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Source: Flora of the West Indies, 2010, database (version 2010)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Aiphanes erosa (Linden) Burret -- not accepted
  Anthurium acaule (Jacq.) Schott -- accepted
  Bletia florida (Salisb.) R. Br. -- accepted -- slender pinepink
  Brassia maculata R. Br. -- accepted
  Bulbostylis curassavica (Britton) Kük. ex Ekman -- accepted -- West Indian hairsedge
  Bulbostylis subaphylla C.B. Clarke -- accepted
  Commelina rufipes var. glabrata (D.R. Hunt) Faden & D.R. Hunt -- accepted -- cojite blanco
  Cyperus unifolius Boeckeler -- accepted
  Epidendrum nutans Sw. -- accepted
  Gibasis geniculata (Jacq.) Rohweder -- accepted -- Tahitian bridalveil
  Iris domestica (L.) Goldblatt & Mabb. -- accepted -- blackberry lily
  Neomarica caerulea (Ker Gawl.) Sprague -- accepted
  Pothos acaulis Jacq. -- not accepted
  Psychilis bifida (Aubl.) Sauleda -- accepted -- thicket butterfly orchid
  Rhynchospora rufa (Nees) Boeckeler -- not accepted -- red beaksedge
  Rhynchospora scutellata Griseb. -- accepted -- Indianola beaksedge
  Rhynchospora velutina (Kunth) Boeckeler -- accepted
  Sagittaria graminea Michx. -- accepted -- grass-leaf arrowhead, grassy arrowhead, Sagittaire a feuilles de graminees, sagittaire à feuilles de graminées
  Sagittaria graminea ssp. graminea Michx. -- accepted -- grassy arrowhead, Sagittaire graminoide
  Sagittaria guayanensis Kunth -- accepted -- Guyanese arrowhead
  Scleria distans Poir. -- accepted -- riverswamp nutrush
  Scleria hirtella Sw. -- accepted -- riverswamp nutrush
  Scleria mucronata Poir. -- accepted
  Smilax coriacea Spreng. -- accepted -- Everglades greenbrier
  Smilax domingensis Willd. -- accepted
  Syngonium auritum (L.) Schott -- accepted -- arrowhead vine
  Xanthosoma caracu K. Koch & Bouché -- accepted -- yautia horqueta

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