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 Kingdom Animalia
  Taterillus Thomas, 1910 – valid – Small Naked-soled Gerbils
  Taterillus arenarius Robbins, 1974 – valid – Sahel gerbil, Robbins's Tateril
  Taterillus congicus Thomas, 1915 – valid – Congo gerbil, Congo Tateril
  Taterillus emini (Thomas, 1892) – valid – Emin's gerbil, Emin's Tateril
  Taterillus gracilis (Thomas, 1892) – valid – Slender Gerbil, Gracile Tateril
  Taterillus gracilis angelus Thomas and Hinton, 1920 – invalid
  Taterillus harringtoni (Thomas, 1906) – valid – Harrington's Gerbil, Harrington's Tateril
  Taterillus lacustris (Thomas and Wroughton, 1907) – valid – Lake Chad gerbil, Lake Chad Tateril
  Taterillus nigeriae Thomas, 1911 – invalid
  Taterillus petteri Sicard, Tranier and Gautun, 1988 – valid – Petter's gerbil, Petter's Tateril
  Taterillus pygargus (F. Cuvier, 1838) – valid – Senegal gerbil, Senegal Tateril
  Taterillus tranieri Dobigny, Granjon, Aniskin, Ba and Volobouev, 2003 – valid – Tranieri's Tateril

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