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Publication: Wagner, Warren L., Peter C. Hoch, and Peter H. Raven. 2007. Revised Classification of the Onagraceae. Systematic Botany Monographs: 83. 1-240.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Camissonia Link -- accepted -- suncup
  Camissoniopsis proavita (P.H. Raven) W.L. Wagner & Hoch -- accepted
  Chylismiella (Munz) W.L. Wagner & Hoch -- accepted
  Clarkia Pursh -- accepted -- fairyfan
  Clarkia tenella (Cav.) F.H. Lewis & M.E. Lewis -- accepted
  Gayophytum micranthum Hook. & Arn. -- accepted
  Holmgrenia W.L. Wagner & Hoch -- not accepted

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