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Source: Flora of the West Indes website, Jan-Aug 2010, database (version 2007)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Chromolaena corymbosa (Aubl.) R.M. King & H. Rob. -- accepted -- Caribbean thoroughwort
  Chromolaena impetiolaris (Griseb.) Nicolson -- accepted
  Chromolaena integrifolia (Spreng.) R.M. King & H. Rob. -- accepted
  Chromolaena macrodon (DC.) Nicolson -- accepted
  Chromolaena mononeura (Urb.) R.M. King & H. Rob. -- not accepted
  Chromolaena odorata (L.) R.M. King & H. Rob. -- accepted -- Jack in the bush, Siamweed
  Chromolaena trigonocarpa (Griseb.) R.M. King & H. Rob. -- accepted
  Critonia macropoda DC. -- accepted
  Dendrophorbium (Cuatrec.) C. Jeffrey -- accepted
  Dendrophorbium lucidum (Sw.) C. Jeffrey -- accepted
  Erigeron polycladus Urb. -- accepted
  Eupatorium celtidifolium Lam. -- not accepted
  Eupatorium impetiolaris Griseb. -- not accepted
  Eupatorium integrifolium Spreng. -- not accepted
  Eupatorium macrodon DC. -- not accepted
  Eupatorium macropus Urb. -- not accepted
  Eupatorium magdalenae Stehle -- not accepted
  Eupatorium mononeurum Urb. -- not accepted
  Eupatorium trigonocarpum Griseb. -- not accepted
  Koanophyllon celtidifolium (Lam.) R.M. King & H. Rob. -- accepted
  Mikania hookeriana DC. -- accepted
  Mikania imrayana Grisebach -- not accepted
  Mikania latifolia Sm. -- accepted
  Mikania micrantha var. congesta (DC.) B.L. Rob. -- not accepted
  Mikania ovalis Griseb. -- accepted
  Senecio lucidus (Sw.) DC. -- not accepted
  Stemmodontia calycina (Rich.) O.E. Schulz -- not accepted
  Verbesina gigantea Jacq. -- accepted
  Verbesina howardiana Olsen -- accepted
  Vernonia longifolia Persoon -- not accepted
  Vernonia vahliana Lessing -- not accepted
  Wedelia buphthalmoides var. dominicensis Griseb. -- not accepted
  Wedelia calycina Rich. -- accepted -- coastalplain creepingoxeye
  Wedelia calycina var. dominicensis (Griseb.) Domin -- not accepted
  Wedelia parviflora Rich. -- not accepted -- smallflower creepingoxeye

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