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Publication: Whittemore, Alan T. 2000. Zingiberaceae Lindley: Ginger Family. Flora of North America North of Mexico, vol. 22: Magnoliophyta: Alismatidae, Arecidae, Commelinidae (in part), and Zingiberidae. 305-309.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Alpinia Roxb. -- accepted -- alpinia, ginger-lily
  Alpinia zerumbet (Pers.) B.L. Burtt & R.M. Sm. -- accepted -- shellflower, shellplant
  Curcuma L. -- accepted -- hidden-lily
  Curcuma zedoaria (Christm.) Roscoe -- accepted -- zedoary
  Hedychium J. Koenig -- accepted -- garland-lily
  Hedychium coronarium J. Koenig -- accepted -- 'awapuhi-ke'oke'o, butterfly-lily, gingerlily, white garland-lily, white ginger
  Zingiber Mill. -- accepted -- ginger
  Zingiber zerumbet (L.) Sm. -- accepted -- bitter ginger
  Zingiberaceae -- accepted -- Ginger Family

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