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Source: Tropicos, 2007 - 2011, database (version 2010)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acnistus cauliflorus (Jacq.) Schott -- not accepted
  Bouchetia anomala (Miers) Britton & Rusby -- accepted
  Brugmansia versicolor Lagerh. -- accepted -- arborescent angel's-tears
  Brunfelsia pauciflora (Cham. & Schltdl.) Benth. -- accepted
  Brunsfelsia L. -- not accepted -- raintree
  Brunsfelsia americana L. -- not accepted -- lady of the night
  Centaurium breviflorum (Shinners) B.L. Turner -- not accepted -- shortflower centaury
  Centaurium calycosum (Buckley) Fernald -- not accepted -- Arizona centaury
  Centaurium calycosum var. breviflorum Shinners -- not accepted
  Centaurium calycosum var. nanum (A. Gray) B.L. Rob. -- not accepted
  Cestrum cauliflorus Jacq. -- not accepted
  Cestrum elegans (Brongn. ex Neumann) Schltdl. -- accepted -- purple cestrum
  Coelostylis Torr. & A. Gray -- not accepted
  Datura inermis Juss. ex Jacq. -- not accepted -- smooth thorn-apple
  Desfontainia fulgens D. Don -- accepted
  Desfontainia spinosa Ruiz & Pav. -- not accepted -- taique
  Enicostema axillare (Lam.) A. Raynal -- accepted -- axil enicostema
  Erythraea calycosa Buckley -- not accepted
  Gelsemium rankii Small -- not accepted
  Geniostoma micranthum DC. -- accepted
  Geniostoma micranthum var. hoeferi (Gilg & Benedict) Fosberg -- accepted
  Geniostoma micranthum var. micranthum DC. -- accepted
  Gentianella crinita ssp. victorinii (Fernald) J.M. Gillett -- not accepted
  Iochroma fuchsioides (Bonpl.) Miers -- accepted
  Lycopersicon cheesmanii Riley -- not accepted -- Cheesman's tomato
  Lycopersicon chilense Dunal -- not accepted -- Chile tomato
  Nicotiana velutina H.-M. Wheeler -- accepted -- velvet tobacco
  Petunia X atkinsiana D. Don ex Louden -- accepted
  Physalis foetens Poir. -- not accepted -- tropical groundcherry
  Physalis neomexicana Rydb. -- accepted
  Physalis patula Mill. -- accepted
  Prepusa Mart. -- accepted
  Schultesia heterophylla Miq. -- not accepted -- Caribbean wingcup
  Solandra longiflora Tussac -- accepted
  Solanum anguivi Lam. -- accepted
  Solanum candidum Lindl. -- accepted -- fuzzyfruit nightshade
  Solanum cheesmaniae (L. Riley) Fosberg -- accepted
  Solanum chilense (Dunal) Reiche -- accepted
  Solanum guamense Merr. -- accepted
  Swertia carolinensis (Walter) Kuntze -- not accepted
  Zeltnera G. Mans. -- accepted
  Zeltnera abramsii (Munz) G. Mans. -- accepted -- charming centaury
  Zeltnera breviflora (Shinners) G. Mans. -- accepted
  Zeltnera calycosa (Buckley) G. Mans. -- accepted
  Zeltnera exaltata (Griseb.) G. Mans. -- accepted -- desert centaury, Great Basin centaury
  Zeltnera glandulifera (Correll) G. Mans. -- accepted -- sticky centaury
  Zeltnera multicaulis (B.L. Rob.) G. Mans. -- accepted -- manystem centaury
  Zeltnera nevadensis (C.R. Broome) G. Mans. -- accepted
  Zeltnera nudicaulis (Engelm.) G. Mans. -- accepted -- Santa Catalina Mountain centaury
  Zeltnera quitensis (Kunth) G. Mans. -- accepted
  Zeltnera texensis (Griseb. ex Hook.) G. Mans. -- not accepted
  Zeltnera trichantha (Griseb.) G. Mans. -- accepted -- alkali centaury

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