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 Kingdom Animalia
  Agromyza brevicostalis Malloch, 1913 – invalid
  Callibaetis brevicostatus Daggy, 1945 – invalid
  Constempellina brevicosta (Edwards, 1937) – valid
  Cymbicopia brevicosta – valid
  Dasyhelea brevicosta Waugh and Wirth, 1976 – valid
  Leptocera brevicostata (Duda) – valid
  Limnia brevicostalis Melander, 1920 – invalid
  Megaselia brevicostalis (Wood, 1910) – valid
  Neacratus brevicostatus (Kleine, 1922) – valid
  Phora brevicostalis Wood, 1910 – invalid
  Psectrocladius brevicosta Kieffer, 1917 – valid
  Stephanotrypeta brevicosta Hendel, 1931 – valid
  Tanytarsus brevicosta Edwards, 1937 – invalid
  Triandomelaena brevicostalis Hancock, 1986 – valid
 Kingdom Chromista
  Pinnularia brevicostata Cleve – accepted

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