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 Kingdom Plantae
  Buxbaumia Hedw. – accepted
  Buxbaumia aphylla Hedw. – accepted
  Buxbaumia aphylla var. viridis DC. – not accepted
  Buxbaumia foliosa Hedw. – not accepted
  Buxbaumia indusiata Brid. – not accepted
  Buxbaumia minakatae S. Okamura – accepted
  Buxbaumia piperi Best – accepted – Piper's buxbaumia moss
  Buxbaumia subcylindrica Grout – not accepted
  Buxbaumia viridis (DC.) Moug. & Nestl. – accepted
  Buxbaumiaceae – accepted
  Buxbaumiales – accepted
  Coleocephalocereus buxbaumianus Buining – accepted
  Coleocephalocereus buxbaumianus ssp. buxbaumianus Buining – accepted
  Coleocephalocereus buxbaumianus ssp. flavisetus (F. Ritter) N.P. Taylor & Zappi – accepted
  Neobuxbaumia Backeb. – accepted
  Neobuxbaumia euphorbioides (Haw.) Buxb. – accepted
  Neobuxbaumia laui (P.V. Heath) D.R. Hunt – not accepted
  Neobuxbaumia macrocephala (F.A.C. Weber ex K. Schum.) E.Y. Dawson – accepted
  Neobuxbaumia mezcalaensis (Bravo) Backeb. – accepted
  Neobuxbaumia multiareolata (E.Y. Dawson) Bravo, Scheinvar & Sánchez-Mej. – not accepted
  Neobuxbaumia polylopha (DC.) Backeb. – accepted
  Neobuxbaumia sanchezmejoradae A.B. Lau – accepted
  Neobuxbaumia scoparia (Polseg.) Backeb. – accepted
  Neobuxbaumia squamulosa Scheinvar & Sánchez-Mej. – accepted
  Neobuxbaumia tetetzo (J.M. Coult.) Backeb. – accepted
  Parodia buxbaumiana F.H. Brandt – not accepted

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