. Watson -- accepted -- Colorado Desert buckwheat, desert wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum diclinum Reveal -- accepted -- Jaynes Canyon buckwheat
  Eriogonum eastwoodianum J.T. Howell -- accepted -- Eastwood's buckwheat
  Eriogonum ephedroides Reveal -- accepted -- ephedra buckwheat, ephedra wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum eremicum Reveal -- accepted -- limestone buckwheat, limestone wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum ericifolium var. ericifolium Torr. & A. Gray -- not accepted -- Yavapai buckwheat, Yavapai County buckwheat
  Eriogonum gilmanii S. Stokes -- accepted -- Gilman's buckwheat, Gilman's wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum grayi Reveal -- not accepted
  Eriogonum heermannii var. floccosum Munz -- accepted -- Clark Mountain buckwheat, Clark Mountain eriogonum, Heermann's buckwheat
  Eriogonum heermannii var. subracemosum (S. Stokes) Reveal -- not accepted -- Heermann's buckwheat
  Eriogonum hirtellum J.T. Howell & Bacig. -- accepted -- Klamath Mountain buckwheat, Klamath Mountain wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum hoffmannii var. hoffmannii S. Stokes -- accepted -- Hoffmann's buckwheat, Hoffman eriogonum
  Eriogonum hoffmannii var. robustius S. Stokes -- accepted -- robust Hoffmann's buckwheat, robust Hoffman eriogonum
  Eriogonum hylophilum Reveal & Brotherson -- accepted -- Gate Canyon buckwheat, Badlands wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum intermontanum Reveal -- not accepted -- Divide wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum jamesii var. rupicola Reveal -- not accepted -- James' buckwheat, sandstone wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum lancifolium Reveal & Brotherson -- accepted -- lanceleaf buckwheat, lance leaf wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum latens Jeps. -- accepted -- onionflower buckwheat, Inyo buckwheat
  Eriogonum lemmonii S. Watson -- accepted -- Lemmon's buckwheat, volcanic buckwheat
  Eriogonum libertini Reveal -- accepted -- Dubakella Mountain buckwheat
  Eriogonum loganum A. Nelson -- accepted -- Cache Valley buckwheat, Logan wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum nanum Reveal -- not accepted -- dwarf wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum natum Reveal -- accepted -- Son's buckwheat
  Eriogonum nealleyi J.M. Coult. -- accepted -- Irion County buckwheat, Irion County wild-buckwheat
  Eriogonum nortonii Greene -- accepted -- Pinnacles buckwheat, Pinnacles wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum novonudum M. Peck -- accepted -- false naked buckwheat
  Eriogonum ostlundii M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Elsinore buckwheat, Ostlund wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum ovalifolium var. caelestinum Reveal -- accepted -- cushion buckwheat
  Eriogonum panguicense var. alpestre (S. Stokes) Reveal -- accepted -- Panguitch buckwheat, Panguitch wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum parvifolium var. lucidum (J.T. Howell ex S. Stokes) Reveal -- not accepted -- Point Lobos wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum parvifolium var. paynei (C.B. Wolf ex Munz) Reveal -- not accepted -- Santa Paula buckwheat
  Eriogonum pendulum S. Watson -- accepted -- Waldo buckwheat
  Eriogonum rubricaule Tidestr. -- accepted -- Lahontan buckwheat, redstem buckwheat
  Eriogonum siskiyouense Small -- accepted -- Siskiyou buckwheat
  Eriogonum thompsonae var. albiflorum Reveal -- not accepted -- white-flow Thomposon wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum thompsonae var. thompsonae S. Watson -- not accepted -- Thompson wild-buckwheat
  Eriogonum thymoides Benth. -- accepted -- thymeleaf buckwheat
  Eriogonum tumulosum (Barneby) Reveal -- accepted -- Woodside buckwheat
  Eriogonum umbellatum var. hypoleium (Piper) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- sulphur-flower buckwheat
  Eriogonum umbellatum var. minus I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- alpine sulphur-flower buckwheat, alpine sulfur-flowered wild buckwheat
  Eriogonum vestitum J.T. Howell -- accepted -- Idria buckwheat
  Eriogonum viridulum Reveal -- accepted -- clay hill buckwheat
  Eriogonum zionis var. coccineum J.T. Howell -- accepted -- Zion buckwheat
  Eriogonum zionis var. zionis J.T. Howell -- accepted -- Zion buckwheat
  Errazurizia rotundata (Wooton) Barneby -- accepted -- roundleaf dunebroom, round-leaf dune-broom
  Eryngium petiolatum Hook. -- accepted -- rushleaf eryngo
  Erythronium grandiflorum ssp. pusaterii Munz & J.T. Howell -- not accepted -- Kaweah fawn lily
  Erythronium helenae Applegate -- accepted -- Pacific fawnlily
  Erythronium howellii S. Watson -- not accepted -- Howell's fawnlily
  Erythronium oregonum Applegate -- accepted -- giant white fawnlily
  Eschscholzia ramosa Greene -- accepted -- island poppy, Channel Island poppy
  Eurytaenia hinckleyi Mathias & Constance -- accepted -- Hinckley's spreadwing
  Ferocactus eastwoodiae (L.D. Benson) L.D. Benson -- not accepted
