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Publication: Rothfels, Carl J., Michael A. Sundue, Li-Yaung Kuo, Anders Larsson, Masahiro Kato, et al. 2012. A revised family-level classification for eupolypod II ferns (Polypodiidae: Polypodiales). Taxon, vol. 61, no. 3. 515-533.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Anchistea C. Presl -- not accepted
  Blechnaceae -- accepted -- Blechnoids, Chain Ferns, Deer Ferns
  Blechnum L. -- accepted -- midsorus fern
  Blechnum lyonii (O. Deg.) Christenh. -- not accepted
  Blechnum norfolkense Christenh. -- not accepted
  Brainea J. Sm. -- accepted
  Diploblechnum Hayata -- accepted
  Doodia R. Br. -- accepted -- hacksaw fern
  Doodia kunthiana Gaudich. -- accepted -- Kunth's hacksaw fern
  Doodia lyonii O. Deg. -- accepted -- Lyon's hacksaw fern
  Lorinseria C. Presl -- not accepted
  Polypodiales -- accepted
  Pteridoblechnum Hennipman -- accepted
  Sadleria Kaulf. -- accepted
  Salpichlaena J. Sm. -- accepted
  Steenisioblechnum Hennipman -- accepted
  Stenochlaena J. Sm. -- accepted
  Woodwardia Sm. -- accepted -- chain fern, chainfern

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