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 Kingdom Plantae
  Kosteletzkya C. Presl – accepted
  Kosteletzkya althaeifolia (Chapm.) Rusby – not accepted
  Kosteletzkya depressa (L.) O.J. Blanch., Fryxell & D.M. Bates – accepted – white fenrose, white fen-rose, stinging mallow
  Kosteletzkya pentacarpos (L.) Ledeb. – accepted – Virginia saltmarsh mallow, fen-rose, saltmarsh mallow, seashore mallow, seaside mallow
  Kosteletzkya pentacarpos var. smilacifolia (Chapm.) S.N. Alexander – not accepted
  Kosteletzkya pentasperma Griseb. – not accepted
  Kosteletzkya smilacifolia A. Gray – not accepted
  Kosteletzkya smilacifolia (Chapm.) Chapm. – not accepted
  Kosteletzkya virginica (L.) C. Presl ex A. Gray – not accepted – Virginia saltmarsh mallow
  Kosteletzkya virginica var. althaeifolia Chapm. – not accepted
  Kosteletzkya virginica var. aquilonia Fernald – not accepted
  Thymus kosteletzkyanus Opiz – accepted – Eurasian thyme

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