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 Kingdom Animalia
  Chamaesaurus Schneider, 1801 – valid
  Colletes chamaesarachae Cockerell, 1897 – valid
  Maesaipsyche Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1993 – valid
  Maesaipsyche prichapanyai Malicky & Chantaramongkol, 1993 – valid
  Maesaipsyche stengeli Malicky, 1997 – valid
  Perdita chamaesarachae Cockerell, 1896 – valid
  Urophora (Inuromaesa) Korneyev & White, 1991 – valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Chamaesaracha (A. Gray) Benth. – accepted – five eyes
  Chamaesaracha coniodes (Moric. ex Dunal) Britton – accepted – gray five eyes, gray false nightshade
  Chamaesaracha coronopus (Dunal) A. Gray – accepted – greenleaf five eyes, green-leaf five-eyes, green false nightshade
  Chamaesaracha crenata Rydb. – accepted – toothed five eyes
  Chamaesaracha edwardsiana Averett – accepted – Edwards Plateau five eyes
  Chamaesaracha grandiflora (Hook.) Fernald – not accepted
  Chamaesaracha nana (A. Gray) A. Gray – not accepted
  Chamaesaracha pallida Averett – accepted – pale five eyes
  Chamaesaracha sordida (Dunal) A. Gray – accepted – hairy five eyes
  Chamaesaracha villosa Rydb. – accepted – Trans-Pecos five eyes
  Maesa Forssk. – accepted
  Maesa carolinensis Mez – accepted
  Maesaceae – not accepted
  Solanum chamaesarachidium Bitter – accepted

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