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Source: Tropicos, 2007 - 2010, database (version 2010)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acoelorraphe H. Wendl. -- accepted -- paurotis palm
  Acoelorrhaphe H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Acroceras amplectens Stapf -- accepted -- acroceras
  Aegilops biuncialis Vis. -- accepted
  Aegilops exaltata L. -- not accepted
  Aegilops longissima Schweinf. & Muschl. -- accepted -- goatgrass
  Aegilops lorentii Hochst. -- not accepted -- Lorent's goatgrass
  Aegilops searsii Feldman & Kislev -- accepted -- Sears' goatgrass
  Aegilops speltoides Tausch -- accepted -- goatgrass
  Aegilops tripsacoides Jaub. & Spach -- not accepted
  Aegilops umbellulata Zhuk. -- accepted -- goatgrass
  Agave cupreata Trel. & A. Berger -- accepted
  Agave lecheguilla Torr. -- accepted -- lecheguilla
  Aglaodorum griffithii (Schott) Schott -- accepted
  Aglaonema griffithii Schott -- not accepted
  Agroelymus E.G. Camus ex A. Camus -- not accepted
  Agropyron cristatum ssp. fragile (Roth) Á. Löve -- not accepted
  Agropyron fragile (Roth) P. Candargy -- not accepted
  Agropyron pauciflorum var. glaucum (Pease & A.H. Moore) Roy L. Taylor -- not accepted
  Agrostis anadyrensis Soczava -- accepted
  Aiphanes caryotaefolia (Kunth) H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Aiphanes erosa (Linden) Burret -- not accepted
  Aiphanes lindeniana (H. Wendl.) H. Wendl. -- accepted
  Aiphanes truncata (Brongn. ex Mart.) H. Wendl. -- not accepted
  Aira elegans Willd. ex Kunth -- not accepted -- annual silver hairgrass, elegant hairgrass
  Aira elegans var. elegans -- not accepted
  Alisma natans L. -- not accepted
  Alisma parnassifolia Bassi ex L. -- not accepted
  Alisma parnassifolium L. -- not accepted
  Alisma rostrata Nutt. -- not accepted
  Alisma rostratum Nutt. -- not accepted
  Allium anserinum Jeps. -- not accepted
  Allium arenicola Osterh., non Small -- not accepted
  Allium tribracteatum var. andersoni S. Watson -- not accepted
  Allocasuarina L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted
  Allocasuarina acutivalvis (F. Muell.) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted
  Allocasuarina campestris (Diels) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted
  Allocasuarina corniculata (F. Muell.) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted
  Allocasuarina distyla (Vent.) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted
  Allocasuarina humilis (Otto & A. Dietr.) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted
  Allocasuarina lehmanniana (Miq.) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted
  Allocasuarina littoralis (Salisb.) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted -- black she-oak, river black-oak
  Allocasuarina luehmannii (R.T. Baker) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted -- bull-oak
  Allocasuarina nana (Sieber ex Spreng.) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted -- stunted she-oak
  Allocasuarina paludosa (Sieber ex Spreng.) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted -- scrub she-oak
  Allocasuarina pusilla (Macklin) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted -- dwarf she-oak
  Allocasuarina torulosa (Aiton) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted -- forest-oak
  Allocasuarina verticillata (Lam.) L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted -- drooping she-oak
  Alocasia brisbanensis (F.M. Bailey) Domin -- accepted -- cunjevoi
  Alocasia macrorrhizos (L.) G. Don -- accepted
  Aloe lateritia Engl. -- accepted
  Aloe secundiflora Engl. -- accepted
  Aloe X schoenlandii Baker -- accepted
  Alstroemeria aurea Graham -- accepted -- Peruvian-lily
  Alstroemeria pelegrina L. -- accepted
  Amblyopyrum muticum (Boiss.) Eig -- accepted -- amblyopyrum
  Ammocharis tinneana (Kotschy & Peyr.) Milne-Redh. & Schweick. -- accepted
  Ammophila breviligulata ssp. champlainensis (F. Seym.) P.J. Walker, C.A. Paris & Barrington ex Barkworth -- accepted
  Anaphyllopsis americana (Engl.) A. Hay -- accepted
  Anatherum virginicum var. mohrii (Hack.) Roberty -- not accepted
  Andropogon flexuosus Nees ex Steudel -- not accepted
  Andropogon glomeratus var. scabriglumis C.S. Campb. -- not accepted -- roughglume bushy bluestem, southwestern bushy bluestem
  Androstephium violaceum Torr. -- accepted
