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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 2010. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Review of Native Species That Are Candidates for Listing as Endangered or Threatened; Annual Notice of Findings on Resubmitted Petitions; Annual Description of Progress on Listing Actions. Federal Register, vol. 75, no. 217. 69222-69294.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Brachyramphus brevirostris (Vigors, 1829) -- valid -- Guillemot de Kittlitz, Kittlitz's Murrelet
  Calidris canutus rufa (A. Wilson, 1813) -- valid -- red knot
  Xerospermophilus tereticaudus chlorus (Elliot, 1904) -- valid -- Coachella Valley round-tailed ground squirrel, Palm Springs round-tailed ground squirrel
 Kingdom Plantae
  Agave eggersiana Trel. -- accepted -- Eggers' century plant
  Arabis georgiana R.M. Harper -- accepted -- Georgia rockcress
  Calochortus persistens Ownbey -- accepted -- Siskiyou mariposa lily
  Castilleja christii N.H. Holmgren -- accepted -- Christ's Indian paintbrush
  Chorizanthe parryi var. fernandina (S. Watson) Jeps. -- accepted -- San Fernando Valley spineflower
  Cyrtandra filipes Hillebr. -- accepted -- gulch cyrtandra, ha'iwale
  Cyrtandra oxybapha W.L. Wagner & Herbst -- accepted -- ha'iwale, Pohakea Gulch cyrtandra
  Eriogonum codium Reveal, Caplow & K.A. Beck -- accepted -- basalt desert buckwheat, Umtanum Desert buckwheat
  Eriogonum corymbosum var. nilesii Reveal -- accepted -- Las Vegas buckwheat, Niles's buckwheat
  Eriogonum diatomaceum Reveal, J. Reynolds & Picciani -- accepted -- Churchill Narrows buckwheat
  Eriogonum kelloggii A. Gray -- accepted -- Red Mountain buckwheat
  Gonocalyx concolor Nevling -- accepted -- island brittleleaf
  Huperzia stemmermanniae (A.C. Medeiros & W.H. Wagner) Kartesz -- accepted -- Stemmermann's clubmoss, wawae`iole
  Joinvillea ascendens ssp. ascendens Gaudich. ex Brongn. & Gris -- accepted -- `ohe
  Leavenworthia crassa Rollins -- accepted -- fleshyfruit gladecress
  Leavenworthia exigua var. laciniata Rollins -- not accepted -- Kentucky gladecress, Tennessee gladecress
  Leavenworthia texana Mahler -- accepted -- golden gladecress, Texas golden gladecress
  Lepidium ostleri S.L. Welsh & Goodrich -- accepted -- Ostler's peppergrass, Ostler's pepperweed
  Lesquerella globosa (Desv.) S. Watson -- not accepted -- globe bladderpod, Short's bladderpod
  Mimulus fremontii var. vandenbergensis D.M. Thomps. -- accepted -- Vandenberg monkeyflower
  Myrsine fosbergii Hosaka -- accepted -- kolea, Koolau Range colicwood
  Myrsine vaccinioides W.L. Wagner, D.R. Herbst & Sohmer -- accepted -- kolea, Violet Lake colicwood
  Narthecium americanum Ker Gawl. -- accepted -- bog asphodel, yellow asphodel
  Nothocestrum latifolium A. Gray -- accepted -- 'aiea, broadleaf aiea
  Penstemon scariosus var. albifluvis (England) N.H. Holmgren -- accepted -- White River beardtongue
  Phyllostegia bracteata Sherff -- accepted -- bracted phyllostegia
  Phyllostegia floribunda Benth. -- accepted -- Hawai'i phyllostegia
  Physaria douglasii ssp. tuplashensis (Rollins, K.A. Beck & Caplow) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz -- accepted -- White Bluffs bladderpod
  Platanthera integrilabia (Correll) Luer -- accepted -- monkeyface, white fringeless orchid
  Platydesma remyi (Sherff) O. Deg., I. Deg., Sherff & B.C. Stone -- accepted -- Hawai'i pilo kea
  Pleomele fernaldii H. St. John -- not accepted -- hala pepe, Lanai hala pepe
  Pleomele forbesii O. Deg. -- not accepted -- hala pepe, Waianae Range hala pepe
  Ranunculus hawaiensis A. Gray -- accepted -- Hawai'ian buttercup, makou
  Ranunculus mauiensis A. Gray -- accepted -- makou, Maui buttercup
  Rorippa subumbellata Rollins -- accepted -- Lake Tahoe yellowcress, Tahoe yellowcress
  Schiedea pubescens Hillebr. -- accepted -- hairy schiedea, ma`oli`oli
  Schiedea salicaria Hillebr. -- accepted -- royal schiedea
  Sideroxylon reclinatum ssp. austrofloridense (Whetstone) Kartesz & Gandhi -- accepted -- Everglades bully, Florida bully
  Solanum nelsonii Dunal -- accepted -- Nelson's horsenettle, popolo
  Stenogyne cranwelliae Sherff -- accepted -- Kohala Mountain stenogyne
  Trichomanes punctatum ssp. floridanum Wess. Boer -- not accepted -- dotted bristle fern, Florida bristle fern

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