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 Kingdom Animalia
  Cilionema Karling, Mack-Fira and Dörjes, 1972 – valid
  Cilionema hawaiiensis Karling, Mack-Fira and Dörjes, 1972 – valid
  Distoleon ilione (Banks, 1911) – valid
  Opiliones Sundevall, 1833 – valid – Daddy Longlegs, Harvestmen, aranha bode, aranha de chão, giramundo, opilhões, tabijuá, daddy-longlegs
  Paradolichiscus opiliones Schultz, 1981 – valid
  Xiphocentron ilionea Schmid, 1982 – valid
 Kingdom Chromista
  Chilionema – accepted
  Chilionema ocellatum (Kuetz.) Sauv. – accepted
  Chilionema reptans – accepted

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