  Aneilema spekei C.B. Clarke -- accepted
  Aneurolepidium condensatum (J. Presl) Nevski -- not accepted
  Anthoxanthum monticola ssp. orthantha (Sorensen) G. Tucker -- not accepted
  Anthurium palmatum (L.) G. Don -- not accepted
  Anthurium palmatum (L.) Schott -- accepted
  Anubias afzelii Schott -- accepted
  Aponogeton natans (L.) Engl. & K. Krause -- accepted
  Arisaema triphyllum var. stewardsonii (Britton) G. T. Stevens ex Wieg. & Eames -- not accepted
  Aristida coerulescens Desf. -- accepted
  Arum bicolor Aiton -- not accepted
  Arum cucullatum Lour. -- not accepted
  Arum spirale Retz. -- not accepted
  Arundinella holcoides (Kunth) Trin. -- accepted
  Arundo semiannularis Labill. -- not accepted
  Astrebla F. Muell. -- accepted
  Astrebla lappacea (Lindl.) Domin -- accepted
  Astrebla pectinata (Lindl.) F. Muell. -- accepted
  Attalea funifera Mart. -- accepted
  Avena abyssinica Hochst. -- accepted -- Abyssinian oat
  Avena magna H.C. Murphy & Terrell -- accepted
  Avena maroccana Gand. -- accepted -- Moraccan oat
  Axonopus scoparius (Flüggé) Hitchc. -- not accepted -- carpetgrass
  Axonopus scoparius (Flüggé) Kuhlm. -- accepted
  Beckmannia eruciformis var. eruciformis (L.) Host -- accepted
  Blechnum cordatum (Desv.) Hieron. -- accepted -- Chilean hard fern
  Blechnum francii Rosenst. -- accepted
  Blechnum lanceola Sw. -- accepted
  Blechnum underwoodianum (Broadh.) C. Chr. -- accepted
  Blephariglotis blephariglottis (Willd.) Rydb. -- not accepted
  Blephariglotis chapmanii Small -- not accepted
  Blephariglotis ciliaris (L.) Rydb. -- not accepted
  Blephariglotis conspicua (Nash) Small -- not accepted
  Blephariglotis cristata Raf. -- not accepted
  Blephariglotis grandiflora (Bigelow) Rydb. -- not accepted
  Blephariglotis lacera (Michx.) Farw. -- not accepted
  Blephariglotis leucophaea (Nutt.) Farw. -- not accepted
  Blephariglotis peramoena (A. Gray) Rydb. -- not accepted
  Blephariglotis psycodes (L.) Rydb. -- not accepted
  Bletia graminifolia D. Don -- not accepted
  Bolbophyllaria pachyrrachis (A. Rich.) Rchb. f. -- not accepted
  Bomarea Mirb. -- accepted -- bomarea
  Bomarea hirsuta (Kunth) Herb. -- accepted
  Bothriochloa palmeri (Hack.) Gould -- not accepted
  Bothriochloa palmeri (Hack.) Pilg. -- accepted
  Brachiaria distichophylla (Trin.) Stapf -- not accepted -- brachiaria
  Brachiaria platytaenia Stapf -- not accepted
  Bromus asper Murray -- not accepted
  Bromus biebersteinii Roemer & J.A. Schultes -- accepted -- meadow brome
  Bromus danthoniae Trin. ex C.A. Mey. -- accepted -- oat brome
  Bromus hallii (Hitchc.) Saarela & P.M. Peterson -- accepted
  Bromus orcuttianus var. hallii Hitchc. -- not accepted -- Hall's brome
  Bromus secalinus var. grossus (Desf. ex DC.) Neilr. -- not accepted
  Bulbophyllum pachyrrachis (A. Rich.) Griseb. -- not accepted -- rat-tail orchid
  Bulbostylis curassavica (Britton) Kük. ex Ekman -- accepted -- West Indian hairsedge
  Burnatia enneandra Micheli -- accepted
  Calamagrostis canadensis ssp. langsdorfii (Link) Hultén -- not accepted
  Calamagrostis epigeios ssp. macrolepis (Litv.) Tzvelev -- not accepted -- chee reedgrass
  Calamagrostis hillebrandii (Munro ex Hillebr.) Hitchc. -- accepted -- Hillebrand's reedgrass, Hillegrand's reedgrass
  Calamagrostis montanensis (Scribn.) Vasey -- accepted
  Calamagrostis montanensis (Scribn.) Beal -- not accepted
  Calamagrostis neglecta ssp. inexpansa (A. Gray) Tzvelev -- not accepted
  Calamagrostis neglecta var. borealis (C. Laest.) Kearney -- not accepted
  Carex fuscula d'Urv. -- not accepted
  Carex hartmanii Cajander -- accepted
  Carex triceps Michx. -- not accepted
  Carex X saxenii var. dumanii (Lepage) B. Boivin (pro nm.) -- not accepted -- Duman's sedge
  Carex X saxenii var. ferruginea Lepage (pro nm.) -- not accepted -- Saxen's sedge
  Casuarina obesa Miq. -- accepted -- swamp she-oak, swamp-oak
  Cattleya harpophylla (Rchb. f.) Van den Berg -- accepted
  Cenchrus agrimonioides Trin. -- accepted -- kamanomano
  Cenchrus agrimonioides var. agrimonioides Trin. -- accepted -- kamanomano
  Cenchrus echinatus var. hillebrandianus (Hitchc.) F. Br. -- not accepted
  Cenchrus pedunculatus O. Deg. & Whitney -- not accepted
  Centotheca Desv. -- accepted
  Centotheca lappacea (L.) Desv. -- accepted
  Ceroxylon andicola Humb. & Bonpl. -- not accepted
  Chamaedorea costaricana Oerst. -- accepted -- pacaya
