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Source: United States Department of the Interior, database (version undefined)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Animalia
  Empetrichthys latos Miller, 1948 -- valid -- Pahrump killifish, Pahrump poolfish
  Oncorhynchus apache (Miller, 1972) -- valid -- Apache trout, Arizona trout
  Oncorhynchus clarkii henshawi (Gill and Jordan, 1878) -- valid -- Lahontan cutthroat trout
  Oncorhynchus clarkii stomias (Cope, 1871) -- valid -- greenback cutthroat trout
  Oncorhynchus nerka (Walbaum in Artedi, 1792) -- valid -- blueback salmon, kokanee, red salmon, saumon rouge, sockeye salmon

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