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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 2009. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Partial 90-Day Finding on a Petition To List 206 Species in the Midwest and Western United States as Threatened or Endangered With Critical Habitat. Federal Register, vol. 74, no. 23. 6122-6128.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Animalia
  Caecidotea metcalfi (Fleming, 1972) -- valid
  Prosopium abyssicola (Snyder, 1919) -- valid -- Bear Lake whitefish
  Prosopium gemmifer (Snyder, 1919) -- valid -- Bonneville cisco
  Prosopium spilonotus (Snyder, 1919) -- valid -- Bonneville whitefish
 Kingdom Plantae
  Aquilegia grahamii S.L. Welsh & Goodrich -- accepted -- Graham's columbine
  Camissonia bairdii S.L. Welsh -- not accepted -- Baird's camissoria, Baird's evening-primrose
  Cuscuta plattensis A. Nelson -- accepted -- prairie dodder, Wyoming dodder
  Draba brachystylis Rydb. -- accepted -- shortstyle draba, Wasatch draba
  Draba ramulosa Rollins -- accepted -- Tushar Mountain draba, Tushar Mountain whitlowgrass
  Gilia sedifolia Brandegee -- not accepted -- stonecrop gilia, stonecrop gily-flower
  Lepidium huberi S.L. Welsh & Goodrich -- accepted -- Huber's pepperweed
  Lepidium integrifolium Nutt. -- accepted -- thickleaf pepperweed, thickleaf pepperwort
  Lesquerella humilis Rollins -- not accepted -- few-seeded bladderpod, St. Marys Peak bladderpod
  Lesquerella lesicii Rollins -- not accepted -- Pryor Mountains bladderpod
  Mentzelia goodrichii Thorne & S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- Goodrich's blazingstar
  Oreoxis humilis Raf. -- accepted -- Pikes Peak alpineparsley, Pikes Peak spring-parsley, Rocky Mountain alpineparsley
  Penstemon franklinii S.L. Welsh -- accepted -- Ben Franklin's Beardtongue, Franklin's penstemon
  Physaria grahamii C.V. Morton -- accepted -- Graham's twinpod
  Physaria repanda Rollins -- not accepted -- Indian Canyon twinpod, Repand twinpod
  Physaria stylosa Rollins -- not accepted -- Duchesne River twinpod
  Potentilla angelliae N.H. Holmgren -- accepted -- Angell cinquefoil, Boulder Mountain cinquefoil
  Potentilla cottamii N.H. Holmgren -- accepted -- Cottam's cinquefoil, Pilot Range cinquefoil
  Potentilla macounii Rydb. -- accepted -- Macoun's cinquefoil

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