  Chionachne R. Br. -- accepted
  Chionachne macrophylla (Benth.) Clayton -- accepted
  Chloris cynodontoides Balansa -- not accepted
  Chloris divaricata var. cynodontoides (Balansa) Lazarides -- not accepted
  Chrysopogon nigritanus (Benth.) Veldkamp -- accepted
  Cleistogenes Keng -- not accepted
  Commelina latifolia Hochst. ex A. Rich. -- accepted
  Corymborchis Thouars -- not accepted -- crow orchid
  Corymborchis flava (Sw.) Kuntze -- not accepted -- yellow crow orchid
  Crocus angustifolia Weston -- not accepted
  Cryptocoryne spiralis (Retz.) Fisch. ex Wydler -- accepted
  Cymbidium bambusifolium Roxb. -- not accepted
  Cymbopogon flexuosus (Nees ex Steud.) Will.Watson -- accepted -- east indian lemongrass
  Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt ex Bor -- accepted
  Cymbopogon winterianus Jowitt -- not accepted -- cymbopogon grass
  Cymodocea serrulata (R. Br.) Asch. & Magnus -- accepted
  Cynodon arcuatus J. Presl -- not accepted
  Cynodon barberi Rang. & Tadul. -- accepted
  Cynodon magennisii Hurcombe (pro hyb.) -- not accepted -- Bermudagrass, Magennis' dogstooth grass
  Cynosurus tristachyus Lam. -- not accepted
  Cyperus engelmanni Steud. -- not accepted
  Cyrtococcum patens (L.) A. Camus -- accepted
  Cyrtopodium glutiniferum Raddi -- accepted
  Cyrtosperma chamissonis (Schott) Merr. -- not accepted -- swamp taro
  Cyrtosperma lasioides Griff. -- not accepted
  Dactylorhiza maculata (L.) Soó -- accepted -- heath spotted orchid
  Danthonia pilosa R. Br. -- not accepted -- hairy oatgrass
  Danthonia semiannularis (Labill.) R. Br. -- not accepted -- wallaby grass
  Deschampsia bottnica (Wahlenb.) Trin. -- not accepted
  Deschampsia cespitosa var. bottnica (Wahlenb.) Vasey ex Beal -- not accepted
  Deschampsia flexuosa ssp. montana (L.) K. Richt. -- not accepted
  Deschampsia nubigena Hillebr. -- accepted -- alpine hairgrass
  Deschampsia obensis Roshev. -- accepted
  Deschampsia pallens Hillebr. -- not accepted
  Dichanthelium cynodon (Reichardt) C.A. Clark & Gould -- accepted -- tussock panicgrass
  Dichanthelium forbesii (Hitchc.) C.A. Clark & Gould -- accepted
  Dichanthelium koolauense (H. St. John & Hosaka) C.A. Clark & Gould -- accepted -- Koolau rosette grass
  Dichanthelium latifolium (L.) Gould & C.A. Clark -- not accepted -- broadleaf rosette grass
  Dichanthelium latifolium (L.) Harvill -- accepted
  Dichanthium annulatum var. papillosum (A. Rich.) de Wet & Harlan -- accepted -- medio bluestem
  Dichanthium papillosum (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Stapf -- not accepted
  Digitaria argyrograpta (Nees) Stapf -- accepted
  Digitaria brownii (Roem. & Schult.) Hughes -- accepted
  Digitaria chinensis (Nees) A. Camus -- not accepted
  Digitaria cruciata (Nees ex Steudel) A. Camus -- accepted -- crabgrass
  Digitaria debilis (Desf.) Willd. -- accepted
  Digitaria diagonalis (Nees) Stapf -- accepted
  Digitaria divaricatissima (R. Br.) Hughes -- accepted
  Digitaria diversinervis (Nees) Stapf -- accepted
  Digitaria iburua Stapf -- accepted -- black fonio
  Digitaria insularis (L.) Fedde -- accepted
  Digitaria insularis (L.) Mez ex Ekman -- not accepted -- sourgrass
  Digitaria kilimandscharica Mez -- not accepted
  Digitaria natalensis Stent -- accepted -- Natal crabgrass
  Digitaria polevansii Stent -- not accepted
  Digitaria scalarum (Schweinf.) Chiov. -- not accepted -- African couch grass, African couchgrass, bluecouch, fingergrass
  Digitaria setivalva Stent -- accepted -- crabgrass
  Digitaria timorensis (Kunth) Balansa -- not accepted
  Digitaria tomentosa (Koen. ex Rottl.) Henr. -- accepted -- woolly crabgrass
  Digitaria tricholaenoides Stapf -- accepted
  Digitaria X umfolozi D.W. Hall -- accepted -- crabgrass
  Dimeria R. Br. -- accepted
  Dinochloa Büse -- accepted
  Diplacrum R. Br. -- accepted
  Diplacrum caricinum R. Br. -- accepted
  Dissochondrus (Hillebr.) Kuntze -- accepted -- false brittlegrass
  Dracontioides desciscens (Schott) Engl. -- accepted
  Echinochloa crus-galli ssp. edulis (Hitchc.) Honda -- not accepted
  Echinochloa crus-galli var. edulis Honda -- not accepted
  Echinochloa elliptica Michael & Vickery -- accepted -- elliptic cockspur grass
  Echinochloa frumentacea Link -- accepted -- billion-dollar grass, Japanese millet, Japanese-millet
  Echinochloa turneriana Domin -- accepted
  Ehrharta capensis Thunb. -- accepted -- cape veldtgrass
