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Publication: U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1998. Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Determination of Endangered or Threatened Status for Five Desert Milk-vetch Taxa From California. Federal Register, vol. 63, no. 193. 53596-53615.

ITIS records citing this publication
 Kingdom Plantae
  Astragalus jaegerianus Munz -- accepted -- Lane Mountain milk-vetch, Lane Mountain milkvetch
  Astragalus lentiginosus var. coachellae Barneby ex Shreve & Wiggins -- accepted -- Coachella milkvetch, Coachella Valley milk-vetch, Palm Springs freckled milkvetch
  Astragalus lentiginosus var. piscinensis Barneby -- accepted -- Fish Slough milk-vetch, Fish Slough milkvetch
  Astragalus magdalenae var. peirsonii (Munz & McBurney) Barneby -- accepted -- Peirson's milk-vetch, Peirson's milkvetch
  Astragalus tricarinatus A. Gray -- accepted -- triple-ribbed milkvetch, triplerib milkvetch

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