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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1980. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Review of Plant Taxa for Listing as Endangered or Threatened Species. Federal Register, vol. 45, no. 242. 82480-82569.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Agave mckelveyana Gentry -- accepted -- McKelvey's agave, McKelvey's century plant
  Agave utahensis var. kaibabensis (McKelvey) Breitung -- accepted -- Kaibab agave
  Allium madidum S. Watson -- accepted -- swamp onion
  Arctostaphylos intricata var. oblongifolia (Howell) Munz -- not accepted
  Calochortus simulans (Hoover) Munz -- accepted -- San Luis Obispo mariposa lily
  Ceratophyllum floridanum Fassett -- not accepted -- Florida hornwort
  Eriogonum saurinum Reveal -- not accepted -- dinosaur wild buckwheat
  Lilium bolanderi S. Watson -- accepted -- Bolander's lily
  Lycopodium portoricense Underw. & F.E. Lloyd -- not accepted

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