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 Kingdom Animalia
  Clethrionomys gapperi gaspeanus Anderson, 1943 – invalid
  Diporochaeta shakespeari Benham, 1906 – valid
  Erioptera gaspeana Alexander, 1929 – valid
  Oxyscelio shakespearei (Girault, 1926) – valid
  Sceloporus undulatus speari H. M. Smith, Chiszar and Lemos-Espinal, 1995 – valid – Spear's Prairie Lizard
  Spea Cope, 1866 – valid – Western Spadefoots
  Spea bombifrons (Cope, 1863) – valid – Plains Spadefoot, Sapo-de espuelas de las planicies
  Spea hammondii (Baird, 1859) – valid – Western Spadefoot
  Spea intermontana (Cope, 1883) – valid – Great Basin Spadefoot
  Spea multiplicata (Cope, 1863) – valid – Mexican Spadefoot
  Spea multiplicata stagnalis Cope in Yarrow, 1875 – valid – Chihuahuan Desert Spadefoot
  Spea stagnalis Cope in Yarrow, 1875 – invalid
 Kingdom Bacteria
  Legionella shakespearei Verma et al., 1992 – valid

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