  Fimbristylis spathacea Roth -- not accepted -- hurricanegrass
  Fothergilla gardenii L. -- accepted -- dwarf witch-alder
  Frasera idahoensis (H. St. John) -- not accepted
  Frasera puberulenta Davidson -- accepted -- Inyo frasera, Inyo elkweed
  Frasera tubulosa Coville -- accepted -- Kern frasera
  Fraxinus anomala var. lowellii (Sarg.) Little -- accepted -- Lowell ash, singleleaf ash
  Fraxinus gooddingii Little -- accepted -- Goodding's ash
  Fritillaria adamantina M. Peck -- not accepted -- Diamond Lake mission-bells
  Fritillaria brandegei Eastw. -- not accepted -- Greenhorn fritillary
  Galium andrewsii var. gatense Dempster -- not accepted
  Galium californicum var. miguelense (Greene) Jeps. -- not accepted
  Galium clementis Eastw. -- accepted -- Santa Lucia bedstraw
  Galium collomae J.T. Howell -- not accepted
  Galium serpenticum ssp. scotticum Dempster & Ehrend. -- accepted -- Scott Mountain bedstraw
  Gaura demareei P.H. Raven & D.P. Greg. -- not accepted -- Demaree's beeblossom
  Gaylussacia brachycera (Michx.) A. Gray -- accepted -- box huckleberry
  Gentiana austromontana J.S. Pringle & Sharp -- accepted -- Appalachian gentian
  Gentiana autumnalis L. -- accepted -- pine barren gentian
  Gentiana deloachii (W.P. Lemmon) Shinners -- not accepted
  Gentiana fremontii Torr. -- accepted -- moss gentian
  Gentianella propinqua ssp. aleutica (Cham. & Schltdl.) J.M. Gillett -- accepted -- fourpart dwarf gentian
  Geranium marginale Rydb. ex Hanks & Small -- not accepted -- western geranium
  Geranium toquimense A.H. Holmgren & N.H. Holmgren -- not accepted
  Geum peckii Pursh -- accepted -- mountain avens
  Gilia nyensis Reveal -- not accepted -- Nye gilia
  Gilia pentstemonoides M.E. Jones -- not accepted
  Gilia ripleyi Barneby -- not accepted -- Ripley's gilia
  Githopsis latifolia Eastw. -- not accepted -- Lake Alamanor bluecup
  Gossypium tomentosum Nutt. ex Seem. -- accepted -- mao, Hawaiian cotton, Hawai'i cotton
  Graptopetalum rusbyi (Greene) Rose -- accepted -- San Francisco River leatherpetal, San Francisco leather petal
  Gymnocarpium heterosporum W.H. Wagner -- not accepted -- blackspore oakfern
  Hackelia davisii Cronquist -- accepted -- Davis' stickseed
  Hackelia hispida (A. Gray) I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- showy stickseed
  Hackelia ophiobia R.L. Carr -- accepted -- Owyhee stickseed, Owyhee River stickseed
  Hackelia sharsmithii I.M. Johnst. -- accepted -- Sierra stickseed, Sharsmith's stickseed
  Halimolobos perplexa var. lemhiensis C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted -- Lemhi halimolobos
  Halimolobos virgata (Nutt.) O.E. Schulz -- not accepted -- stemmy halimolobos, rod halimolobos
  Hedeoma dentatum Torr. -- not accepted
  Hedeoma diffusum Greene -- not accepted -- Flagstaff pennyroyal
  Hedeoma molle Torr. -- not accepted
  Hedeoma nanum var. californicum W.S. Stewart -- not accepted
  Hedeoma pulcherrimum Wooton & Standl. -- not accepted
  Hedysarum boreale var. gremiale (Rollins) Northstrom & S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- boreal sweetvetch, Utah sweetvetch, northern sweetvetch
  Hermidium alipes var. pallidum Ced. Porter -- not accepted
  Heuchera americana var. hispida (Pursh) E.F. Wells -- accepted -- American alumroot, hairy alumroot
  Heuchera duranii Bacig. -- not accepted -- Duran's alumroot, hard alumroot, Duran's heuchera
  Hexalectris grandiflora (A. Rich. & Galeotti) L.O. Williams -- accepted -- Raíz-de-coral rosada, Greenman's hexalectris, largeflower crested coralroot
  Hexastylis speciosa R.M. Harper -- accepted -- Harper's heartleaf
  Horkelia truncata Rydb. -- accepted -- Ramona horkelia
  Houstonia caerulea var. faxonorum Pease & A.H. Moore -- not accepted -- alpine bluet
  Hydrastis canadensis L. -- accepted -- goldenseal
  Hydrophyllum capitatum var. thompsonii (M. Peck) Constance -- accepted -- Thompson's waterleaf
  Hymenocallis latifolia (Mill.) M. Roem. -- accepted -- perfumed spiderlily
  Hypericum sphaerocarpum var. turgidum (Small) Svenson -- not accepted
  Hypoxis longii Fernald -- not accepted -- star-grass
  Ilex opaca var. arenicola (Ashe) Ashe -- accepted -- dune holly, American holly
  Ipomoea cardiophylla A. Gray -- accepted -- heartleaf morningglory, heartleaf morning-glory
  Ipomoea egregia House -- not accepted
  Ipomopsis globularis (Brand) W.A. Weber -- accepted -- Hoosier Pass ipomopsis
  Iris tenax ssp. klamathensis L.W. Lenz -- accepted -- wild iris, Klamath iris
  Iris tenax var. gormanii (Piper) R.C. Foster -- not accepted
  Iris tenuis S. Watson -- accepted -- Clackamas iris
  Isoetes bolanderi var. pygmaea (Engelm.) Clute -- not accepted -- pygmy quillwort
  Isoetes flaccida Shuttlew. ex A. Braun -- accepted -- southern quillwort, Florida quillwort
  Isoetes orcuttii A.A. Eaton -- accepted -- Orcutt's quillwort
  Isoetes X foveolata A.A. Eaton ex R. Dodge -- accepted -- pitted quillwort
  Juncus gymnocarpus Coville -- accepted -- Pennsylvania rush
  Juncus pervetus Fernald -- accepted
  Juncus slwookoorum S.B. Young -- not accepted
  Justicia mortuifluminis Fernald -- not accepted
