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Source: Schizaeales of North America Update, database (version 2011)

ITIS records citing this source
 Kingdom Plantae
  Acrostichum digitatum L. -- not accepted
  Actinostachys Wall. -- accepted -- ray spiked fern
  Actinostachys digitata (L.) Wall. -- accepted
  Actinostachys germanii Fée -- not accepted
  Actinostachys pennula (Sw.) Hook. -- accepted -- ray fern, ray spiked fern
  Lophidium poeppigianum (Sturm) Underw. ex Maxon -- not accepted
  Lygodiaceae -- accepted -- climbing ferns
  Lygodium Sw. -- accepted -- climbing ferns
  Lygodium auriculatum (Willd.) Alston -- accepted
  Lygodium cubense Kunth -- accepted
  Lygodium flexuosum (L.) Sw. -- accepted -- maidenhair creeper
  Lygodium japonicum (Thunb.) Sw. -- accepted -- Japanese climbing fern
  Lygodium microphyllum (Cav.) R. Br. -- accepted -- Old World climbing fern, small leaf climbing fern, small-leaf climbing fern, small-leaved climbing fern
  Lygodium palmatum (Bernh.) Sw. -- accepted -- American climbing fern
  Lygodium venustum Sw. -- accepted -- monarch climbing fern
  Lygodium volubile Sw. -- accepted
  Microschizaea pennula (Sw.) C.F. Reed -- not accepted
  Schizaea Sm. -- accepted -- curly-grass fern, curlygrass fern
  Schizaea dichotoma (L.) Sm. -- accepted
  Schizaea dichotoma var. sellingii Fosberg -- accepted
  Schizaea digitata (L.) Sw. -- not accepted
  Schizaea elegans auct. non (Vahl) Sw. -- not accepted
  Schizaea fluminensis Miers ex Sturm -- accepted -- Caribbean curlygrass fern
  Schizaea germani (Fée) Prantl -- not accepted
  Schizaea germanii (Fée) Prantl -- not accepted
  Schizaea pennula Sw. -- not accepted
  Schizaea poeppigiana Sturm -- accepted -- epiphytic curlygrass fern
  Schizaea pusilla Pursh -- accepted -- little curlygrass fern
  Schizaea robusta Baker -- accepted -- robust curlygrass fern
  Schizaeaceae -- accepted

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