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Publication: Acevedo-Rodríguez, Pedro, and Mark T. Strong. 2012. Catalogue of the Seed Plants of the West Indies. Smithsonian Contributions to Botany, no. 98. xxv+1192.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Amphiglottis anceps (Jacq.) Britton -- not accepted
  Amphiglottis nocturna (Jacq.) Britton -- not accepted
  Amphiglottis pallidiflora (Hook.) Britton -- not accepted
  Amphiglottis secunda (Jacq.) Salisb. -- not accepted
  Aristolochia anguicida Jacq. -- accepted -- harlequin dutchman's pipe
  Aristolochia bilabiata L. -- accepted -- West Indian dutchman's pipe
  Aristolochia bilobata L. -- accepted -- twolobe dutchman's pipe
  Aristolochia elegans Mast. -- accepted -- elegant dutchman's pipe
  Aristolochia grandiflora Sw. -- accepted -- pelicanflower
  Aristolochia labiata Willd. -- accepted -- mottled dutchman's pipe
  Aristolochia oblongata Jacq. -- accepted
  Aristolochia peltata L. -- accepted -- peltate dutchman's pipe
  Aristolochia ringens Vahl -- accepted -- gaping dutchman's pipe
  Aristolochia rugosa Lam. -- accepted
  Aristolochia trilobata L. -- accepted -- bejuco de santiago
  Arundina graminifolia (D. Don) Hochr. -- accepted -- bamboo orchid
  Auliza ciliaris (L.) Salisb. -- not accepted
  Basiphyllaea corallicola (Small) Ames -- accepted -- Carter's orchid
  Bletia patula Graham -- accepted -- flor de pasmo
  Bletia patula var. alba A.D. Hawkes -- not accepted -- flor de pasmo
  Camaridium micranthum M.A. Blanco -- accepted
  Camaridium vestitum (Sw.) Lindl. -- not accepted
  Campylocentrum filiforme (Sw.) Cogn. ex Kuntze -- not accepted -- needleroot bentspur orchid
  Campylocentrum jamaicense (Rchb. f.) Benth. -- accepted
  Campylocentrum micranthum (Lindl.) Maury -- accepted -- Campylocentrum mayor, fairy bentspur orchid
  Campylocentrum monteverdi (Rchb. f.) Rolfe -- not accepted
  Coelia triptera (Sm.) G. Don ex Steud. -- accepted
  Dendrophylax lindenii (Lindl.) Benth. ex Rolfe -- accepted -- palmpolly
  Dendrophylax monteverdi (Rchb. f.) Ackerman & Nir -- accepted
  Dendrophylax porrectus (Rchb. f.) Carlsward & Whitten -- accepted -- needleroot airplant orchid
  Eichhornia azurea (Sw.) Kunth -- accepted -- anchored water hyacinth, anchored waterhyacinth
  Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms -- accepted -- common water hyacinth, common water-hyacinth, floating water hyacinth, floating waterhyacinth, jacinthe d'eau, jacinto de agua, lirio acuatico, mbekambekairanga, water hyacinth
  Eichhornia diversifolia (Vahl) Urb. -- accepted -- variableleaf water hyacinth
  Eichhornia paniculata (Spreng.) Solms -- accepted -- Brazilian water hyacinth
  Eichhornia speciosa Kunth -- not accepted
  Epidendropsis vincentina (Lindl.) Garay & Dunst. -- not accepted
  Epidendrum abbottii L. Sánchez & Hágsater -- accepted
  Epidendrum ackermanii Hágsater -- accepted
  Epidendrum acunae Dressler -- accepted -- Acuna's star orchid
  Epidendrum anceps Jacq. -- accepted -- brown-flower butterfly orchid
  Epidendrum angustilobum Fawc. & Rendle -- accepted
  Epidendrum annabellae Nir -- accepted
  Epidendrum antillanum Ackerman & Hágsater -- accepted -- Antilles star orchid
  Epidendrum bahorucense Hágsater & L. Cerv. -- accepted
  Epidendrum bifarium Sw. -- accepted
  Epidendrum blancheanum Urb. -- accepted -- Acuna's star orchid
  Epidendrum boricuarum Hágsater & L.Sánchez -- accepted -- fleshy star orchid
  Epidendrum boricuomutelianum Hágsater & L. Sánchez -- accepted
  Epidendrum brachyrepens Hágsater -- accepted
  Epidendrum caribiorum Ackerman & Acev.-Rodr. -- accepted
  Epidendrum ciliare L. -- accepted -- Epidendrum ciliado, fringed star orchid
  Epidendrum crenulidifforme L. Sánchez & Hágsater -- accepted
  Epidendrum dendrobioides Thunb. -- accepted
  Epidendrum difforme Jacq. -- accepted
  Epidendrum diffusum Sw. -- accepted
  Epidendrum discoidale Lindl. -- accepted
  Epidendrum dodii L. Sánchez & Hágsater -- accepted
  Epidendrum hioramii Acuńa & Alain -- accepted -- Florida star orchid
  Epidendrum jamaicense Lindl. -- accepted -- umbrella star orchid
  Epidendrum latifolium (Lindl.) Garay & H.R. Sweet -- not accepted -- broadleaf star orchid, Epidendrum de hoja amplia
  Epidendrum lechleri Rchb. f. -- accepted
  Epidendrum miserrimum Rchb. f. -- accepted -- woodland tuftedorchid
  Epidendrum montserratense Nir -- accepted
  Epidendrum morrisii Hágsater & L. Cerv. -- accepted