  Justicia warnockii B.L. Turner -- accepted -- Warnock's waterwillow, Warnock's water-willow
  Kalmiopsis leachiana (L.F. Hend.) Rehder -- accepted -- North Umpqua kalmiopsis, Siskiyou kalmiopsis
  Lachnocaulon beyrichianum Sporl. ex Körn. -- accepted -- southern bogbutton
  Lathyrus hitchcockianus Barneby & Reveal -- accepted -- Bullfrog Mountain pea, Hitchcock's sweet pea, Hitchcock's peavine, Bullfrog Mountain wild pea
  Leavenworthia stylosa A. Gray -- accepted -- cedar gladecress
  Leavenworthia torulosa A. Gray -- accepted -- necklace gladecress
  Lechea maritima var. virginica Hodgdon -- accepted -- Virginia pinweed, Virginian beach pinweed
  Lepanthes dodiana Stimson -- accepted -- island babyboot orchid
  Lepidium bidentatum var. o-waihiense (Cham. & Schltdl.) Fosberg -- not accepted -- `anaunau
  Lepidium nanum S. Watson -- accepted -- dwarf pepperweed
  Lesquerella angustifolia (Nutt. ex Torr. & A. Gray) S. Watson -- not accepted -- annual bladderpod, thread-leaved bladderpod, threadleaf bladderpod
  Lesquerella arctica var. scammanae Rollins -- not accepted
  Lesquerella aurea Wooton -- not accepted -- golden bladderpod
  Lesquerella densipila Rollins -- not accepted -- Duck River bladderpod
  Lesquerella fremontii Rollins & E.A. Shaw -- not accepted -- Fremont's bladderpod
  Lesquerella gooddingii Rollins & E.A. Shaw -- not accepted -- Goodding bladderpod, Goodding's bladderpod
  Lesquerella hitchcockii Munz -- not accepted -- Hitchcock's bladderpod
  Lesquerella kingii ssp. diversifolia (Greene) Rollins & E.A. Shaw -- not accepted -- King bladderpod
  Lesquerella lata Wooton & Standl. -- not accepted -- Lincoln County bladderpod
  Lesquerella lescurii (A. Gray) S. Watson -- not accepted -- Lescur's bladderpod
  Lesquerella mcvaughiana Rollins -- not accepted -- McVaugh's bladderpod
  Lesquerella rubicundula Rollins -- not accepted -- tum bladderpod, Bryce bladderpod
  Lesquerella valida Greene -- not accepted -- strong bladderpod
  Lewisia cantelowii J.T. Howell -- not accepted -- Cantelon's lewisia
  Lewisia columbiana ssp. wallowensis (C.L. Hitchc.) J.E. Hohn ex B. Mathew -- not accepted
  Lewisia congdonii (Rydb.) S. Clay -- accepted -- Congdon's lewisia
  Lewisia disepala Rydb. -- accepted -- Yosemite bitterroot, Yosemite lewisia
  Lewisia oppositifolia (S. Watson) B.L. Rob. -- accepted -- oppositeleaf lewisia
  Lewisia tweedyi (A. Gray) B.L. Rob. -- not accepted
  Ligusticum porteri var. brevilobum (Rydb.) Mathias & Constance -- accepted -- Porter's licoriceroot, Porter's licorice-root
  Limonium carolinianum var. angustatum (A. Gray) S.F. Blake -- not accepted
  Limonium limbatum Small -- accepted -- sea lavender, Trans-Pecos sealavender, Trans-Pecos sea lavender
  Linanthus arenicola (M.E. Jones) Jeps. & V. Bailey -- accepted -- sanddune linanthus
  Linanthus bellus (A. Gray) Greene -- accepted -- desert beauty
  Loeflingia squarrosa ssp. artemisiarum Barneby & Twisselm. -- not accepted -- spreading pygmyleaf
  Lomatium cuspidatum Mathias & Constance -- accepted -- Wenatchee desertparsley
  Lomatium foeniculaceum ssp. inyoense (Mathias & Constance ex Munz & Roos) W.L. Theob. -- accepted -- Inyo biscuitroot, Inyo lomatium
  Lomatium hendersonii (J.M. Coult. & Rose) J.M. Coult. & Rose -- accepted -- Henderson's biscuitroot
  Lomatium howellii (S. Watson) Jeps. -- accepted -- Howell's biscuitroot, Howell's lomatium
  Lomatium minimum (Mathias) Mathias -- accepted -- little desertparsley
  Lomatium minus (Rose ex Howell) Mathias & Constance -- accepted -- Day Valley desertparsley, Day Valley desert-parsley
  Lomatium quintuplex Schlessman & Constance -- accepted -- Umtanum desertparsley
  Lomatium ravenii Mathias & Constance -- accepted -- Raven's biscuitroot, Lassen parsley, Lassen desert-parsley
  Lomatium rigidum (M.E. Jones) Jeps. -- accepted -- Big Pine biscuitroot, Big Pine lomatium
  Lomatium serpentinum (M.E. Jones) Mathias -- accepted -- sweetscented biscuitroot
  Lomatium thompsonii (Mathias) Cronquist -- accepted -- Thompson's desertparsley
  Lupinus burkei ssp. caeruleomontanus D.B. Dunn & B.J. Cox -- accepted -- largeleaf lupine
  Lupinus cervinus Kellogg -- accepted -- Santa Lucia lupine
  Lupinus cutleri Eastw. -- not accepted
  Lupinus jonesii Rydb. -- accepted -- Jones' lupine
  Lupinus malacophyllus Greene -- accepted -- jawleaf lupine, softleaf lupine
  Lupinus montigenus var. montigenus A. Heller -- not accepted
  Lupinus mucronulatus Howell -- not accepted
  Lupinus peirsonii H. Mason -- accepted -- long lupine
  Lupinus sabinii Douglas ex Hook. -- not accepted
  Lupinus sericatus Kellogg -- accepted -- Cobb Mountain lupine
  Lupinus sericeus ssp. marianus (Rydb.) Fleak & D.B. Dunn -- accepted -- silky lupine
  Lupinus tracyi Eastw. -- accepted -- Tracy's lupine
  Lupinus X inyoensis A. Heller (pro. sp.) -- accepted -- Inyo lupine
  Luzula hawaiiensis var. oahuensis (O. Deg. & Fosberg) O. Deg. & I. Deg. -- accepted -- Oahu woodrush
  Lysiloma microphylla var. thornberi (Britton & Rose) Isely -- not accepted
  Lythrum ovalifolium Engelm. ex Koehne -- accepted -- low loosestrife
