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Publication: Les, Donald H. / Flora of North America Editorial Committee, eds. 1997. Ceratophyllaceae Gray: Hornwort Family. Flora of North America North of Mexico, vol. 3: Magnoliophyta: Magnoliidae and Hamamelidae. 81-84.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Ceratophyllaceae -- accepted -- hornwort
  Ceratophyllum L. -- accepted -- hornwort
  Ceratophyllum apiculatum Cham. -- not accepted
  Ceratophyllum australe Griseb. -- not accepted
  Ceratophyllum demersum L. -- accepted -- common hornwort, coon's tail, coon's-tail, coontail, hornwort
  Ceratophyllum demersum var. cristatum K. Schum. -- not accepted
  Ceratophyllum demersum var. echinatum (A. Gray) A. Gray -- not accepted
  Ceratophyllum echinatum A. Gray -- accepted -- spineless hornwort
  Ceratophyllum floridanum Fassett -- not accepted -- Florida hornwort
  Ceratophyllum llerenae Fassett -- not accepted
  Ceratophyllum muricatum Cham. -- accepted -- prickly hornwort
  Ceratophyllum muricatum ssp. australe (Griseb.) Les -- accepted -- prickly hornwort
  Ceratophyllum submersum L. -- accepted -- soft hornwort
  Ceratophyllum submersum ssp. muricatum (Cham.) Wilmot-Dear -- not accepted
  Ceratophyllum submersum var. echinatum (A. Gray) Wilmot-Dear -- not accepted

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