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 Kingdom Animalia
  Dalyellia fairchildi polychaeta Nasonov, 1919 – invalid
  Dalyellia polychaeta Nasonov, 1919 – invalid
  Drosophila polychaeta Patterson and Wheeler, 1942 – valid
  Fannia neopolychaeta Chillcott, 1961 – valid
  Helina polychaeta Huckett, 1966 – valid
  Ianirella polychaeta – valid
  Janirella polychaeta Birstein, 1963A – valid
  Lycoriella polychaeta (Pettey, 1918) – valid
  Monhystera polychaeta Steiner, 1915 – invalid
  Neosciara polychaeta Pettey, 1918 – invalid
  Nitocrella polychaeta Noodt, 1952 – valid
  Parapseudoleptomesochra polychaeta (Noodt, 1952) – valid
  Polychaeta – valid – paddle-footed annelids, polychaetes, polychètes, corrupto, poliqueto
  Polychaeta – invalid
  Steineria polychaeta (Steiner, 1915) – valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Dyssodia aurea var. polychaeta (A. Gray) M.C. Johnst. – not accepted
  Dyssodia polychaeta (A. Gray) B.L. Rob. – not accepted
  Metzgeria leptoneura var. polychaeta R.M. Schust. – accepted
  Thymophylla aurea var. polychaeta (A. Gray) Strother – accepted – manyawn pricklyleaf
  Thymophylla polychaeta A. Gray – not accepted

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