  Eleocharis confervoides (Poir.) G.C. Tucker -- not accepted
  Eleocharis engelmanni Steud. -- not accepted
  Eleusine radulans R. Br. -- not accepted
  Elodea brandegeae H. St. John -- not accepted -- Truckee waterweed
  Elodea nuttalli (Planch.) H. St. John -- not accepted
  Elymus arenarius ssp. villosissimus (Scribn.) Hultén -- not accepted
  Elymus cylindricus (Franch.) Honda -- not accepted
  Elymus giganteus var. giganteus Vahl -- not accepted
  Elymus gmelinii (Ledeb.) Tzvel. -- accepted -- wildrye
  Elymus hoffmannii K.B. Jensen & Asay -- not accepted -- RS wheatgrass
  Elymus multisetus (J.G. Sm.) M.E. Jones -- not accepted -- big squirreltail, big wild rye
  Elymus multisetus (J.G. Sm.) Burtt Davy -- accepted
  Elymus pendulinus (Nevski) Tzvelev -- accepted -- wildrye
  Elymus racemosus Lam. -- not accepted
  Elymus tangutorum (Nevski) Hand.-Mazz. -- not accepted -- wildrye
  Elyna Schrad. -- not accepted
  Elytrigia dasystachya ssp. yukonensis (Scribn. & Merr.) D.R. Dewey -- not accepted
  Encyclia cochleata var. cochleata (L.) Lemée -- not accepted -- clamshell orchid
  Encyclia oncidioides (Lindl.) Schltr. -- accepted -- heavyfruit butterfly orchid
  Enhalus acoroides (L. f.) Royle -- accepted
  Enneapogon desvauxii P. Beauv. -- accepted
  Enneapogon desvauxii P. Beauv. ex Desv. -- not accepted -- feather pappusgrass, nineawn pappusgrass, spike pappusgrass
  Enteropogon macrostachyus (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Munro ex Benth. -- accepted
  Entolasia Stapf -- accepted -- entolasia
  Entolasia marginata (R. Br.) Hughes -- accepted -- Australian panicgrass
  Epidendrum oncidioides Lindl. -- not accepted
  Epidendrum parkinsonianum Hook. -- accepted
  Eragrostis atropioides Hillebr. -- accepted -- hardstem lovegrass
  Eragrostis brownei (Kunth ex Chapman) Nees ex Steud. -- not accepted -- Browne's lovegrass
  Eragrostis ciliaris var. brachystachya Boiss. -- not accepted -- gophertail lovegrass
  Eragrostis curvula var. conferta Nees -- not accepted -- weeping lovegrass
  Eragrostis deflexa Hitchc. -- accepted -- Pacific lovegrass
  Eragrostis fosbergii Whitney -- accepted -- Fosberg's love grass, Fosberg's lovegrass
  Eragrostis grandis var. oligantha Hillebr. -- not accepted
  Eragrostis grandis var. polyantha Hillebr. -- not accepted
  Eragrostis hosakae O. Deg. -- not accepted
  Eragrostis hosakai O. Deg. -- not accepted -- Hosaka's lovegrass
  Eragrostis niihauensis Whitney -- not accepted
  Eragrostis parviflora (R. Br.) Trin. -- accepted -- smallflower lovegrass
  Eragrostis paupera Jedwabn. -- accepted -- Oahu lovegrass
  Eragrostis suaveolens A.K. Becker ex Claus -- accepted -- candy lovegrass
  Eragrostis trichocolea var. trichocolea Hack. & Arechav. -- not accepted -- hairysheath lovegrass
  Eragrostis whitneyi Fosberg -- not accepted
  Eragrostis whitneyi var. caumii Fosberg -- not accepted
  Eucharis X grandiflora Planch. & Linden (pro. sp.) -- accepted
  Eulalia aurea (Bory) Kunth -- accepted
  Eulalia fulva (R. Br.) Kunth -- not accepted
  Eulaliopsis Honda -- accepted -- sabaigrass
  Eulaliopsis binata (Retz.) C.E. Hubb. -- accepted -- sabaigrass
  Eustachys bahiensis var. robusta A.M. Molina -- not accepted
  Festuca alpina Suter -- accepted
  Festuca drymeja Mert. & W. D. J. Koch -- accepted
  Festuca elmeri var. elmeri Scribn. & Merr. -- accepted
  Festuca glauca Vill. -- accepted
  Festuca glauca Lam. -- not accepted
  Festuca hawaiiensis Hitchc. -- accepted -- Hawai'i fescue
  Festuca longifolia Thuill. -- not accepted
  Festuca ovina var. alpina (Gaudin.) W.D.J. Koch -- not accepted
  Festuca ovina var. supina (Schur) Hack. -- accepted
  Festuca persica (Trin.) K. Koch -- not accepted
  Festuca rubra ssp. cryophila (V.I. Krecz. & Bobrov) Hultén -- not accepted
  Festuca rubra var. commutata Gaudin -- accepted
  Festuca supina auct. non Schur. -- not accepted
  Festuca vivipara var. glabra Frederiksen -- not accepted
  Festuca viviparoidea var. viviparoidea Krajina ex Pavlick -- not accepted
  Festuca X aschersoniana Dorfl. -- accepted
  Fimbristylis cymosa R. Br. -- accepted -- tropical fimbry
  Garnotia Brongn. -- accepted -- lawngrass
  Garnotia acutigluma (Steud.) Ohwi -- accepted
  Garnotia sandwicensis Hbd. -- not accepted
  Garnotia stricta Brongn. -- accepted -- blue lawngrass
  Gelasine Herb. -- accepted
  Guzmania monostachya (L.) Rusby ex Mez -- not accepted