  Malacothamnus palmeri var. palmeri (S. Watson) Greene -- not accepted -- Palmer bush-mallow
  Mammillaria orestera L.D. Benson -- not accepted
  Matelea brevicoronata (B.L. Rob.) Woodson -- accepted -- shortcrown milkvine
  Matelea edwardsensis Correll -- accepted -- plateau milkvine
  Matelea parviflora (Torr.) Woodson -- accepted -- smallflower milkvine
  Mentzelia hirsutissima var. stenophylla (Urb. & Gilg) I.M. Johnst. -- not accepted -- hairy stickleaf
  Mertensia viridis var. caelestina (A. Nelson & Cockerell) L.O. Williams -- not accepted -- canescent bluebells
  Mertensia viridis var. dilata (A. Nelson) L.O. Williams -- not accepted -- smooth-leaf bluebells
  Mimulus guttatus ssp. arenicola Pennell -- not accepted
  Mimulus pictus (Curran ex Greene) A. Gray -- accepted -- calico monkeyflower
  Mimulus washoensis Edwin -- not accepted
  Minuartia uniflora (Walter) Mattf. -- accepted -- oneflower stitchwort
  Mirabilis pudica Barneby -- accepted -- bashful four-o'clock, bashful four o'clock
  Monarda stipitatoglandulosa Waterf. -- accepted -- wild bergamot
  Monardella antonina Hardham -- accepted -- San Antonio Hills monardella
  Monardella benitensis Hardham -- not accepted
  Monardella macrantha ssp. hallii (Abrams) Abrams -- accepted -- Hall's monardella
  Monardella palmeri A. Gray -- accepted -- Palmer's monardella
  Monardella purpurea Howell -- accepted -- serpentine monardella
  Monardella viridis ssp. saxicola (I.M. Johnst.) Ewan -- accepted -- rock monardella
  Myrica hartwegii S. Watson -- accepted -- Sierra bayberry, Sierra sweet-bay
  Nama retrorsum J.T. Howell -- not accepted -- betatakin fiddleleaf
  Nama xylopodum (Wooton & Standl.) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted -- yellowseed fiddleleaf
  Navarretia prolifera ssp. lutea (Brand) H. Mason -- accepted -- burr pincushionplant, yellow bur pincushionplant, yellow-bur navarretia
  Neolloydia warnockii L.D. Benson -- not accepted
  Notholaena schaffneri var. nealleyi (Seaton ex J.M. Coult.) Weath. -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. decipiens Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. dubium Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. forbesii Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. helleri Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. kolekolense Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. lanaiense Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. lanceolatum Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. latifolium Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. leptopodum O. Deg. & Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. longespicatum Hillebr. -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. macrophyllum Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. mauiense O. Deg. & Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. niihauense H. St. John -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. olokeleanum Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. pulchelloides O. Deg. & Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. pulchellum Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. subcordatum O. Deg. & Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium sandwicense var. syringifolium Sherff -- not accepted
  Nototrichium viride Hillebr. -- not accepted
  Ochrosia compta K. Schum. -- accepted -- holei
  Onosmodium helleri Small -- accepted -- Heller's marbleseed
  Onosmodium molle ssp. molle Michx. -- not accepted -- softhair marbleseed
  Ophioglossum dendroneuron E.P. St. John -- not accepted
  Ophioglossum lusitanicum var. californicum (Prantl) M. Broun -- not accepted -- California adder's-tongue
  Ophioglossum palmatum L. -- not accepted -- hand fern
  Opuntia basilaris var. longiareolata (Clover & Jotter) L.D. Benson -- accepted -- beavertail pricklypear, Grand Canyon beavertail cactus
  Opuntia basilaris var. woodburyi W.H. Earle -- not accepted -- Woodbury's beavertail pricklypear
  Opuntia borinquensis Britton & Rose -- accepted -- olaga
  Opuntia phaeacantha var. flavispina L.D. Benson -- not accepted
  Opuntia phaeacantha var. mojavensis (Engelm. & J.M. Bigelow) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Opuntia phaeacantha var. superbospina (Griffiths) L.D. Benson -- not accepted
  Opuntia pulchella Engelm. -- not accepted -- sagebrush cholla, sand club cholla, sand cholla
  Oxytheca watsonii Torr. & A. Gray -- accepted -- Watson's oxytheca
  Oxytropis besseyi var. obnapiformis (Ced. Porter) S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- Bessey's locoweed
  Oxytropis jonesii Barneby -- not accepted
  Oxytropis kobukensis S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- Kobuk locoweed
  Panax quinquefolius L. -- accepted -- ginseng à cinq folioles, American ginseng
  Papaver alboroseum Hultén -- accepted -- pale poppy
  Papaver walpolei A.E. Porsild -- accepted -- Walpole poppy, Walpole's poppy
  Parnassia kotzebuei var. pumila C.L. Hitchc. & Ownbey -- not accepted -- Kotzebue's grass-of-parnassus
  Paronychia argyrocoma var. albimontana Fernald -- not accepted -- silverling
