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 Kingdom Animalia
  Adicella najas (Hagen, 1859) – valid
  Aquarius najas (De Geer, 1773) – valid
  Mediorhynchus najasthanensis Gupta, 1976 – invalid
 Kingdom Plantae
  Najas L. – accepted – water nymph, waternymph
  Najas ancistrocarpa auct. non Magnus – not accepted
  Najas arguta var. conferta A. Braun – not accepted
  Najas caespitosa (Maguire) Reveal – not accepted – Fish Lake naiad
  Najas conferta (A. Braun) A. Braun – not accepted
  Najas filifolia R.R. Haynes – accepted – needleleaf waternymph
  Najas flexilis (Willd.) Rostk. & W.L.E. Schmidt – accepted – slender naiad, wavy waternymph, nodding waternymph
  Najas flexilis ssp. caespitosa Maguire – not accepted
  Najas flexilis var. congesta Farw. – not accepted
  Najas flexilis var. robusta Morong – not accepted
  Najas gracilis (Morong) Small – not accepted
  Najas gracillima (A. Braun ex Engelm.) Magnus – accepted – slender waternymph
  Najas graminea Delile – accepted – ricefield waternymph
  Najas guadalupensis (Spreng.) Magnus – accepted – southern naiad, naļade de la Guadeloupe, Guadalupe waternymph, common waternymph, southern waternymph
  Najas guadalupensis ssp. floridana (R.R. Haynes & Wentz) R.R. Haynes & Hellq. – accepted – Florida waternymph
  Najas guadalupensis ssp. guadalupensis (Spreng.) Magnus – accepted – southern waternymph, Guadalupe waternymph
  Najas guadalupensis ssp. muenscheri (R.T. Clausen) R.R. Haynes & Hellq. – accepted – Muenscher's waternymph
  Najas guadalupensis ssp. olivacea (Rosend. & Butters) R.R. Haynes & Hellq. – accepted – Guadalupe waternymph
  Najas guadalupensis var. floridana R.R. Haynes & Wentz – not accepted – Florida waternymph
  Najas guadalupensis var. muenscheri (R.T. Clausen) R.R. Haynes – not accepted – Muenscher's waternymph
  Najas guadalupensis var. olivacea (Rosend. & Butters) R.R. Haynes – not accepted – Guadalupe waternymph
  Najas indica var. gracillima A. Braun ex Engelm. – not accepted
  Najas major All. – not accepted – slender naiad
  Najas major var. angustifolia A. Braun ex K. Schum. – not accepted
  Najas marina L. – accepted – holly-leaf waternymph, holly-leaved waternymph, spiny waternymph, spiny naiad
  Najas marina var. recurvata Dudley – not accepted
  Najas minor All. – accepted – brittle waternymph
  Najas muenscheri R.T. Clausen – not accepted
  Najas olivacea Rosend. & Butters – not accepted
  Najas wrightiana A. Braun – accepted – Wright's waternymph
  Najas wrightiana ssp. multidentata (W. Koch) R.T. Clausen – not accepted

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