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Ammophila  W. Kirby, 1798
Taxonomic Serial No.: 154323

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Ammophilus Latreille in Cuvier, 1829
    Ammophylus Latreille, 1802
    Apycnemia Leclercq, 1961
    Argyrammophila Gussakovskij, 1928
    Coloptera Latreille, 1845
    Miscus Jurine, 1807
  Common Name(s): thread-waisted wasps [English]
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2019   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumHexapoda  – hexapods  
                   ClassInsecta  – insects, hexapoda, inseto, insectes  
                      SubclassPterygota  – insects ailés, winged insects  
                         InfraclassNeoptera  – modern, wing-folding insects  
                               OrderHymenoptera  – abelha, formiga, vespa, ants, bees, wasps  
                                  SuborderApocrita  – abeilles, fourmis, guêpes véritables, narrow-waisted hymenopterans, ants, bees, true wasps  
                                        SuperfamilyApoidea  – bees, sphecoid wasps, apoid wasps  
                                           FamilySphecidae Latreille, 1802 – mud daubers, sphecid wasps, digger wasps, sand wasps  
                                              SubfamilyAmmophilinae André, 1886  
                                                 GenusAmmophila W. Kirby, 1798 – thread-waisted wasps  
    Direct Children:  
                                                    Species Ammophila aberti Haldeman, 1852  
                                                    Species Ammophila abnormis Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila acuta (Fernald, 1934)  
                                                    Species Ammophila adelpha Kohl, 1901  
                                                    Species Ammophila aellos Menke, 1966  
                                                    Species Ammophila afghanica Balthasar, 1957  
                                                    Species Ammophila africana Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila albotomentosa Morice, 1900  
                                                    Species Ammophila altigena Gussakovskij, 1930  
                                                    Species Ammophila antenniferruginea Yan and Li, 2010  
                                                    Species Ammophila antoninae Danilov, 2018  
                                                    Species Ammophila antropovi Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila aphrodite Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila apicalis Guérin-Méneville, 1835  
                                                    Species Ammophila arabica W.F. Kirby, 1900  
                                                    Species Ammophila ardens F. Smith, 1868  
                                                    Species Ammophila areolata Walker, 1871  
                                                    Species Ammophila argyrocephala Arnold, 1951  
                                                    Species Ammophila arnoldi Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila arvensis Lepeletier de Saint Fargeau, 1845  
                                                    Species Ammophila asiatica Tsuneki, 1971  
                                                    Species Ammophila assimilis Kohl, 1901  
                                                    Species Ammophila atlantica Roth, 1928  
                                                    Species Ammophila aucella Menke, 1966  
                                                    Species Ammophila aurifera R. Turner, 1908  
                                                    Species Ammophila azteca Cameron, 1888  
                                                    Species Ammophila barbara (Lepeletier de Saint Fargeau, 1845)  
                                                    Species Ammophila barbarorum Arnold, 1951  
                                                    Species Ammophila barkalovi Danilov, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila beaumonti Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila bechuana (R. Turner, 1929)  
                                                    Species Ammophila bella Menke, 1966  
                                                    Species Ammophila bellula Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila beniniensis (Palisot de Beauvois, 1806)  
                                                    Species Ammophila bispinosa Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila boharti Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila borealis Li and C. Yang, 1990  
                                                    Species Ammophila braunsi (R. Turner, 1919)  
                                                    Species Ammophila breviceps F. Smith, 1856  
                                                    Species Ammophila brevipennis Bingham, 1897  
                                                    Species Ammophila californica Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila calva (Arnold, 1920)  
                                                    Species Ammophila campestris Latreille, 1809  
                                                    Species Ammophila caprella Arnold, 1951  
                                                    Species Ammophila cellularis Gussakovskij, 1930  
                                                    Species Ammophila centralis Cameron, 1888  
                                                    Species Ammophila centroafricana Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila clavus (Fabricius, 1775)  
                                                    Species Ammophila cleopatra Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila clypeola Li and C. Yang, 1990  
                                                    Species Ammophila clypeolineata Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila coachella Menke, 1966  