  Habenaria quinqueseta (Michx.) Eaton -- accepted -- Habenaria blanca, longhorn bog orchid, longhorn false reinorchid
  Habenaria strictissima Rchb. f. -- accepted -- Habenaria angosta
  Halodule wrighti Asch. -- not accepted
  Haynaldia villosa (L.) Schur -- not accepted
  Hemicarpha Nees -- not accepted
  Heterospathe elata Scheff. -- accepted
  Hippeastrum reginae (L.) Herb. -- accepted
  Hyphaene coriacea Gaertn. -- accepted -- doum palm
  Hypolytrum flavinux (T. Koyama) D.A. Simpson -- accepted
  Ibidium incurvum Jenn. -- not accepted
  Imperata cylindrica (L.) P. Beauv. -- not accepted -- alang-alang, blady grass, cogon grass, cogongrass, kunai, paillotte, santintail
  Imperata cylindrica (L.) Raeusch. -- accepted
  Ionopsis satyroides (Sw.) Rchb. f. -- not accepted
  Iris hoogiana Dykes -- accepted
  Isachne carolinensis Ohwi -- accepted -- isachne
  Isachne confusa Ohwi -- accepted -- isachne
  Isachne distichophylla Munro ex Hillebr. -- accepted -- ridgetop bloodgrass
  Isachne globosa (Thunb. ex Murray) Kuntze -- accepted
  Isachne miliacea Roth -- not accepted -- isachne
  Isachne myosotis Nees -- accepted
  Isachne pallens Hillebr. -- accepted -- Kauai bloodgrass
  Isachne pulchella Roth -- accepted -- isachne
  Isachne purpurascens Glassman -- not accepted -- isachne
  Ischaemum angustifolium (Trin.) Hack. -- not accepted
  Ischaemum byrone (Trin.) Hitchc. -- accepted -- Hilo ischaemum, Hilo murainagrass
  Ischaemum chordatum (Trin.) Hack. ex Warb. -- accepted -- ischaemum
  Ischaemum polystachyum J. Presl -- accepted
  Jasarum steyermarkii G.S. Bunting -- accepted
  Juncus alpestris Hartm. -- not accepted
  Juncus alpinoarticulatus ssp. alpestris (Hartm.) Hämet-Ahti -- not accepted -- northern green rush
  Juncus alpinus var. alpestris (Hartm.) Almq. -- not accepted
  Juncus bufonius var. congdonii (S. Watson) J.T. Howell -- not accepted
  Juncus griscomi Fernald -- not accepted
  Juncus subcaudatus var. planisepalus Fernald -- not accepted -- woodland rush
  Kengia Packer -- accepted
  Kengia squarrosa (Trin.) Packer -- accepted
  Koeleria asiatica ssp. atroviolacea (Domin) Tzvelev -- accepted -- Eurasian Junegrass
  Koeleria atroviolacea Domin -- not accepted
  Koellensteinia graminea (Lindl.) Rchb. f. -- accepted -- grassleaf orchid
  Lagenandra gomezii (Schott) Bogner & N. Jacobsen -- accepted
  Lagenandra toxicaria Dalzell -- accepted
  Lasiacis maculata (Aubl.) Urb. -- not accepted
  Leptochloa chinensis (L.) Nees -- accepted -- Asian sprangletop, Chinese sprangletop
  Lepturus R. Br. -- accepted -- thintail
  Lepturus cinereus Burcham -- not accepted
  Lepturus repens (G. Forst.) R. Br. -- accepted -- Pacific Island thintail
  Lepturus repens var. cinereus (Burcham) Fosberg -- not accepted
  Lepturus repens var. occidentalis Fosberg -- not accepted
  Lepturus repens var. subulatus Fosberg -- not accepted
  Lerchenfeldia flexuosa ssp. montana (L.) Tzvelev -- not accepted
  Leymus racemosus ssp. racemosus (Lam.) Tzvelev -- accepted -- mammoth wildrye
  Leymus racemosus ssp. sabulosus (M. Bieb.) Tzvelev -- accepted -- mammoth wildrye
  Linospadix H. Wendl. -- accepted -- linospadix
  Lipocarpha rehmannii (Ridl.) Goetgh. -- accepted -- Rehman's halfchaff sedge
  Lobelia aphylla Nutt. -- not accepted
  Lolium dorei var. laeve Boivin -- not accepted
  Lolium multiflorum var. ramosum Guss. ex Arcang. -- not accepted
  Luronium natans (L.) Raf. -- accepted
  Luziola peruviania J. F. Gmel. -- not accepted
  Luzula multiflora ssp. multiflora var. contracta Böcher -- not accepted -- common woodrush
  Luzula pallescens (Wahlenb.) Besser -- not accepted
  Lygeum Loefl. ex L. -- accepted -- lygeum
  Lygeum spartum Loefl. ex L. -- accepted -- lygeum
  Mapania sumatrana (Miq.) Benth. -- accepted
  Mapania sumatrana ssp. pandanophylla (F. Muell.) D.A. Simpson -- accepted
  Melanthium muscaetoxicum Walter -- not accepted
  Melica bella var. intonsa Piper -- not accepted
  Miscanthus capensis (Nees) Andersson -- accepted -- silvergrass
  Miscanthus oligostachys Stapf -- not accepted -- Small Japanese silver grass
  Miscanthus sinensis ssp. condensatus (Hack.) T. Koyama -- accepted -- Purple Japanese silver grass
  Miscanthus sinensis var. purpurascens (Andersson) Tzvelev -- not accepted -- silvergrass
  Miscanthus transmorrisonensis Hayata -- not accepted -- silvergrass
  Molineria Colla -- accepted
