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 Kingdom Animalia
  Antrozous H. Allen, 1862 – valid – pallid bats
  Antrozous bunkeri Hibbard, 1934 – invalid
  Antrozous dubiaquercus Van Gelder, 1959 – invalid – Van Gelder's bat
  Antrozous koopmani Orr and Silva-Taboada, 1960 – invalid
  Antrozous minor Miller, 1902 – invalid
  Antrozous pallidus (LeConte, 1856) – valid – pallid bat, Murciélago-desértico norteño, Pallid Bat
  Antrozous pallidus bunkeri Hibbard, 1934 – valid
  Antrozous pallidus koopmani Orr and Silva-Taboada, 1960 – valid
  Antrozous pallidus minor Miller, 1902 – valid
  Antrozous pallidus obscurus Baker, 1967 – valid
  Antrozous pallidus pacificus Merriam, 1897 – valid
  Antrozous pallidus packardi Martin and Schmidly, 1982 – valid
  Antrozous pallidus pallidus (LeConte, 1856) – valid

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