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Source: Heliconiaceae of North America Update, database (version 2010)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Bihai bihai (L.) Griggs -- not accepted
  Heliconia L. -- accepted -- heliconia
  Heliconia aurantiaca Ghiesbr. -- accepted
  Heliconia bihai (L.) L. -- accepted -- macawflower
  Heliconia caribaea Lam. -- accepted -- lobsterclaw
  Heliconia collinsiana Griggs -- accepted -- platanillo
  Heliconia deflexa G.S. Daniels & F.G. Stiles -- not accepted -- wild plantain
  Heliconia elongata Griggs -- not accepted
  Heliconia humilis (Aubl.) Jacq. -- not accepted
  Heliconia irrasa R.R. Sm. -- accepted -- wild plantain
  Heliconia latispatha Benth. -- accepted -- expanded lobsterclaw
  Heliconia metallica Planch. & Linden ex Hook. -- accepted -- shining bird of paradise, shining bird-of-paradise
  Heliconia pendula Wawra -- accepted
  Heliconia platystachys Baker -- accepted -- false bird of paradise, false bird-of-paradise
  Heliconia psittacorum L. f. -- accepted -- parakeetflower
  Heliconia rostrata Ruiz & Pav. -- accepted -- false bird of paradise, false bird-of-paradise
  Heliconia schiedeana Klotzsch -- accepted
  Heliconia stricta Huber -- accepted
  Heliconia subulata Ruiz & Pav. -- accepted -- Guatemalan bird of paradise, Guatemalan bird-of-paradise
  Heliconia vaginalis Benth. -- accepted
  Heliconia wagneriana Peterson -- accepted
  Heliconiaceae -- accepted

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