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Source: Proteales of North America Update, database (version 2011)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Banksia L. f. -- accepted
  Banksia ashbyi Baker f. -- accepted -- Ashby's banksia
  Banksia ericifolia L. f. -- accepted -- heath-leaf banksia
  Banksia integrifolia L. f. -- accepted -- coast banksia, white-honeysuckle
  Banksia marginata Cav. -- accepted -- silver banksia
  Banksia spinulosa Sm. -- accepted -- hairpin banksia
  Embothrium J.R. Forst. & G. Forst. -- accepted -- Chilean firebush
  Embothrium coccineum J.R. Forst. & G. Forst. -- accepted -- Chilean firebush
  Grevillea R. Br. ex Knight -- accepted
  Grevillea banksii R. Br. -- accepted -- Banks' grevillea, haiku, Kahili flower
  Grevillea biternata Meisn. -- not accepted
  Grevillea crithmifolia R. Br. -- accepted
  Grevillea hilliana F. Muell. -- accepted
  Grevillea leucopteris Meisn. -- accepted
  Grevillea paniculata Meisn. -- accepted
  Grevillea robusta A. Cunn. ex R. Br. -- accepted -- silkoak, silky oak, silver oak
  Hakea Schrad. -- accepted -- pincushion tree
  Hakea rostrata F. Muell. ex Meisn. -- accepted -- beaked pincushion tree
  Isopogon R. Br. ex Knight -- accepted -- cone flower
  Isopogon buxifolius R. Br. -- accepted
  Isopogon cuneatus R. Br. -- accepted
  Isopogon dubius (R. Br.) Druce -- accepted -- pincushion-coneflower, rose-coneflower
  Isopogon formosus R. Br. -- accepted
  Isopogon teretifolius R. Br. -- accepted -- nodding coneflower
  Leucadendron nutans Kuntze -- not accepted
  Leucospermum R. Br. -- accepted
  Leucospermum cordifolium (Salisb. ex Knight) Fourc. -- accepted -- red pincushion-protea
  Macadamia F. Muell. -- accepted
  Macadamia integrifolia Maiden & Betche -- accepted -- macadamia nut
  Macadamia ternifolia auct. non F. Muell. -- not accepted
  Macadamia tetraphylla L.A.S. Johnson -- accepted -- macadamia nut
  Nelumbium luteum Willd. -- not accepted
  Nelumbium nelumbo (L.) Druce -- not accepted
  Nelumbium speciosum Willd. -- not accepted
  Nelumbo Adans. -- accepted -- lotus
  Nelumbo lutea Willd. -- accepted -- American lotus, lotus
  Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn. -- accepted -- sacred lotus
  Nelumbo pentapetala (Walter) Fernald -- not accepted
  Nelumbo speciosa Willd. -- not accepted
  Nelumbonaceae -- accepted -- Indian lotus
  Platanaceae -- accepted -- plane trees
  Platanus L. -- accepted -- sycamore
  Platanus acerifolia (Aiton) Willd. -- accepted
  Platanus californica Benth. -- not accepted
  Platanus glabrata Fernald -- not accepted
  Platanus hybrida Brot. -- not accepted -- London planetree
  Platanus occidentalis L. -- accepted -- American sycamore, sycamore
  Platanus occidentalis var. glabrata (Fernald) Sarg. -- not accepted
  Platanus orientalis L. -- accepted -- Oriental planetree
  Platanus racemosa Nutt. -- accepted -- California sycamore
  Platanus racemosa var. wrightii (S. Watson) L.D. Benson -- not accepted
  Platanus wrightii S. Watson -- accepted -- Arizona sycamore
  Platanus X acerifolia (Aiton) Willd. (pro sp.) -- not accepted -- London planetree
  Protea L. -- accepted
  Protea cynaroides (L.) L. -- accepted -- king protea
  Proteaceae -- accepted -- proteas
  Proteales -- accepted
  Stenocarpus R. Br. -- accepted
  Stenocarpus sinuatus (A. Cunn.) Endl. -- accepted -- firewheeltree

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