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Chthonius  C. L. Koch, 1843
Taxonomic Serial No.: 198451

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 Taxonomy and Nomenclature
  Kingdom: Animalia  
  Taxonomic Rank: Genus  
  Synonym(s): Kewochthonius J. C. Chamberlin, 1929
    Chthonius (Chthonius) C. L. Koch, 1843
  Common Name(s):    
  Taxonomic Status:    
  Current Standing: valid  
  Data Quality Indicators:    
  Record Credibility Rating: verified - standards met  
  Global Species Completeness: complete   
  Latest Record Review: 2020   

 Taxonomic Hierarchy
 KingdomAnimalia  – Animal, animaux, animals  
             PhylumArthropoda  – Artrópode, arthropodes, arthropods  
                SubphylumChelicerata  – cheliceriformes, quelicerado, queliceriforme  
                      SubclassArachnida  – araignées, aracnídeo, arachnids, arácnidos  
                         OrderPseudoscorpiones de Geer, 1778 – pseudoscorpions  
                            SuborderHeterosphyronida Chamberlin, 1929  
                               SuperfamilyChthonioidea Daday, 1888  
                                  FamilyChthoniidae Daday, 1888  
                                     SubfamilyChthoniinae Daday, 1888  
                                        TribeChthoniini Daday, 1888  
                                           GenusChthonius C. L. Koch, 1843  
    Direct Children:  
                                              Species Chthonius absoloni Beier, 1938  
                                              Species Chthonius agazzii Beier, 1966  
                                              Species Chthonius alpicola Beier, 1951  
                                              Species Chthonius apollinis Mahnert, 1978  
                                              Species Chthonius aquasanctae B. Curcic and T. Rada in B. Curcic et al., 2011  
                                              Species Chthonius azerbaidzhanus Schawaller and Dashdamirov, 1988  
                                              Species Chthonius balazuci Vachon, 1963  
                                              Species Chthonius bogovinae B. Curcic, 1972  
                                              Species Chthonius caoduroi Callaini, 1987  
                                              Species Chthonius caprai Gardini, 1977  
                                              Species Chthonius carinthiacus Beier, 1951  
                                              Species Chthonius cavernarum Ellingsen, 1909  
                                              Species Chthonius cavophilus Hadzi, 1939  
                                              Species Chthonius cebenicus Leclerc, 1981  
                                              Species Chthonius cephalotes (Simon, 1875)  
                                              Species Chthonius chamberlini (Leclerc, 1983)  
                                              Species Chthonius comottii Inzaghi, 1987  
                                              Species Chthonius croaticus B. Curcic and T. Rada in B. Curcic et al., 2012  
                                              Species Chthonius cryptus Chamberlin, 1962  
                                              Species Chthonius dacnodes Navás, 1918  
                                              Species Chthonius dalmatinus Hadzi, 1930  
                                              Species Chthonius decoui Georgescu and Capuse, 1994  
                                              Species Chthonius delmastroi Gardini, 2009  
                                              Species Chthonius densedentatus Beier, 1938  
                                              Species Chthonius doderoi Beier, 1930  
                                              Species Chthonius elongatus Lazzeroni, 1970  
                                              Species Chthonius euganeus Gardini, 1991  
                                              Species Chthonius exarmatus Beier, 1939  
                                              Species Chthonius globocicae B. Curcic, Dimitrijevic and Tomic, 2011  
                                              Species Chthonius graecus Beier, 1963  
                                              Species Chthonius guglielmii Callaini, 1986  
                                              Species Chthonius halberti Kew, 1916  
                                              Species Chthonius herbarii Mahnert, 1980  
                                              Species Chthonius heterodactylus Tömösváry, 1882  
                                              Species Chthonius heurtaultae Leclerc, 1981  
                                              Species Chthonius hungaricus Mahnert, 1981  
                                              Species Chthonius ilvensis Beier, 1963  
                                              Species Chthonius imperator Mahnert, 1978  
                                              Species Chthonius ischnocheles (Hermann, 1804)  
                                              Species Chthonius ischnocheloides Beier, 1973  
                                              Species Chthonius italicus Beier, 1930  
                                              Species Chthonius iugoslavicus B. Curcic, 1972  
                                              Species Chthonius jonicus Beier, 1931  
                                              Species Chthonius jugorum Beier, 1952  
                                              Species Chthonius karamanianus Hadzi, 1937  
                                              Species Chthonius kladanjensis B. Curcic, Dimitrijevic and T. Rada in B. Curcic et al., 2011  
                                              Species Chthonius kosovensis B. Curcic in B. Curcic et al., 2011  
                                              Species Chthonius lanzai Caporiacco, 1947  
                                              Species Chthonius latidentatus B. Curcic, 1972  
                                              Species Chthonius leoi (Callaini, 1988)  
                                              Species Chthonius lesnik B. Curcic, 1994  
                                              Species Chthonius lessiniensis Schawaller, 1982  
                                              Species Chthonius ligusticus Beier, 1930  
                                              Species Chthonius lindbergi Beier, 1956  
                                              Species Chthonius litoralis Hadzi, 1933  
                                              Species Chthonius lucifugus Mahnert, 1977  
                                              Species Chthonius lupinus B. Curcic, Dimitrijevic and T. Rada, 2011  
                                              Species Chthonius macedonicus B. Curcic, 1972  
                                              Species Chthonius magnificus Beier, 1938  
                                              Species Chthonius makirina B. Curcic and T. Rada in B. Curcic et al., 2012  
                                              Species Chthonius malatestai Callaini, 1980  
                                              Species Chthonius mauritanicus (Callaini, 1988)  
                                              Species Chthonius mayi Heurtault-Rossi, 1968  
                                              Species Chthonius mazaurici Leclerc, 1981  
                                              Species Chthonius microphthalmus Simon, 1879  
                                              Species Chthonius mingazzinii Callaini, 1991  
                                              Species Chthonius minotaurus Henderickx, 1997  
                                              Species Chthonius monicae Boghean, 1989  
                                              Species Chthonius motasi Dumitresco and Orghidan, 1964  
                                              Species Chthonius multidentatus Beier, 1963  
                                              Species Chthonius occultus Beier, 1939  
                                              Species Chthonius ognjankae B. Curcic, 1997  
                                              Species Chthonius ohridanus B. Curcic, 1997  
                                              Species Chthonius onaei B. Curcic, Dimitrijevic, T. Radja, N. Curcic and Milincic, 2010  
                                              Species Chthonius orthodactyloides Beier, 1967  
                                              Species Chthonius orthodactylus (Leach, 1817)  
                                              Species Chthonius pacificus Muchmore, 1968  
                                              Species Chthonius paganus (Hoff, 1961)  
                                              Species Chthonius pagus B. Curcic and T. Rada in B. Curcic et al., 2012  
                                              Species Chthonius paludis (J. C. Chamberlin, 1929)  
                                              Species Chthonius paolettii Beier, 1973  
                                              Species Chthonius persimilis Beier, 1939  
                                              Species Chthonius petrochilosi Heurtault, 1972  
                                              Species Chthonius ponticoides Mahnert, 1975  
                                              Species Chthonius ponticus Beier, 1965  
                                              Species Chthonius porevidi B. Curcic, Makarov and Lucic, 1998  
                                              Species Chthonius pristani B. Curcic in B. Curcic et al., 2011  
                                              Species Chthonius protobosniacus B. Curcic, Dimitrijevic and T. Rada in B. Curcic et al., 2011  
                                              Species Chthonius prove B. Curcic, Dimitrijevic and Makarov, 1997  
                                              Species Chthonius pusillus Beier, 1947  
                                              Species Chthonius pygmaeus Beier, 1934  
                                              Species Chthonius radigost B. Curcic, 1997  
                                              Species Chthonius radjai B. Curcic, 1988  
                                              Species Chthonius raridentatus Hadzi, 1930  
                                              Species Chthonius ressli Beier, 1956  
                                              Species Chthonius rhodochelatus Hadzi, 1933  
                                              Species Chthonius ruffoi Caporiacco, 1951  
                                              Species Chthonius satapliaensis Schawaller and Dashdamirov, 1988  
                                              Species Chthonius sestasi Mahnert, 1980  
                                              Species Chthonius shelkovnikovi Redikorzev, 1930  
                                              Species Chthonius shulovi Beier, 1963  
                                              Species Chthonius stammeri Beier, 1942  
                                              Species Chthonius stevanovici B. Curcic, 1986  
                                              Species Chthonius strinatii Mahnert, 1975  
                                              Species Chthonius submontanus Beier, 1963  
                                              Species Chthonius subterraneus Beier, 1931  
                                              Species Chthonius tadzhikistanicus Dashdamirov and Schawaller, 1992  
                                              Species Chthonius tenuis L. Koch, 1873  
                                              Species Chthonius thessalus Mahnert, 1980  
                                              Species Chthonius torakensis B. Curcic and T. Rada in B. Curcic et al., 2010  
                                              Species Chthonius trebinjensis Beier, 1938  
                                              Species Chthonius troglobius Hadzi, 1937  
                                              Species Chthonius troglodites Redikorzev, 1928  
                                              Species Chthonius tzanoudakisi Mahnert, 1975  
                                              Species Chthonius vodan B. Curcic, 1997  
                                              Species Chthonius zmaj B. Curcic, 1997  

