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 Kingdom Animalia
  Acanthodactylus micropholis Blanford, 1874 – valid – Yellowtail Fringe-fingered Lizard
  Atractaspis micropholis GŁnther, 1872 – valid – Sahelian Burrowing Asp
  Lampropeltis micropholis Cope, 1860 – valid – Ecuadorian Milksnake
  Lampropeltis triangulum micropholis Cope, 1860 – invalid
  Lepidophyma micropholis Walker, 1955 – valid – Lagartija-nocturna de cueva, Cave Tropical Night Lizard
  Micropholis Thomas, 1966 – valid
  Micropholis Thomas, 1966 – invalid
  Micropholis atra (Stimpson) – valid
  Micropholis gracillima (Stimpson, 1852) – valid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Micropholis (Griseb.) Pierre – not accepted
  Micropholis (Griseb.) Pierre – accepted
  Micropholis chrysophylloides Pierre – not accepted
  Micropholis curvata (Pierre) Pierre & Urb. – not accepted
  Micropholis garciniifolia Pierre – accepted – caimitillo verde
  Micropholis guyanensis (A. DC.) Pierre – accepted – wild balata

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