                                                    Species Ammophila conditor F. Smith, 1856  
                                                    Species Ammophila confusa A. Costa, 1864  
                                                    Species Ammophila conifera (Arnold, 1920)  
                                                    Species Ammophila cora Cameron, 1888  
                                                    Species Ammophila coronata A. Costa, 1864  
                                                    Species Ammophila crassifemoralis (R. Turner, 1919)  
                                                    Species Ammophila curvistriata Cameron, 1908  
                                                    Species Ammophila cybele Menke, 1970  
                                                    Species Ammophila dejecta Cameron, 1888  
                                                    Species Ammophila dentigera Gussakovskij, 1928  
                                                    Species Ammophila deserticola Tsuneki, 1971  
                                                    Species Ammophila djaouak de Beaumont, 1956  
                                                    Species Ammophila dolichocephala Cameron, 1910  
                                                    Species Ammophila dolichodera Kohl, 1884  
                                                    Species Ammophila dubia Kohl, 1901  
                                                    Species Ammophila duhokensis Augul, Abdoul-Rassoul and Kaddou, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila dysmica Menke, 1966  
                                                    Species Ammophila electa Kohl, 1901  
                                                    Species Ammophila elongata Fischer de Waldheim, 1843  
                                                    Species Ammophila erminea Kohl, 1901  
                                                    Species Ammophila evansi Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila exsecta Kohl, 1906  
                                                    Species Ammophila extremitata Cresson, 1865  
                                                    Species Ammophila eyrensis R. Turner, 1908  
                                                    Species Ammophila femurrubra W. Fox, 1894  
                                                    Species Ammophila fernaldi (Murray, 1938)  
                                                    Species Ammophila ferruginosa Cresson, 1865  
                                                    Species Ammophila filata Walker, 1871  
                                                    Species Ammophila fischeri Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila formicoides Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila formosensis Tsuneki, 1971  
                                                    Species Ammophila ganquana Yang and Li, 1989  
                                                    Species Ammophila gaumeri Cameron, 1888  
                                                    Species Ammophila globifrontalis Li and Ch. Yang, 1995  
                                                    Species Ammophila globiverticalis Ch. Wang and Ma in Ch. Wang, Bashir, Li and Ma, 2018  
                                                    Species Ammophila gracilis Lepeletier de Saint Fargeau, 1845  
                                                    Species Ammophila gracillima Taschenberg, 1869  
                                                    Species Ammophila guichardi de Beaumont, 1956  
                                                    Species Ammophila gusenleitneri Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila gussakovskii Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila haimatosoma Kohl, 1884  
                                                    Species Ammophila haladai Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila harti (Fernald, 1931)  
                                                    Species Ammophila hemilauta Kohl, 1906  
                                                    Species Ammophila hermosa Menke, 1966  
                                                    Species Ammophila heteroclypeola Li and Xue, 1998  
                                                    Species Ammophila hevans Menke, 2004  
                                                    Species Ammophila heydeni Dahlbom, 1845  
                                                    Species Ammophila holosericea (Fabricius, 1793)  
                                                    Species Ammophila honorei Alfieri, 1946  
                                                    Species Ammophila horni von Schulthess, 1927  
                                                    Species Ammophila hungarica Mocsáry, 1883  
                                                    Species Ammophila hurdi Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila iliensis Kazenas, 1998  
                                                    Species Ammophila imitator Menke, 1966  
                                                    Species Ammophila induta Kohl, 1901  
                                                    Species Ammophila infesta F. Smith, 1873  
                                                    Species Ammophila insignis F. Smith, 1856  
                                                    Species Ammophila insolata F. Smith, 1858  
                                                    Species Ammophila instabilis F. Smith, 1856  
                                                    Species Ammophila juncea Cresson, 1865  
                                                    Species Ammophila kalaharica (Arnold, 1935)  
                                                    Species Ammophila karenae Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila kennedyi (Murray, 1938)  