  Molinia litoralis Host -- not accepted
  Monerma P. Beauv. -- not accepted
  Moraea collina Thunb. -- accepted
  Moraea polystachya (Thunb.) Ker Gawl. -- accepted -- blue-tulip
  Muhlenbergia capillaris var. capillaris (Lam.) Trin. -- accepted -- hairawn muhly
  Muhlenbergia filiformis var. filiformis (Thurb. ex S. Watson) Rydb. -- accepted -- pullup muhly
  Narenga porphyrocoma L. -- not accepted
  Nemastylis tenuis (Herb.) S. Watson -- accepted -- southwestern pleatleaf
  Nemastylus Baker -- not accepted
  Nemastylus floridana Small -- not accepted
  Nemastylus geminiflora Nutt. -- not accepted
  Nemastylus nuttallii Pickering ex R. C. Foster -- not accepted
  Nemastylus tenuis (Herb.) Benth. ex Baker -- not accepted
  Ophiuros C.F. Gaertn. -- accepted -- she wei cao shu
  Ophiuros exaltatus (L.) Kuntze -- accepted -- she wei cao
  Orchis maculata L. -- not accepted
  Orchis purpurella T. Stephenson & T.A. Stephenson -- accepted
  Oryzopsis holciformis (M. Bieb.) Hack. -- accepted -- ricegrass
  Oxytenanthera Munro -- accepted -- oxytenanthera
  Oxytenanthera abyssinica (A. Rich.) Munro -- accepted -- Abyssinia oxytenanthera
  Panicum alakaiense Skottsb. -- not accepted
  Panicum beecheyi Hook. & Arn. -- accepted -- rock panicgrass
  Panicum bulbosum var. bulbosum Kunth -- accepted -- bulb panicgrass
  Panicum bulbosum var. minor Vasey -- not accepted -- bulb panicgrass
  Panicum carteri Hosaka -- not accepted
  Panicum crus-galli var. edule (Hitchc.) Thell. ex de Lesd. -- not accepted
  Panicum crus-galli var. edulis (Hitchc.) Makino & Nemoto -- not accepted
  Panicum cynodon Reichardt -- not accepted
  Panicum degeneri Potztal -- not accepted
  Panicum fauriei Hitchc. -- accepted -- Faurie's panicgrass
  Panicum fauriei var. carteri (Hosaka) Davidse -- accepted -- Carter's panicgrass, Faurie's panicgrass
  Panicum fauriei var. fauriei Hitchc. -- accepted -- Faurie's panicgrass
  Panicum fauriei var. latius (H. St. John) Davidse -- accepted -- Faurie's panicgrass
  Panicum forbesii Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Panicum havaiense Reichardt -- not accepted
  Panicum hillebrandianum Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Panicum kaalaense Hitchc. -- accepted
  Panicum konaense Whitney & Hosaka -- accepted -- Kona panicgrass
  Panicum koolauense H. St. John & Hosaka -- not accepted
  Panicum laevifolium Hack. -- accepted
  Panicum languidum Hitchc. & Chase -- not accepted
  Panicum lineale H. St. John -- accepted -- Kauai panicgrass
  Panicum longifolium var. tusketense Fern. -- not accepted
  Panicum longivaginatum H. St. John -- accepted -- longsheath panicgrass
  Panicum lustriale H. St. John -- not accepted
  Panicum makarikariensis (Gooss.) Van Rensb. -- accepted
  Panicum miliare Lam. -- not accepted
  Panicum moomomiense H. St. John -- not accepted
  Panicum nubigenum var. latius H. St. John -- not accepted
  Panicum oreoboloides (Whitney) Skottsb. -- not accepted
  Panicum philadelphicum Bernh. ex Nees -- not accepted
  Panicum prolutum F. Muell. -- not accepted
  Panicum radiatius (Vickery) H. St. John -- accepted
  Panicum radiatum R. Br. -- not accepted -- spreading panicum
  Panicum sanguinale L. -- not accepted
  Panicum sphaerocarpon var. inflatum (Scribn. & J.G. Sm.) Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Paramapania Uittien -- accepted
  Paramapania parvibracteata (C.B. Clarke) Uittien -- accepted
  Paspalum achlysophilum (Soderstr.) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum auricomum (A. G. Burm.) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum campylostachya (Hack.) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum carajasense S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum commersonii Lam. -- not accepted
  Paspalum crucense (Killeen) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum foliiforme S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum glaziovii (A. G. Burm.) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum graniticum (A. G. Burm.) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum mosquitiense (Davidse & A. G. Burm.) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum oreophilum (A. G. Burm.) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum parvulum (A. G. Burm.) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum pilosum Spreng. ex Steud. -- not accepted
