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Publication: Shetler, Stanwyn G. 1982. Phanerogamarum Monographiae Tomus XI: Variation and Evolution of the Nearctic Harebells (Campanula subsect. Heterophylla). 516.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Campanula alaskana (A. Gray) W. Wight ex J.P. Anderson -- accepted
  Campanula gieseckiana Vest ex Schult. -- not accepted -- Gieseck's bellflower
  Campanula gieseckiana ssp. groenlandica (Berlin) Böcher -- not accepted -- Greenland bellflower
  Campanula giesekiana Vest ex Schult. -- accepted
  Campanula heterodoxa Bong. -- not accepted
  Campanula intercedens Witasek -- accepted
  Campanula petiolata A. DC. -- accepted
  Campanula rotundifolia L. -- accepted -- bluebell, bluebell bellflower, bluebell-of-Scotland, roundleaf harebell

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