  Paronychia drummondii ssp. parviflora Chaudhri -- not accepted
  Paronychia monticola Cory -- accepted -- Livermore nailwort
  Paronychia nudata Correll -- not accepted
  Paronychia rugelii var. interior (Small) Chaudhri -- not accepted -- Rugel's nailwort
  Parrya nudicaulis (L.) Boiss. -- accepted -- nakedstem wallflower
  Pedicularis howellii A. Gray -- accepted -- Howell lousewort, Howell's lousewort
  Pedicularis rainierensis Pennell & F.A. Warren -- accepted -- Mt. Rainier lousewort
  Penstemon abietinus Pennell -- accepted -- firleaf beardtongue
  Penstemon angustifolius var. vernalensis N.H. Holmgren -- accepted -- broadbeard beardtongue
  Penstemon baccharifolius Hook. -- accepted -- baccharisleaf beardtongue
  Penstemon caespitosus var. suffruticosus A. Gray -- not accepted
  Penstemon calcareus Brandegee -- accepted -- limestone beardtongue, limestone penstemon
  Penstemon californicus (Munz & I.M. Johnst.) D.D. Keck -- accepted -- California penstemon
  Penstemon cinicola D.D. Keck -- accepted -- ash penstemon
  Penstemon cobaea var. purpureus Pennell -- accepted -- cobaea beardtongue
  Penstemon decurvus Pennell ex Crosswh. -- not accepted
  Penstemon dissectus Elliott -- accepted -- dissected beardtongue
  Penstemon elegantulus Pennell -- accepted -- rockvine penstemon
  Penstemon francisci-pennellii Crosswh. -- not accepted
  Penstemon garrettii Pennell -- not accepted -- Garrett's beardtongue
  Penstemon humilis var. brevifolius A. Gray -- accepted -- low beardtongue
  Penstemon humilis var. obtusifolius (Pennell) Reveal -- accepted -- low beardtongue
  Penstemon keckii Clokey -- not accepted
  Penstemon leiophyllus Pennell -- accepted -- smoothleaf penstemon, smoothleaf beardtongue
  Penstemon moriahensis N.H. Holmgren -- accepted -- Mount Moriah penstemon, Mt. Moriah beardtongue
  Penstemon multicaulis Pennell -- not accepted
  Penstemon nyeensis Crosswh. -- not accepted
  Penstemon papillatus J.T. Howell -- accepted -- Inyo beardtongue, Inyo penstemon
  Penstemon patricus N.H. Holmgren -- not accepted
  Penstemon paysoniorum D.D. Keck -- accepted -- Payson's beardtongue, Payson beardtongue
  Penstemon procerus var. modestus (Greene) N.H. Holmgren -- accepted -- pincushion beardtongue, pincushion penstemon
  Penstemon rubicundus D.D. Keck -- accepted -- Wassuck penstemon, Wassuk Range beardtongue
  Penstemon thompsoniae ssp. jaegeri D.D. Keck -- not accepted -- Jaeger's beardtongue, Jaeger's penstemon
  Penstemon thurberi var. anestius Reveal & Beatley -- not accepted
  Penstemon virgatus ssp. pseudoputus Crosswh. -- not accepted
  Penstemon washingtonensis D.D. Keck -- accepted -- Washington beardtongue
  Penstemon yampaensis Penland -- accepted -- Yampa beardtongue
  Perideridia bacigalupii T.I. Chuang & Constance -- accepted -- Mother Lode yampah
  Perideridia leptocarpa T.I. Chuang & Constance -- accepted -- narrowseed yampah, narrow-seeded yampah
  Perideridia pringlei (J.M. Coult. & Rose) A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. -- accepted -- adobe yampah
  Persea borbonia var. humilis (Nash) L.E. Kopp -- not accepted -- silkbay
  Persicaria paludicola Small -- not accepted
  Petrophytum hendersonii (Canby) Rydb. -- accepted -- Olympic Mountain rockmat
  Phacelia anelsonii J.F. Macbr. -- accepted -- Nelson's phacelia, Aven Nelson's phacelia, Macbride phacelia
  Phacelia constancei N.D. Atwood -- accepted -- Constance's scorpion-weed, Constance's phacelia
  Phacelia demissa var. heterotricha J.T. Howell -- not accepted
  Phacelia dubia var. georgiana McVaugh -- accepted -- smallflower phacelia
  Phacelia filiformis Brand -- accepted -- narrow scorpion-weed, narrow phacelia
  Phacelia howelliana N.D. Atwood -- accepted -- Harlequin scorpion-weed, Howell phacelia, harlequin phacelia
  Phacelia indecora J.T. Howell -- accepted -- drab phacelia
  Phacelia integrifolia var. texana (J. Voss) N.D. Atwood -- accepted -- Texan phacelia, scorpion-weed
  Phacelia mammillarensis N.D. Atwood -- accepted -- Nipple Beach phacelia
  Phacelia mustelina Coville -- accepted -- weasel phacelia
  Phacelia orogenes Brand -- accepted -- mountain phacelia
  Phacelia peckii J.T. Howell -- accepted -- Peck's phacelia
  Phacelia rafaelensis N.D. Atwood -- accepted -- plateau scorpion-weed, plateau phacelia
  Phaseolus thompsonae S. Watson -- not accepted
  Phlox buckleyi Wherry -- accepted -- swordleaf phlox
  Phlox cluteana A. Nelson -- accepted -- Navajo Mountain phlox
  Phlox gladiformis (M.E. Jones) E.E. Nelson -- accepted -- musky phlox, Red Canyon phlox
  Phlox grahamii Wherry -- not accepted
  Phlox jonesii Wherry -- accepted -- Zion phlox
  Phlox missoulensis Wherry -- accepted -- Missoula phlox
  Phlox mollis Wherry -- accepted -- soft phlox
  Phlox oklahomensis Wherry -- accepted -- Oklahoma phlox
  Phlox peckii Wherry -- accepted -- Peck's phlox
  Phlox pilosa var. longipilosa (Waterf.) R.J. Taylor & C.E.S. Taylor -- not accepted -- long-haired phlox
  Phlox pulchra Wherry -- accepted -- Alabama phlox
  Physalis viscosa var. elliottii (Kuntze) Waterf. -- not accepted
