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 Kingdom Animalia
  Viverra Linnaeus, 1758 – valid
  Viverra civettina Blyth, 1862 – valid – Malabar civet, Malabar Large-spotted Civet
  Viverra megaspila Blyth, 1862 – valid – Large-spotted Civet
  Viverra tangalunga Gray, 1832 – valid – Malayan Civet
  Viverra tangalunga lankavensis Robinson and Kloss, 1920 – valid
  Viverra tangalunga tangalunga Gray, 1832 – valid
  Viverra zibetha Linnaeus, 1758 – valid – Large Indian Civet
  Viverra zibetha ashtoni Swinhoe, 1864 – valid
  Viverra zibetha hainana Wang and Xu, 1983 – valid
  Viverra zibetha picta Wroughton, 1915 – valid
  Viverra zibetha pruinosus Wroughton, 1917 – valid
  Viverra zibetha zibetha Linnaeus, 1758 – valid

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