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Publication: Funk, V., T. Hollowell, P. Berry, C. Kelloff, and S. N. Alexander. 2007. Checklist of the plants of the Guiana Shield (Venezuela: Amazonas, Bolivar, Delta Amacuro; Guyana, Surinam, French Guiana). Contributions from the United States National Herbarium, vol. 55. 1-584.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acisanthera erecta J. St.-Hil. -- not accepted
  Actinostachys Wall. -- accepted -- ray spiked fern
  Actinostachys pennula (Sw.) Hook. -- accepted -- ray fern, ray spiked fern
  Adiantum lunulatum Burm. f. -- accepted
  Adiantum philippense L. -- not accepted
  Aeschynomene brasiliana (Poir.) DC. -- accepted
  Alchorneopsis floribunda (Benth.) Müll. Arg. -- accepted -- palo de gallina
  Alectra aspera (Cham. & Schltdl.) L.O. Williams -- accepted
  Apeiba schomburgkii Szyszyl. -- accepted
  Boerhavia diffusa L. -- accepted -- red spiderling
  Brosimum guianense (Aubl.) Huber -- accepted -- Guiana brosimum
  Brosimum utile (Kunth) Pittier -- accepted -- cow tree
  Calophyllum antillanum Britton -- not accepted -- Alexandrian laurel, Antilles calophyllum, mast wood, Santa Maria
  Calophyllum brasiliense auct. non Cambess. -- not accepted
  Calophyllum brasiliense Cambess. -- accepted
  Calophyllum brasiliense var. antillanum (Britton) Standl. -- not accepted
  Calophyllum lucidum Benth. -- not accepted
  Carapa guianensis Aubl. -- accepted -- crabwood
  Clematis caracasana DC. -- not accepted
  Clematis guadeloupae Pers. -- accepted
  Clusia palmicida Rich. ex Planch. & Triana -- accepted
  Croton nervosus Klotzsch -- not accepted
  Cyathea akawaiorum P.J. Edwards -- accepted
  Cyathea bipinnatifida (Baker) Domin -- accepted
  Cyathea cyclopodium (R.M. Tryon) Lellinger -- accepted
  Cyathea praeceps A.R. Sm. -- accepted
  Cyathea thysanolepis (Barrington) A.R. Sm. -- accepted
  Dialium guianense (Aubl.) Sandwith -- accepted
  Evolvulus linifolius L. -- not accepted
  Ficus nymphaeifolia Mill. -- accepted
  Ficus urbaniana Warb. -- not accepted
  Ficus yoponensis Desv. -- accepted
  Garcinia humilis (Vahl) C.D. Adams -- accepted
  Gomidesia lindeniana O. Berg -- not accepted -- grand merisier
  Heisteria acuminata (Bonpl.) Engl. -- accepted
  Heisteria longipes Standl. -- not accepted
  Helosis cayennensis (Sw.) Spreng. -- accepted
  Hemitelia hostmanii Hook. -- not accepted
  Hiraea faginea (Sw.) Nied. -- accepted
  Hymenophyllum decurrens (Jacq.) Sw. -- accepted -- Sierra de Luquillo filmy fern
  Hymenophyllum protrusum Hook. -- accepted
  Inga sertulifera DC. -- accepted
  Inga sertulifera ssp. leptopus (Benth.) T.D. Penn. -- accepted
  Lonchocarpus nicou (Aubl.) DC. -- not accepted -- barbasco
  Lonchocarpus urucu Killip & A.C. Sm. -- accepted -- barbasco
  Lonchocarpus utilis A.C. Sm. -- accepted -- lancepod
  Luffa operculata (L.) Cogn. -- accepted -- luffa
  Lygodium venustum Sw. -- accepted -- monarch climbing fern
  Macairea lasiophylla (Benth.) Wurdack -- accepted
  Malache scabra (K. Presl) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Malache scabra B. Vogel -- not accepted
  Matelea hirsuta (Vahl) Woodson -- accepted
  Maxillaria crassifolia (Lindl.) Rchb. f. -- accepted -- hidden orchid, Maxillaria crasa
  Maxillaria parviflora (Poepp. & Endl.) Garay -- not accepted -- purple tiger orchid
  Micropholis guyanensis (A. DC.) Pierre -- accepted -- wild balata
  Myrcia fenzliana O. Berg -- accepted
  Myrcianthes fragrans (Sw.) McVaugh -- accepted -- twinberry, twinberry stopper
  Piper aequale Vahl -- accepted
  Piper reticulatum L. -- accepted
  Piper saltuum C. DC. -- not accepted
  Piper trigonum C. DC. -- accepted
  Polygala monticola Kunth -- not accepted
  Polygala violacea Aubl. -- accepted -- violet milkwort
  Pseudanamomis umbellulifera (Kunth) Kausel -- accepted -- ciruelas
  Psidium guineense Sw. -- accepted -- Guinea guava
  Schizolobium parahyba var. amazonicum (Huber ex Ducke) Barneby -- accepted
  Schizolobium parahyba var. parahyba (Vell.) S.F. Blake -- accepted
  Selaginella flabellata (L.) Spring -- accepted -- fan spikemoss
  Sticherus bifidus (Willd.) Ching -- accepted -- Mexican umbrella fern
  Trichomanes diversifrons (Bory) Mett. ex Sadeb. -- accepted
  Trichomanes elegans Rich. -- accepted
  Trichomanes fimbriatum Backh. ex T. Moore -- accepted
  Trichomanes hirsutum L. -- not accepted
  Trichomanes trigonum var. fimbriatum (Backh. ex T. Moore) Proctor -- not accepted
  Vismia falcata Rusby -- not accepted
  Vismia laxiflora Reichardt -- accepted
  Wissadula contracta (Link) R.E. Fr. -- accepted -- contracted velvetleaf
  Zornia latifolia Sm. -- accepted

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