  Physaria condensata Rollins -- accepted -- tufted twinpod, dense twinpod
  Physaria geyeri var. purpurea Rollins -- not accepted -- purple twinpod
  Physostegia micrantha Lundell -- not accepted
  Physostegia veroniciformis Small -- not accepted
  Pieris phillyreifolia (Hook.) DC. -- accepted -- climbing fetterbush
  Pilostyles thurberi A. Gray -- accepted -- stemsucker, Thurber's stemsucker, Thurber's pilostyles
  Pinckneya pubens Michx. -- not accepted
  Pittosporum acuminatum var. leptopodum Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum acuminatum var. magnifolium Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum acuminatum var. waimeanum Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum amplectens Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum argentifolium var. argentifolium Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum argentifolium var. sessile Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum cauliflorum var. cladanthoides Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum cladanthum var. gracilipes Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum confertiflorum var. microphyllum Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum glabrum var. glomeratum (Hillebr.) Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum glabrum var. intermedium Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum glabrum var. tinifolium Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum halophiloides Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum halophilum Rock -- accepted
  Pittosporum helleri Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum hosmeri var. hosmeri Rock -- not accepted
  Pittosporum hosmeri var. st.-johnii Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum insigne var. micranthum Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum kahananum Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum kauaiense var. repens Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum terminalioides var. lanaiense Sherff -- not accepted
  Pittosporum terminalioides var. macropus Skottsb. -- not accepted
  Pittosporum terminalioides var. mauiense Sherff -- not accepted
  Plagiobothrys distantiflorus (Piper) I.M. Johnst. ex M. Peck -- accepted -- California popcornflower
  Platanthera flava (L.) Lindl. -- accepted -- southern rein orchid, platanthère à gorge tuberculée variété petite-herbe, palegreen orchid
  Platanthera integra (Nutt.) A. Gray ex L.C. Beck -- not accepted -- yellow fringeless orchid
  Platanthera peramoena (A. Gray) A. Gray -- accepted -- purple fringeless orchid
  Platanthera unalascensis ssp. maritima (Greene) DeFilipps -- not accepted -- Alaska rein orchid
  Polemonium chartaceum H. Mason -- accepted -- Mason's Jacob's-ladder, White Mountain skypilot
  Polemonium nevadense Wherry -- accepted -- Nevada Jacob's-ladder
  Poliomintha glabrescens A. Gray -- accepted -- leafy rosemarymint, rosemary-mint
  Polygala piliophora S.F. Blake -- accepted -- Huachuca Mountain milkwort
  Polygala subspinosa var. heterorhynca Barneby -- not accepted
  Polygonella parksii Cory -- accepted -- Parks' jointweed
  Polygonum bidwelliae S. Watson -- accepted -- Bidwell's knotweed, Bidwell knotweed
  Polygonum cascadense W.H. Baker -- accepted -- Cascade knotweed, knotweed
  Polygonum striatulum B.L. Rob. -- accepted -- striped knotweed
  Polygonum texense M.C. Johnst. -- not accepted
  Polygonum utahense Brenckle & Cottam -- accepted
  Polystichum dudleyi Maxon -- accepted -- Dudley's swordfern, Dudley's sword fern
  Polystichum kruckebergii W.H. Wagner -- accepted -- Kruckeberg's hollyfern
  Portulaca smallii P. Wilson -- accepted -- Small's purslane
  Potamogeton hillii Morong -- accepted -- Hill's pondweed
  Potamogeton lateralis Morong -- not accepted
  Potamogeton porteri Fernald -- not accepted
  Potentilla multifoliolata (Torr.) Kearney & Peebles -- not accepted
  Primula cusickiana (A. Gray) A. Gray -- accepted -- Wallowa primrose, Cusick's primrose
  Primula mistassinica Michx. -- accepted -- bird's-eye primrose, Mistassini primrose
  Primula specuicola Rydb. -- accepted -- cave-dwelling primrose
  Priva portoricensis Urb. -- accepted -- Puerto Rico velvetburr, Puerto Rico velvet bur
  Prunus havardii (W. Wight) S.C. Mason -- accepted -- Havard's plum
  Prunus minutiflora Engelm. ex A. Gray -- accepted -- Texas almond, smallflower peachbrush
  Prunus murrayana E.J. Palmer -- accepted -- Murray's plum
  Prunus texana D. Dietr. -- accepted -- peachbush, Texas peachbrush
  Psoralea subacaulis Torr. & A. Gray -- not accepted
  Psorothamnus arborescens (Torr. ex A. Gray) Barneby -- accepted -- Mojave indigobush, Mojave smokebush, Mojave dalea
  Psorothamnus kingii (S. Watson) Barneby -- accepted -- King's dalea
  Psorothamnus thompsonae var. thompsonae (Vail) S.L. Welsh & N.D. Atwood -- not accepted
  Pteralyxia caumiana O. Deg. -- not accepted -- kaulu
  Pycnanthemum curvipes (Greene) E. Grant & Epling -- accepted -- stone mountainmint, Stone Mountain mountainmint
  Pycnanthemum floridanum E. Grant & Epling -- accepted -- Florida mountainmint