  Epidendrum mutelianum Cogn. -- accepted -- orange-flower star orchid
  Epidendrum neoporpax Ames -- accepted
  Epidendrum nocturnum Jacq. -- accepted -- dama de noche, Epidendrum nocturno, night scented orchid
  Epidendrum nutans Sw. -- accepted
  Epidendrum orientale Hágsater & M.A. Díaz -- accepted
  Epidendrum pallidiflorum Hook. -- accepted -- Caribbean star orchid
  Epidendrum patens Sw. -- accepted -- West Indian star orchid
  Epidendrum polygonatum Lindl. -- accepted
  Epidendrum portoricense Hágsater & Ackerman -- accepted
  Epidendrum radicans Pav. ex Lindl. -- accepted -- Epidendrum de los caminos, fire star orchid
  Epidendrum ramosum Jacq. -- accepted -- Epidendrum ramoso, mountain star orchid
  Epidendrum repens Cogn. -- accepted
  Epidendrum revertianum (Stehlé) Hágsater -- accepted
  Epidendrum rigidum Jacq. -- accepted -- Epidendrum rigido, stiff flower star orchid
  Epidendrum rivulare Lindl. -- accepted
  Epidendrum scalpelligerum Rchb. f. -- accepted
  Epidendrum secundum Jacq. -- accepted -- lopsided star orchid, thicket star orchid
  Epidendrum serrulatum Sw. -- accepted -- smalltooth star orchid
  Epidendrum strobiliferum Rchb. f. -- accepted -- big cypress star orchid, Epidendrum de estróbilo
  Epidendrum swartzii (Rchb. f. ex Griseb.) Hágsater -- accepted
  Epidendrum verrucosum Sw. -- accepted
  Epidendrum vincentinum Lindl. -- accepted -- guilarte
  Epidendrum viridipurpureum Hook. -- accepted
  Epidendrum wrightii Lindl. -- accepted
  Epidendrum zanonii Dod -- accepted
  Habenaria floribunda Lindl. -- accepted -- Habenaria azulosa, toothpetal bog orchid
  Halodule beaudettei (Hartog) Hartog -- accepted -- shoalweed
  Halodule wrightii Asch. -- accepted -- shoalweed
  Harrisella filiformis (Sw.) Cogn. -- not accepted -- needleroot airplant orchid
  Heteranthera dubia (Jacq.) MacMill. -- accepted -- grass-leaf mud-plantain, grassleaf mudplantain
  Heteranthera limosa (Sw.) Willd. -- accepted -- blue mudplantain, ducksalad, mud plantain
  Heteranthera reniformis Ruiz & Pav. -- accepted -- kidneyleaf mudplantain
  Jacquiniella miserrima (Rchb. f.) Stehlé -- not accepted -- woodland tuftedorchid
  Koellensteinia graminea (Lindl.) Rchb. f. -- accepted -- grassleaf orchid
  Lepanthes sanguinea Hook. -- accepted -- Jamaican babyboot orchid
  Malaxis spicata Sw. -- accepted -- Florida adder's-mouth orchid
  Maxillaria conferta (Griseb.) C. Schweinf. -- not accepted
  Maxillaria parviflora (Poepp. & Endl.) Garay -- not accepted -- purple tiger orchid
  Maxillaria purpurea (Spreng.) Ames & Correll -- not accepted -- purple tiger orchid
  Mormolyca pudica (Carnevali & J.L. Tapia) M.A. Blanco -- accepted
  Ornithidium confertum Griseb. -- not accepted
  Pleurothallis angustifolia Lindl. -- accepted
  Pleurothallis pruinosa Lindl. -- accepted -- waxy bonnet orchid
  Pleurothallis tricostata Cogn. -- accepted -- ribbed bonnet orchid
  Pleurothallis wilsonii Lindl. -- not accepted -- Wilson's bonnet orchid
  Pontederia cordata L. -- accepted -- pickerelweed
  Prescottia pellucida Lindl. -- not accepted -- Cuban Prescott orchid
  Prescottia stachyodes (Sw.) Lindl. -- accepted -- mountain Prescott orchid
  Prosthechea serrulata (Sw.) W.E. Higgins -- not accepted -- smalltooth star orchid
  Scaphyglottis parviflora Poepp. & Endl. -- not accepted
  Smilax auriculata Walter -- accepted -- earleaf greenbrier, wild-bamboo
  Smilax coriacea Spreng. -- accepted -- Everglades greenbrier
  Smilax domingensis Willd. -- accepted
  Smilax havanensis Jacq. -- accepted -- Everglades greenbrier
  Smilax lanceolata L. -- not accepted
  Smilax laurifolia L. -- accepted -- laurel greenbrier
  Smilax regelii Killip & C.V. Morton -- accepted -- Jamaican sarsaparilla
  Smilax rotundifolia L. -- accepted -- bullbriar, common catbriar, common greenbrier, greenbrier, horsebriar, roundleaf greenbriar, roundleaf greenbrier
  Smilax walteri Pursh -- accepted -- coral greenbrier
  Spathiger ramosus (Jacq.) Britton -- not accepted
  Spathiger rigidus (Jacq.) Small -- not accepted
  Stenorrhynchos speciosum (Jacq.) Rich. ex Spreng. -- accepted -- Latin American ladies'-tresses, Latin American lady orchid
  Sudamerlycaste barringtoniae (Sm.) Archila -- accepted -- bee orchid
  Sudamerlycaste pegueroi Archila -- accepted
  Syringodium filiforme Kütz. -- accepted -- manatee grass, manatee-grass

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