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 Kingdom Animalia
  Aphelenchus mirzai – valid
  Chilicola mirzamalae Willis & Packer, 2008 – valid
  Mirza Gray, 1870 – valid – giant mouse lemurs
  Mirza coquereli (A. Grandidier, 1867) – valid – Coquerel's Giant Mouse Lemur, Giant Mouse Lemur
  Mirza zaza Kappeler and Roos in Kappeler, Rasoloarison, Razafimanantsoa, Walter and Roos, 2005 – valid – Northern Giant Mouse Lemur
  Mirzamys Helgen and L. Helgen, 2009 – valid
  Mirzamys louiseae Helgen and L. Helgen, 2009 – valid – Mirza's Western Moss-Rat
  Mirzamys norahae Helgen and L. Helgen, 2009 – valid – Mirza's Eastern Moss-rat
  Pardosa mirzakhaniae Shafaie, Mirshamsi, Aliabadian, Moradmand & Marusik, 2018 – valid

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