                                                    Species Ammophila kenyensis Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila kohli Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila kondarensis Danilov, 2018  
                                                    Species Ammophila laeviceps F. Smith, 1873  
                                                    Species Ammophila laevicollis Ed. André, 1886  
                                                    Species Ammophila laevigata F. Smith, 1856  
                                                    Species Ammophila laminituberalis Ch. Wang and Ma in Ch. Wang, Bashir, Li and Ma, 2018  
                                                    Species Ammophila lampei Strand, 1910  
                                                    Species Ammophila lativalvis Gussakovskij, 1928  
                                                    Species Ammophila leclercqi Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila leoparda (Fernald, 1934)  
                                                    Species Ammophila longiclypeata Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila macra Cresson, 1865  
                                                    Species Ammophila malickyi Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila marshi Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila mcclayi Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila mediata Cresson, 1865  
                                                    Species Ammophila menghaiana Li and Ch. Yang, 1989  
                                                    Species Ammophila menkei Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila meridionalis Kazenas, 1980  
                                                    Species Ammophila mescalero Menke, 1966  
                                                    Species Ammophila mimica Menke, 1966  
                                                    Species Ammophila mitlaensis Alfieri, 1961  
                                                    Species Ammophila modesta Mocsáry, 1883  
                                                    Species Ammophila moenkopi Menke, 1967  
                                                    Species Ammophila monachi Menke, 1966  
                                                    Species Ammophila mongolensis Tsuneki, 1971  
                                                    Species Ammophila murrayi Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila namibiensis Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila nancy Menke, 2007  
                                                    Species Ammophila nasalis Provancher, 1895  
                                                    Species Ammophila nasuta Lepeletier de Saint Fargeau, 1845  
                                                    Species Ammophila nearctica Kohl, 1889  
                                                    Species Ammophila nefertiti Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila nemkovi Danilov, 2018  
                                                    Species Ammophila nigri Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila nigricans Dahlbom, 1843  
                                                    Species Ammophila nigrifrons Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila nigrina F. Morawitz, 1889  
                                                    Species Ammophila nitida Fischer de Waldheim, 1834  
                                                    Species Ammophila novita (Fernald, 1934)  
                                                    Species Ammophila obliquestriolae Yang and Li, 1989  
                                                    Species Ammophila occipitalis F. Morawitz, 1890  
                                                    Species Ammophila ohli Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila pachythoracalis Yang and Li, 1989  
                                                    Species Ammophila pakistana Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila parapolita (Fernald, 1934)  
                                                    Species Ammophila parapunctaticeps Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila parkeri Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila peckhami (Fernald, 1934)  
                                                    Species Ammophila peringueyi (Arnold, 1928)  
                                                    Species Ammophila persica Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila pevtsovi Danilov, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila picipes Cameron, 1888  
                                                    Species Ammophila pictipennis Walsh, 1869  
                                                    Species Ammophila pilimarginata Cameron, 1912  
                                                    Species Ammophila placida F. Smith, 1856  
                                                    Species Ammophila platensis Brèthes, 1909  
                                                    Species Ammophila poecilocnemis Morice, 1900  
                                                    Species Ammophila polita Cresson, 1865  
                                                    Species Ammophila procera Dahlbom, 1843  
                                                    Species Ammophila producticollis Morice, 1900  
                                                    Species Ammophila proxima (F. Smith, 1856)  
                                                    Species Ammophila pruinosa Cresson, 1865  
                                                    Species Ammophila pseudodolichodera Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila pseudoheydeni Li and He, 2000  
                                                    Species Ammophila pseudokalaharica Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila pseudonasuta Bytinski-Salz in de Beaumont and Bytinski-Salz, 1955  