  Expert: Dr. Mark S. Harvey  
  Notes: Senior Curator & Head, Dept. of Terrestrial Zoology, Western Australian Museum, Locked Bag 49, Welshpool DC, WA 6986, AUSTRALIA   
  Reference for: Chthonius    
  Other Source(s):    
  Source: NODC Taxonomic Code, database (version 8.0)  
  Acquired: 1996   
  Reference for: Chthonius   
  Source: Pseudoscorpions of the World, database (version 3.0 (2013))  
  Acquired: 2019   
  Notes: Harvey, M.S. (2013). Pseudoscorpions of the World, version 3.0. Western Australian Museum, Perth.   
  Reference for: Chthonius   
  Source: Smaller Arachnid Orders Catalogue (SAOCat), database (version Oct. 2007)  
  Acquired: 2007   
  Notes: Maintained by Dr. Mark Harvey   
  Reference for: Chthonius   
  Author(s)/Editor(s): Zaragoza, Juan A.  
  Publication Date: 2017   
  Article/Chapter Title: Revision of the Ephippiochthonius complex in the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic Islands and Macaronesia, with proposed changes to the status of the Chthonius subgenera (Pseudoscorpiones, Chthoniidae)   
  Journal/Book Name, Vol. No.: Zootaxa, vol. 4246, no. 1   
  Page(s): 1-221   
  Publication Place:    
  ISBN/ISSN: 1175-5326   
  Notes: doi: 10.11646/zootaxa.4246.1.1   
  Reference for: Chthonius   

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