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Results of: Search in every Kingdom for Scientific Name containing 'Coccoloba'
 Kingdom Animalia
  Cecidomyia coccolobae Cook – valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Coccoloba P. Browne – accepted
  Coccoloba borinquensis Britton – not accepted
  Coccoloba buchii O.C. Schmidt – accepted
  Coccoloba costata C. Wright ex Sauvalle – accepted – uvilla
  Coccoloba diversifolia Jacq. – accepted – tietongue, pigeon plum
  Coccoloba floridana Meisn. – not accepted
  Coccoloba grandifolia Jacq. – not accepted
  Coccoloba krugii Lindau – accepted – whitewood
  Coccoloba laurifolia auct. non Jacq. – not accepted
  Coccoloba microstachya Willd. – accepted – puckhout
  Coccoloba obtusifolia auct. non Jacq. – not accepted
  Coccoloba pallida C. Wright ex Griseb. – accepted – pale seagrape
  Coccoloba pubescens L. – accepted – grandleaf seagrape
  Coccoloba pyrifolia Desf. – accepted – uvera
  Coccoloba rugosa Desf. – accepted – ortegon
  Coccoloba rupicola Urb. – not accepted
  Coccoloba sintenisii Urb. ex Lindau – accepted – uvero de monte
  Coccoloba stintenisii Urb. ex Lindau – not accepted
  Coccoloba swartzii Meisn. – accepted – Swartz's pigeonplum
  Coccoloba swartzii var. portoricensis Meisn. – not accepted
  Coccoloba tenuifolia L. – accepted – Bahama pigeonplum
  Coccoloba uvifera (L.) L. – accepted – seagrape
  Coccoloba venosa L. – accepted – false chiggergrape

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