                                                    Species Ammophila pubescens Curtis, 1836  
                                                    Species Ammophila pulawskii Tsuneki, 1971  
                                                    Species Ammophila punctata F. Smith, 1856  
                                                    Species Ammophila punctaticeps (Arnold, 1920)  
                                                    Species Ammophila punti Guichard, 1988  
                                                    Species Ammophila quadraticollis A. Costa, 1893  
                                                    Species Ammophila rauschi Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila regina Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila ressli Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila roborovskyi Kohl, 1906  
                                                    Species Ammophila rubigegen Li and C. Yang, 1990  
                                                    Species Ammophila rubiginosa Lepeletier de Saint Fargeau, 1845  
                                                    Species Ammophila rubripes Spinola, 1839  
                                                    Species Ammophila ruficosta Spinola, 1851  
                                                    Species Ammophila rufipes Guérin-Méneville, 1831  
                                                    Species Ammophila sabulosa (Linnaeus, 1758)  
                                                    Species Ammophila sarekandana Balthasar, 1957  
                                                    Species Ammophila sareptana Kohl, 1884  
                                                    Species Ammophila saussurei (du Buysson, 1898)  
                                                    Species Ammophila schalleri Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila schmideggeri Dollfuss, 2013  
                                                    Species Ammophila separanda F. Morawitz, 1891  
                                                    Species Ammophila shoshone Menke, 1967  
                                                    Species Ammophila sickmanni Kohl, 1901  
                                                    Species Ammophila silvestris Kirkbride, 1982  
                                                    Species Ammophila sinensis Sickmann, 1894  
                                                    Species Ammophila smithii F. Smith, 1856  
                                                    Species Ammophila snizeki Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila stangei Menke, 1964  
                                                    Species Ammophila strenua Cresson, 1865  
                                                    Species Ammophila striata Mocsáry, 1878  
                                                    Species Ammophila striaticollis F. Morawitz, 1889  
                                                    Species Ammophila strumosa Kohl, 1906  
                                                    Species Ammophila tekkensis Gussakovskij, 1930  
                                                    Species Ammophila terminata F. Smith, 1856  
                                                    Species Ammophila theryi (Gribodo, 1894)  
                                                    Species Ammophila touareg Ed. André, 1886  
                                                    Species Ammophila tsunekii Menke in Bohart and Menke, 1976  
                                                    Species Ammophila tuberculiscutis (Turner, 1919)  
                                                    Species Ammophila turneri Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila tyrannica Cameron, 1890  
                                                    Species Ammophila unita Menke, 1966  
                                                    Species Ammophila untumoris Yang and Li, 1989  
                                                    Species Ammophila urnaria Dahlbom, 1843  
                                                    Species Ammophila vagabunda F. Smith, 1856  
                                                    Species Ammophila varipes Cresson, 1865  
                                                    Species Ammophila vetuberosa Li and C. Yang in Li, Li and Yang, 1994  
                                                    Species Ammophila vulcania du Buysson, 1897  
                                                    Species Ammophila wahlbergi Dahlbom, 1845  
                                                    Species Ammophila wrightii (Cresson, 1868)  
                                                    Species Ammophila xinjiangana Q. Li and Ch. Yang, 1989  
                                                    Species Ammophila yaroslavi Danilov, 2018  
                                                    Species Ammophila zambiensis Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila zanthoptera Cameron, 1888  
                                                    Species Ammophila zetteli Dollfuss, 2015  
                                                    Species Ammophila zimmermannae Dollfuss, 2013  

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  Source: Catalog of Sphecidae sl ('19); Family-Group Names/Classification, website (version 23-May-19)  
  Acquired: 2019   
  Notes: Pulawski, Wojciech J. 2019. Catalog of Sphecidae sensu lato: Family Group Names and Classification.   
  Reference for: Ammophila   
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Ammophila   
  Source: Sphecidae s.l. site (2019); Individual genus PDF files, website (version 2019)  
  Acquired: 2019   
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  Comment: Ammophila W. Kirby, 1798 (TSN 154323) is apparently a 'parahomonym' of (different kingdom, same name as) vascular plant genus Ammophila Host (TSN 40447)  



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