  Quercus arkansana Sarg. -- accepted -- Arkansas oak
  Quercus georgiana M.A. Curtis -- accepted -- Georgia oak
  Quercus parvula Greene -- not accepted -- Santa Cruz Island oak, coast oak
  Quercus tomentella Engelm. -- accepted -- island oak, island live oak
  Ranunculus fascicularis var. cuneiformis (Small) L.D. Benson -- not accepted -- Kerr crowfoot
  Ranunculus inamoenus var. subaffinis (A. Gray) L.D. Benson -- accepted -- graceful buttercup
  Ranunculus occidentalis ssp. nelsonii (DC.) Hultén -- not accepted
  Ranunculus subcordatus E.O. Beal -- not accepted -- Bladen buttercup
  Rauvolfia helleri Sherff -- not accepted
  Rauvolfia mauiensis Sherff -- not accepted
  Rauvolfia molokaiensis var. parvifolia O. Deg. & Sherff -- not accepted
  Rauvolfia remotiflora O. Deg. & Sherff -- not accepted -- wahaula heiau
  Rauvolfia sandwicensis var. sandwicensis A. DC. -- not accepted -- hao
  Rauvolfia sandwicensis var. subacuminata Sherff -- not accepted
  Reynoldsia sandwicensis A. Gray -- not accepted -- `ohe makai, `ohe
  Rhapidophyllum hystrix (Fraser ex Thouin) H. Wendl. & Drude -- accepted -- needle palm
  Rhipsalis baccifera (Sol. ex J.M. Mill.) Stearn -- accepted -- Nopalillo-mal ojo, mistletoe cactus
  Rhododendron austrinum (Small) Rehder -- accepted -- Florida azalea, orange azalea
  Rhododendron bakeri (Lemmon & McKay) Hume -- not accepted -- Baker's rhododendron
  Rhododendron vaseyi A. Gray -- accepted -- pink-shell azalea, pinkshell azalea
  Rhododon ciliatus (Benth.) Epling -- accepted -- Texas sandmint
  Rhus kearneyi F.A. Barkley -- accepted -- Kearney's sumac
  Rhysopterus plurijugus J.M. Coult. & Rose -- not accepted
  Romanzoffia thompsonii Marttala -- accepted -- Thompson's mistmaiden
  Rubus duplaris Shinners -- not accepted
  Rubus missouricus L.H. Bailey -- not accepted -- Missouri dewberry
  Ruellia drummondiana (Nees) A. Gray -- accepted -- Drummond's wild petunia
  Rumex spiralis Small -- accepted -- winged dock
  Ruppia anomala Ostenf. -- not accepted -- yerba de zanja
  Sageretia minutiflora (Michx.) C. Mohr -- accepted -- smallflower mock buckthorn
  Salvia blodgettii Chapm. -- not accepted -- Blodgett's sage
  Salvia columbariae var. ziegleri Munz -- accepted -- Ziegler's sage, Ziegler's chia
  Salvia eremostachya Jeps. -- accepted -- rose sage
  Salvia funerea M.E. Jones -- accepted -- Death Valley sage, woolly sage
  Sanicula peckiana J.F. Macbr. -- accepted -- Peck's sanicle, Peck's blacksnakeroot
  Santalum ellipticum var. littorale (Hillebr.) Skottsb. -- not accepted
  Santalum salicifolium Meurisse -- accepted -- willowleaf sandalwood
  Sarracenia psittacina Michx. -- accepted -- parrot pitcherplant
  Saxifraga forbesii Vasey -- not accepted -- Forbe's saxifrage
  Scaevola gaudichaudi Hook. & Arn. -- not accepted -- mountain naupaka
  Schiedea globosa var. foliosior O. Deg. & Sherff -- not accepted -- ma`oli`oli
  Schiedea hawaiiensis Hillebr. -- accepted -- ma`oli`oli, island schiedea
  Schiedea mannii H. St. John -- accepted -- ridgetop schiedea
  Schisandra glabra (Brickell) Rehder -- accepted -- bay starvine
  Schoenolirion wrightii Sherman -- accepted -- Texas sunnybell
  Sclerocactus polyancistrus (Engelm. & J.M. Bigelow) Britton & Rose -- accepted -- redspined fishhook cactus, Mojave fishhook cactus, Mohave fishhook cactus
  Sclerocactus pubispinus (Engelm.) L.D. Benson -- accepted -- Great Basin fishhook cactus
  Sclerocactus spinosior (Engelm.) D. Woodruff & L.D. Benson -- accepted -- desert valley fishhook cactus, desert valley fish-hook cactus
  Sclerocactus whipplei var. reevesii Castetter, P. Pierce & K.H. Schwer. -- not accepted
  Sedum laxum ssp. heckneri (M. Peck) R.T. Clausen -- not accepted -- Heckner's stonecrop
  Sedum niveum Davidson -- accepted -- Davidson's stonecrop
  Sedum texanum Sm. -- not accepted -- Texas stonecrop
  Selenia jonesii Cory -- accepted -- Jones' selenia
  Seymeria havardii (Pennell) Standl. -- not accepted
  Sibara rosulata Rollins -- not accepted -- California winged rockcress
  Sida hermaphrodita (L.) Rusby -- accepted -- Virginia mallow, Virginia fanpetals
  Sidalcea candida A. Gray -- accepted -- white checkermallow, white checkerbloom
  Sidalcea cusickii Piper -- accepted -- Cusick's checkerbloom
  Sidalcea malviflora ssp. elegans (Greene) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Sidalcea oregana ssp. hydrophila (A. Heller) C.L. Hitchc. -- accepted -- Oregon checkerbloom, water-loving checkermallow, meadow checkerbloom
  Silene aperta Greene -- accepted -- naked catchfly
  Silene invisa C.L. Hitchc. & Maguire -- accepted -- red fir catchfly
  Silene plankii C.L. Hitchc. & Maguire -- accepted -- Plank's catchfly
  Silene scaposa var. lobata C.L. Hitchc. & Maguire -- not accepted -- Lost River silene, Lost River campion
  Silene wrightii A. Gray -- accepted -- Wright's catchfly
  Sisymbrium kearneyi Rollins -- not accepted
  Smelowskia holmgrenii Rollins -- not accepted -- Holmgren's smelowskia, Nye County false candytuft
  Sophora arizonica S. Watson -- not accepted -- Arizona necklacepod, Arizona sophora, mescalbean
