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 Kingdom Plantae
  Hypolepis Bernh. – accepted – beadfern, bramble ferns
  Hypolepis flaccida (Hillebr.) W.J. Rob. – not accepted
  Hypolepis hawaiiensis Brownsey – accepted – dotted beadfern
  Hypolepis hawaiiensis var. hawaiiensis Brownsey – accepted
  Hypolepis hawaiiensis var. mauiensis (Hillebr.) D.D. Palmer – accepted
  Hypolepis nigrescens Hook. – accepted – black beadfern
  Hypolepis punctata (Thunb.) Mett. – not accepted – dotted beadfern
  Hypolepis repens (L.) C. Presl – accepted – bramblefern, creeping bramble fern, flakelet fern
  Hypolepis tenerrima Maxon – accepted – royal beadfern
  Hypolepis tenuifolia (G. Forst.) Bernh. – accepted
  Hypolepis urbanii Brause – accepted – ponce beadfern

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