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Source: MEL names, database (version 2007-2012)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acisanthera P. Br. -- accepted
  Astronidium pickeringii (A. Gray) Christoph. -- accepted
  Astronidium ponapense (Kaneh.) Markgr. -- accepted
  Calycogonium DC. -- accepted -- angleflower
  Clidemia domingensis (DC.) Cogn. -- accepted -- woodland hogwood
  Clidemia eggersii (Cogn.) F.S. Axelrod -- accepted
  Clidemia scalpta (Vent.) F.S. Axelrod -- accepted
  Clidemia umbrosa (Sw.) Cogn. -- accepted -- white hogwood
  Heterotis Benth. -- accepted
  Heterotis rotundifolia (Sm.) Jacq.-Fél. -- accepted
  Lavoisiera itambana DC. -- accepted
  Medinilla magnifica Lindl. -- accepted -- showy medinilla
  Miconia lanata (DC.) Triana -- accepted -- hairy johnnyberry
  Miconia pyramidalis (Descr.) DC. -- accepted
  Ossaea DC. -- accepted
  Ossaea krugii (Cogn.) F. S. Axelrod -- accepted
  Sagraea polystachya (Naudin) Triana -- accepted -- Plée's hogwood
  Sagraea pusilliflora (Cogn.) Alain -- accepted
  Sagraea scabrosa (L.) Naudin -- accepted
  Tetrazygia krugii Cogn. -- accepted
  Tetrazygia urbani Cogn. -- not accepted
  Tibouchina heteromalla (D. Don) Cogn. -- accepted -- silverleafed princess flower
  Tibouchina laxa (Desr.) Cogn. -- accepted
  Tibouchina semidecandra (Schrank & Mart. ex DC.) Cogn. -- accepted -- purple glory tree

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