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 Kingdom Animalia
  Nepytia Hulst, 1896 – valid
  Nepytia canosaria (Walker, 1863) – valid – arpenteuse (fausse) de la pruche, false hemlock looper
  Nepytia canosaria fuscaria Barnes and Benjamin, 1923 – invalid
  Nepytia disputata McDunnough, 1940 – valid
  Nepytia freemani Munroe, 1963 – valid – Western False Hemlock Looper
  Nepytia janetae Rindge, 1967 – valid
  Nepytia juabata Cassino and Swett, 1922 – valid
  Nepytia lagunata Cassino and Swett, 1923 – valid
  Nepytia pellucidaria (Packard, 1873) – valid
  Nepytia phantasmaria (Strecker, 1899) – valid – arpenteuse verte de la pruche, phantom hemlock looper
  Nepytia regulata Barnes and McDunnough, 1916 – valid
  Nepytia semiclusaria (Walker, 1863) – valid – pine conelet looper, Southern Neptyia
  Nepytia swetti Barnes and Benjamin, 1923 – valid
  Nepytia umbrosaria (Packard, 1873) – valid
  Nepytia umbrosata Hulst, 1896 – invalid

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