  Sophora formosa Kearney & Peebles -- not accepted
  Sphaeralcea fendleri var. albescens (Kearney) Kearney -- accepted
  Stanleya pinnata var. gibberosa Rollins -- not accepted
  Steironema laevigatum Howell -- not accepted -- fringed loosestrife
  Stellaria irrigua Bunge -- accepted -- Colorado starwort
  Stenandrium fascicularis (Benth.) Wassh. -- not accepted
  Stenogyne salicifolia (Sherff) -- not accepted
  Streptanthus bernardinus (Greene) Parish -- accepted -- Laguna Mountain jewelflower
  Streptanthus carinatus C. Wright ex A. Gray -- accepted -- lyreleaf jewelflower
  Streptanthus farnsworthianus J.T. Howell -- accepted -- Farnsworth's jewelflower, Evalyn's jewelflower
  Streptanthus fenestratus (Greene) J.T. Howell -- accepted -- Tehipite Valley jewelflower
  Streptanthus glandulosus var. pulchellus (Greene) Jeps. -- not accepted
  Streptanthus gracilis Eastw. -- accepted -- alpine jewelflower, alpine streptanthus
  Styrax platanifolia var. stellata Cory -- not accepted
  Sullivantia purpusii (Brandegee) Rosend. -- not accepted
  Synthyris canbyi Pennell -- accepted -- Mission Mountain kittentails
  Synthyris missurica ssp. stellata (Pennell) Kartesz & Gandhi -- accepted -- western mountain kittentails
  Synthyris pinnatifida var. canescens (Pennell) Cronquist -- not accepted -- hairy kittentails
  Synthyris pinnatifida var. lanuginosa (Piper) Cronquist -- not accepted -- featherleaf kittentails
  Synthyris platycarpa Gail & Pennell -- accepted -- Idaho kittentails
  Synthyris schizantha Piper -- accepted -- fringepetal kittentails
  Talinum appalachianum W. Wolf -- not accepted
  Talinum gooddingii P. Wilson -- not accepted -- Goodding's fameflower
  Talinum mengesii W. Wolf -- not accepted -- Menges' fameflower
  Talinum okanoganense English -- not accepted
  Tauschia glauca (J.M. Coult. & Rose) Mathias & Constance -- accepted -- glaucous umbrellawort, glaucous tauschia
  Tauschia stricklandii (J.M. Coult. & Rose) Mathias & Constance -- accepted -- Strickland's umbrellawort
  Tauschia tenuissima (Geyer ex Hook.) Mathias & Constance -- accepted -- Leiberg's umbrellawort
  Tetraplasandra kahanana O. Deg. & Sherff -- not accepted
  Thalictrum debile Buckley -- accepted -- southern meadow-rue
  Thelypodium brachycarpum Torr. -- accepted -- short-podded thelypody, shortpod thelypody
  Thelypodium laxiflorum Al-Shehbaz -- accepted -- catleaf, droopflower thelypody
  Thelypodium sagittatum var. ovalifolium (Rydb.) S.L. Welsh & Reveal -- not accepted
  Thelypodium texanum (Cory) Rollins -- accepted -- Texas thelypody
  Thelypodium vernale Wooton & Standl. -- not accepted
  Tradescantia edwardsiana Tharp -- accepted -- plateau spiderwort
  Tradescantia wrightii Rose & Bush -- accepted -- Wright's spiderwort
  Trifolium andersonii ssp. beatleyae J.M. Gillett -- accepted -- Beatley's clover, Beatley's five-leaf clover
  Trifolium dedeckerae J.M. Gillett -- accepted -- Dedecker's clover, Dedecker clover
  Trifolium lemmonii S. Watson -- accepted -- Lemmon's clover
  Trifolium plumosum var. amplifolium J.S. Martin -- not accepted
  Trifolium plumosum var. plumosum Douglas -- not accepted
  Trillium ovatum ssp. oettingeri Munz & Thorne -- not accepted -- Oettinger's trillium
  Triteleia dudleyi Hoover -- accepted -- Dudley's triteleia
  Triteleia lemmonae (S. Watson) Greene -- not accepted
  Triteleiopsis palmeri (S. Watson) Hoover -- accepted -- Palmer's Baja-lily, Palmer's Bajalily
  Trollius laxus ssp. laxus Salisb. -- not accepted -- American globeflower
  Vaccinium coccineum Piper -- not accepted -- Siskiyou Mountains bilberry
  Vaccinium vacillans var. missouriense Ashe -- not accepted
  Vancouveria chrysantha Greene -- accepted -- Siskiyou inside-out flower, golden insideout flower
  Veratrum fimbriatum A. Gray -- accepted -- fringed false hellebore
  Veratrum woodii J.W. Robbins ex Alph. Wood -- accepted -- Wood's bunchflower, false hellebore
  Veronica copelandii Eastw. -- accepted -- Copeland's speedwell
  Veronica sherwoodii M. Peck -- not accepted
  Vicia reverchonii S. Watson -- not accepted -- hairy pod vetch
  Viola adunca var. cascadensis (M.S. Baker) C.L. Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Viola egglestonii Brainerd -- not accepted -- glade violet
  Viola flettii Piper -- accepted -- Flett's violet, Olympic violet
  Viola lanceolata ssp. occidentalis (A. Gray) N.H. Russell -- not accepted -- bog white violet
  Viola purpurea var. charlestonensis (M.S. Baker & J.C. Clausen) S.L. Welsh & Reveal -- not accepted -- limestone violet
  Viola tracheliifolia Ging. -- not accepted -- felt-leaf violet
  Waldstenia idahoensis Piper -- not accepted
  Warea sessilifolia Nash -- accepted -- sessileleaf pinelandcress, sessile-leaved warea
  Woodsia X abbeae Butters -- accepted
  Yucca angustissima var. toftiae (S.L. Welsh) Reveal -- accepted -- Toft's yucca
  Zephyranthes simpsonii Chapm. -- accepted -- redmargin zephyrlily
  Zephyranthes treatiae S. Watson -- accepted
  Zigadenus vaginatus (Rydb.) J.F. Macbr. -- not accepted -- sheathed deathcamas

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