  Paspalum schumannii (Pilg.) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum seminudum (A. G. Burm.) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum setosum (Swallen) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum thrasyoides (Trin.) S. Denham -- accepted
  Paspalum trinitense (Mez) S. Denham -- accepted
  Pennisetum incomptum Nees ex Steud. -- not accepted -- kikuyugrass
  Pennisetum pedicellatum ssp. unispiculum Brunken -- not accepted -- Kyasuma grass, kyasuma-grass
  Pennisetum ruppelii Steud. -- not accepted
  Pennisetum schimperi Steud. -- not accepted
  Phalaris tuberosa var. hirtiglumis Batt. & Trab. -- not accepted
  Philodendron imbe Schott ex Endl. -- accepted -- philodendron
  Philodendron nechodomi Britton -- not accepted
  Philodendron selloum K. Koch -- not accepted -- philodendron
  Philodendron speciosum Schott ex Endl. -- accepted -- philodendron
  Phippsia langeana ssp. asiatica (T.J. Sřrensen ex Hultén) Á. Löve & D. Löve -- not accepted
  Phragmites karka (Retz.) Trin. ex Steud. -- accepted -- tall reed
  Poa lanata var. lanata Scribn. & Merr. -- not accepted -- wool bluegrass
  Poa nascopieana Polunin -- not accepted -- Baffin Island bluegrass
  Poa persica Trin. -- accepted
  Poa sandvicensis (Reichardt) Hitchc. -- accepted -- Hawai'i bluegrass, Hawaiian bluegrass
  Poa siphonoglossa Hack. -- accepted -- Kauai bluegrass
  Polytoca R. Br. -- accepted
  Polytoca macrophylla Benth. -- not accepted
  Potamogeton methyensis A. Benn. -- not accepted -- Methy Lake pondweed
  Psilocarya Torr. -- not accepted
  Ptilagrostis mongholica (Turcz. ex Trin.) Griseb. -- not accepted -- Colorado false needlegrass
  Puccinellia geniculata (V.I. Krecz.) Hultén -- accepted
  Puccinellia kamtschatica Holmb. -- accepted -- Alaska alkaligrass
  Puccinellia langeana ssp. asiatica T.J. Sřrensen ex Hultén -- not accepted
  Puccinellia maritima auct. non (Huds.) Parl. -- not accepted
  Puccinellia porsildii T.J. Sřrensen -- accepted -- Porsild's alkali grass
  Puccinellia sublaevis (Holmb.) Tzvelev -- accepted -- smooth alkaligrass
  Puccinellia tenella ssp. tenella (Lange) Holmb. -- accepted -- tundra alkaligrass
  Puccinellia vaginata var. elegans T.J. Sřrensen -- accepted
  Rhynchospora divaricata (Ham.) M.T. Strong -- accepted
  Rhynchospora scutellata Griseb. -- accepted -- Indianola beaksedge
  Roegneria pendulina Nevski -- not accepted
  Roegneria turczaninovii (Drobow) Nevski -- not accepted
  Rytidosperma semiannulare (Labill.) Connor & Edgar -- accepted -- Tasmanian wallaby grass
  Saccharum barberi Jeswiet -- not accepted -- Barber's cane
  Saccharum narenga (Nees ex Steud.) Wall. ex Hack. -- accepted
  Sagittaria engelmanniana ssp. engelmanniana J.G. Sm. -- not accepted
  Sagittaria obtusifolia L. -- not accepted
  Sagittaria triandra Dalzell -- not accepted
  Salacca clemensiana Becc. -- accepted
  Sansevieria metalica hort. ex Gérôme & Labroy -- not accepted
  Saururus natans L. -- not accepted
  Savastana pauciflora (R. Br.) Scribn. & Merr. -- not accepted
  Scadoxus multiflorus (Martyn) Raf. -- accepted
  Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. katherinae (Baker) Friis & Nordal -- accepted -- Katherine-wheel
  Scadoxus multiflorus ssp. multiflorus (Martyn) Raf. -- accepted -- blood-flower
  Schizachyrium stoloniferum var. stoloniferum Nash -- not accepted -- creeping bluestem
  Scilla nonscripta (L.) Hoffmanns. & Link -- not accepted
  Scirpus sylvaticus L. -- accepted
  Scleria mucronata Poir. -- accepted
  Scleria pterota C. Presl ex C.B. Clarke -- not accepted -- cortadora blanca
  Sclerostachya (Andersson ex Hack.) A. Camus -- accepted
  Sclerostachya fusca (Roxb.) A. Camus -- accepted
  Setaria italica var. metzgeri (Körn.) Jáv. -- not accepted
  Setaria italica var. stramineofructa (F.T. Hubb.) L.H. Bailey -- not accepted
  Setaria viridis var. robustaalba M. Schreib. -- not accepted
  Smilacina Desf. -- not accepted
  Sorghum aethiopicum (Hackel) Rupr. ex Stapf -- not accepted
  Sorghum bicolor var. aethiopicum (Hack.) de Wet & Huckabay -- not accepted
  Sorghum bicolor var. virgatum (Hack.) de Wet & Huckabay -- not accepted
  Sorghum caudatum (Hack.) Stapf -- not accepted
  Sorghum subglabrescens (Steud.) Schweinf. & Asch. -- not accepted
  Sphenopholis intermedia var. pilosa Dore -- not accepted
  Sporobolus elongatus R. Br. -- not accepted -- elongate dropseed
