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 Kingdom Animalia
  Astronesthes karsteni Parin and Borodulina, 2002 – valid
  Dolopichthys karsteni Leipertz and Pietsch, 1987 – valid
  Euplectus karsteni (Reichenbach, 1816) – valid
  Karsten Murdy, 2002 – valid
  Karsten totoyensis (Garman, 1903) – valid
  Zonosaurus karsteni (Grandidier, 1869) – valid – Karsten's Girdled Lizard
 Kingdom Chromista
  Ceratium contortum var. karsteni – accepted
  Ceratium karstenii Pavillard, 1907 – accepted
  Ceratium karstenii f. robustum (Karsten) Jörgensen, 1911 – accepted
 Kingdom Fungi
  Karstenellaceae Harmaja, 1974 – accepted
 Kingdom Plantae
  Anemopaegma karstenii Bureau & K. Schum. – accepted
  Brachyloma karstenianum Hanst. – not accepted
  Ceratolejeunea karstenii Steph. – accepted
  Cnemidaria karsteniana (Klotzsch) R.M. Tryon – not accepted
  Colura karstenii K.I. Goebel – accepted
  Cyathea karsteniana (Klotzsch) Domin – accepted
  Heppiella karsteniana Fritsch – not accepted
  Kohleria karsteniana (Hanst.) Hanst. – not accepted
  Mastigobryum karstenii Steph. – accepted
  Nassella karstenii (Hitchc.) Peńailillo – accepted
  Plagiochila karstenii (Steph.) Steph. – accepted
  Riccardia karstenii (Steph.) Schiffn. – accepted
  Sacciolepis karsteniana Mez – not accepted
  Stipa karstenii Hitchc. – not accepted
  Tydaea karsteniana hort. ex Hanst. – not accepted
  Tydaea picta var. karsteniana hort. ex Hanst. – not accepted
  Zantenia karstenii (Schiffn.) Vána & J.J. Engel – accepted
 Kingdom Protozoa
  Eponides karsteni – valid

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