  Stenomesson variegatum (Ruiz & Pav.) J.F. Macbr. -- accepted
  Stipa avenaceoides Nash -- not accepted
  Stipa breviflora Griseb. -- accepted -- needlegrass
  Stipa caucasica ssp. glareosa (P.A. Smirn.) Tzvelev -- accepted -- needlegrass
  Stipa coronata var. parishii (Vasey) Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Stipa glareosa P.A. Smirn. -- not accepted
  Stipa grandis P.A. Smirn. -- accepted -- needlegrass
  Stipa klemenzii Roshev. -- not accepted -- needlegrass
  Stipa krylovii Roshev. -- not accepted -- needlegrass
  Stipa nelsonii ssp. nelsonii var. longiaristata Barkworth & Maze -- not accepted -- Nelson's needlegrass
  Stipa sareptana A.K. Becker -- accepted
  Stipa sareptana var. krylovii (Roshev.) P.C. Kuo & Y.H. Sun -- accepted
  Stipa tianschanica var. klemenzii (Roshev.) Norl. -- accepted
  Struthiopteris underwoodiana Broadh. -- not accepted
  Syntherisma chinense (Nees) Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Syntherisma chinensis (Nees) Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Taeniatherum asperum (Simonk.) Nevski -- not accepted
  Themeda australis (R. Br.) Stapf -- accepted
  Themeda frondosa (R. Br.) Merr. -- not accepted -- themeda grass
  Themeda villosa (Poir.) A. Camus -- accepted -- Lyon's grass, silky kangaroo grass
  Thrasya hirsuta Nees -- not accepted
  Thuarea Pers. -- accepted -- Kuroiwa grass
  Thuarea involuta (G. Forst.) R. Br. ex Roem. & Schult. -- accepted -- Kuroiwa grass
  Ticodendraceae -- accepted
  Ticodendron Gómez-Laur. & L.D. Gómez -- accepted
  Ticodendron incognitum Gómez-Laur. & L.D. Gómez -- accepted
  Tigridia pavonia (L. f.) DC. -- accepted
  Tillandsia circinata Schltdl. -- not accepted
  Tillandsia circinnata Schltdl. -- not accepted
  Tillandsia polystachya auct. non (L.) L. -- not accepted -- Tillandsia muchas espigas
  Tillandsia streptophylla Scheidw. ex C. Morren -- accepted
  Torreyochloa pauciflora var. pauciflora (J. Presl) Church -- not accepted -- weak mannagrass
  Trisetum inaequale Whitney -- accepted -- Whitney's false oat
  Trisetum latifolium Hitchc. -- accepted -- broadleaf false oat
  Trisetum montanum var. montanum Vasey -- not accepted -- Rocky Mountain trisetum
  Trisetum spicatum var. congdonii (Scribn. & Merr.) Hitchc. -- not accepted
  Triticum aethiopicum Jakubz. -- accepted -- Ethiopian wheat
  Triticum araraticum Jakubz. -- accepted -- wheat
  Triticum boeoticum ssp. thaoudar (Hausskn.) Grossh. -- not accepted -- wild einkorn
  Triticum ispahanicum Heslot -- accepted -- wheat
  Triticum karamyschevii Nevski -- accepted -- Karamyschev's wheat
  Triticum militinae Zhuk. & Migush. -- not accepted -- wheat
  Triticum thaoudar Reut. ex Boiss. -- not accepted
  Triticum thaoudar (Hausskn.) Jakubz. -- accepted
  Triticum urartu Thumanian ex Gandilyan -- accepted -- wheat
  Triticum zhukovskyi Menabde & Ericzjan -- accepted -- Zhukovsky's wheat
  Uniola ornithorhyncha (Nees) Steud. -- not accepted
  Urochloa bulbodes (Steud.) Stapf -- accepted
  Urochloa pullalans Stapf -- not accepted
  Urochloa pullulans Stapf -- not accepted
  Urochloa stolonifera (Gooss.) Chippindale -- accepted
  Urospatha desciscens Schott -- not accepted
  Vallisneria asiatica Miki -- not accepted
  Vallisneria spiralis var. americana (Michx.) Torr. -- not accepted
  Ventenata avenacea Koel. -- not accepted
  Vossia Wallich & Griffith -- accepted -- hippo grass
  Vossia cuspidata Griff. -- accepted -- hippo grass
  Walwhalleya Wills & J.J. Bruhl -- accepted
  Walwhalleya proluta (F. Muell.) Wills & J.J. Bruhl -- accepted
  Walwhalleya pungens (Wills & J.J. Bruhl) Wills & J.J. Bruhl -- accepted
  Walwhalleya subxerophila (Domin) Wills & J.J. Bruhl -- accepted
  Washingtonia filifera (Linden ex André) H. Wendl. ex de Bary -- accepted -- California fan palm, Washingtonia de Castilla
  Wolffiella welwitschii (Hegelm.) Monod -- accepted -- pond bogmat
  X Agroelymus A. Camus -- accepted
  X Agroelymus hultenii Melderis -- accepted
  X Schedolium braunii (K. Richt.) Stace -- accepted
  X Schedolium holmbergii (Dörfl.) Holub -- accepted
  X Triticosecale Wittm. -- not accepted -- triticosecale
  X Triticosecale Wittm. ex A. Camus -- accepted
  Xanthosoma robustum Schott -- accepted -- capote
  Yucca schottii Engelm. -- not accepted -- Izote de Schott, Schott's yucca
  Zizania caduciflora (Trin.) Hand.-Mazz. -- not accepted

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